I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

I expect little from modern sci-fi, especially YA sci-fi. I liked the Hunger Games but to me that only meant other similar movies would be even more derivative. So I had no expectations from Insurgent, especially since I haven't heard of it and probably wouldn't if I wasn't looking at collectible Barbie dolls. It was only after I brought the costume of the said Barbie that I decided I might as well give it a go.

I hated the posters. They reeked of Twilight and poor characters and cheap romance but the trailer was intriguing. Every sci-fi story has two aspects - the plot and the world. I was not at all impressed by the world. To me it seems simplistic and unconvincing. However, the characters and the plot made it all worthwhile. Tris might not be as convincing as Kitniss but she is not a Mary Sue and shows tremendous character development. I also liked Four although the actor looked 10 years older than his love interest while it was supposed to be just 2 which changed the dynamic. Still, it was a good romance between two strong people. Overall, the first two movies were quite solid in plot and there was hardly a moment when I called BS on any given scene which is rare. But more than anything, what sold it to me were the VR tests. They really reminded me of my lucid dreams, especially the one where I fought with a dark figure. I feel like most people would not understand how powerful that feeling may be. Sadly, the third movie was a mess. It wasn't exactly terrible, but the already poor world structure completely fell apart in it. It was supposed to clear everything up but it didn't add up even with itself, let alone the previous movies and they crammed too much into it so that it was impossible to follow what was going on except that the good guys must win.

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