I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
It's a funny thing, dreams. How are they generated? Why does not everyone see them? Why do I only remember some of them often not the last ones?

I woke up and was able to recall a fragment that is cool af. Me and some of my partners who I don't remember were looking for certain items without even knowing their shape. Very HP. So we ended at a hag's house that looked shabby like an old hut in the village. and there was a ladder leading into the basement. One of my partners investigated and told me the things we needed were on the windowsill and I had to get them. I waited but there were always people around. I had an invisibility ring but using a ladder was risky even with the ring. Finally, I decided to risk it and got down. Here's where the strangest part comes as there, it was a manga studio. It was a medium-sized room with 3 of the walls covered in large manga drawings, some rather sexy, and many girls buzzing around. One of the walls had windows and soon I saw two small objects seemingly from glass on the windowsill. It was between two girls who were busy drawing but I reached out carefully, took the objects, and put them into my jeans pockets. Mission complete, I went out though I somehow ended up on the street in a different place which I tried to remember if I ever have to go back.

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