I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Most of my dreams suck, are awkward and unpleasant, with half being a throwback to high school. But last night I had several amazing dreams. One was where I just walked the city and saw this gorgeous architecture. Several huge buildings that were all different but all amazing. One was called "Blue Palace". Like in Skyrim, but a lot bigger and deep blue. I remember wondering how I missed such beautiful structures and deciding to go take a better look in the future.

And then there was the NEWS dream. I seldom have those but I guess all this anniversary business got to me because I had a dream where NEWS had a concert in my city, right in the central square and I wasn't even going there like I didn't care too much. But at some point, Shige sorta flew off the stage and ended next to me and we just saw each other and that alone made me happy. But the best part was at the end. It was quiet and nobody talked in a solemn moment. As I stood in the crowd very close to them, I saw Massu. He saw me too and smiled at me and mouthed something and I mouthed "Arigato" and it just felt so right.

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