I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

I've heard about Me series long ago but I'm not that big of a sci-fi fan, I'm more of a classic boring fantasy game fan. You know, the good ol' swords and elves and magic and dungeons. But I thought I should try it at some point and now with the Epcotia it seemed like the perfect timing.

At first, I was pleasantly surprised. This world was something completely new and navigating space is decidedly different from running around on foot. The variety of gameplay was exciting. I especially enjoyed the rover, taking selfies on every planet and proudly speeding as the galaxy's worst driver. However, after a dozen planets, it got old. Most missions are repetitive and boring. I felt like there was a lot of potential wasted. The characters are interesting enough but no more than that. The crew missions are just typical errands. The graphics are a little old but I used the improved textures, not without some effort, so it was pretty good.

The plot is... predictable overall. I mean saving the world? Again? Of course, it's just another game created for men to feel cool. Don't even start me on the fanservice like intergalactic strip joint. With a female Shepard it felt like the narrative was a little more fresh. But of course at the back of my mind, it always felt like an alternative option. I also hacked the relationship options allowing myself to hook up with Ashley. I mean, obviously. I don't care for the dude or the blue chick. But yeah, choosing to play as a woman already felt like hacking the game. I was looking forward to the sexy scene but it was really disappointing. I mean, c'mon. Hundred hours of gameplay and 5 seconds with a flash of an ass?

Despite all the drawbacks, as I approached the endgame, I made a major break. I told myself it was because I needed to finish Neverland and then I would finish it when I move on to Epcotia. But it was mostly because I got too attached to my character and it felt sad to leave her. Which is a little odd as I finished the game pretty quickly and I didn't have inventory or a crib to leave.

The final mission was quite fun to do but it felt almost disappointingly easy. I reached L50 but I didn't expect it to go without a real challenge. That always tends to ruin the experience a little. But overall, the game is a solid 4/5

I might just go for ME2 though I can't say I am particularly craving for it right now.

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