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Halt and Catch Fire

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

Season 1

Feminist Frequency turned my attention to this show and damn I needed it. There's a lot of good shows on TV now but very few that suit me. It's all thrillers and murder investigations of all sorts and I really don't need this shit. But here - finally - a show that's engaging but low-stress. The plot is good, the characters are good and you have no idea where it's gonna go. It's complicated, it's messy and it's very human. Lee Pace is fucking amazing in this and this is the kind of bisexual character TV needs.

And then there's a strong and weird romance. Dysfunctional one may say but fascinating. S1 ended with a crash but I'm sure there's a lot more to it. I feel like most women would side with Cameron but I'm not very sympathetic to her right now. And not saying Joe hasn't been a manipulative dick because he sure was but Cameron hasn't exactly been a sweetheart either and she fucking knew what she was getting into and it excited her. She was using him too if not as skillfully. And forcing someone to open up to you only to mock them with it later is an immensely dickish move. But just like Brian and Justin I feel like there's a lot of growth potential here.

My one critique is the pace. Honestly I feel like things are happening too fast. Not only for the plot but for character development too. My last het pairing was Kalina/Cary and they took 5 seasons to really take off and it was worth it. H&CF would surely benefit from that.

Season 2

The second season was... unpredictable for one. The start was slow and a little boring even, things got interesting midway through but nothing ever happened like you would expect it to. Which isn't necessarily bad but I felt like it lacked a sense of direction, it was almost as the scriptwriter was making things up on the way. But it was pretty clear that both the fiancee and the new boyfriend were just passing characters to be discarded at the right time, you just didn't know when. Joe is clearly not meant for domestic bliss and now facing S3 he's where he should be - a lone visionary. It's fascinating how he keeps rising from the ashes time and time again. As for Gordon and Donna it's a real mess. Donna was the only sane person (aside from Bosworth) in S1 but now she's as full of shit as everyone else.

Season 3

You'd think S2 was messy but here things get even more complicated, most of all relationships. The last two episodes are 4 years away from the rest and really feel like they should be in S4. That's quite some character development with Joe, the man lost about a decade worth of fucks in just a few years. It's odd seeing him channeling Steve Jobs. Meanwhile, Cameron really pisses me off becasue she's acting like a selfish impulsive teenager. She wants all the control and none of the responsibility. Donna somehow turns into a full-scale bitch. Everyone keeps drifting together and apart again. It's a fucking mess and also probably the closest to life TV gets.

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