I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Finally got around to reading "Realia" by Will Aitken which was a gift from my sister. Because it's about Japan obviously. I bet she didn't expect it to have a scene where a foreign woman in her 30's is spanking and fingering a Japanese pop star. I didn't finish it though, dropped it today at like 95%. Honestly I had lots of doubts about it early on but was intent on finishing it and yet... Before I felt like the worst part was the everlasting trend of sensationizing and creepyfying Japan but that's much worse. I haven't felt so grossed out since "Crash". What the fuck is wrong with modern writers, seriously? Why does everything has to be ruined by sex, drugs and madness? Seriously, fuck this shit. This awful aftertaste will surely linger for a while as I read and watch things about Japan.

My reading revival not going well, huh. Earlier I tried t tackle On The Road after watching the movie. But... I only made it about 30 pages in. It was boring and too pointless. I kinda felt like I'd drop it at some point anyway. If it wasn't boredom, it'd be sex and drugs and... yeah. Whatever happened to plots?