I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

Fuck you, Photobucket! I have 7.7k pictures stored since fucking 2004. It was almost unbrowsable by now from all the fucking ads and now this shit? Without any prior notice? Why the fuck would I need 7k unembedable photos for? Why don’t you just die already?

Even being on the internet for nearly 20 years I tend to forget how brittle it is. You get used to certain social networks and sites and take it for granted but one day they may disappear without any notice. I remember how in late 2000′s we relied on megaupload. It seemed so solid that it felt like all the files stored there would be there for many years. But one day it was just gone. Youtube was a special dream crusher. I remember how excited I was over my first account, I uploaded all of my fanvideos and had thousands of views but one day it was just gone over copyrights. I made another one and was more careful with it but still one day it was terminated too. I made another one but I didn’t bother upping all my videos and made sure am not as attached to it. Then there was VEOH, I had a solid account there too but one day my country was just blocked from it. Earlier this year the government closed access to some popular social networks for the whole country and while I never cared about them it made me angry. Now Photobucket made a dick move and my online diary of 11 years lost all of its pictures. You spend years building up a blog, reputation and followers and then in a blink of an eye it may all be gone and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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