I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

I’m not really into any other JE bands even though I know them all by now. However, there’s one that picked my interest. Actually, they’re still juniors but I do hope they debut. The group’s Mr. King vs Mr. Prince but I am more interested in the Prince half. I’ve heard about them several times before mostly thanks to their interaction with NEWS. Like, that one time Tegoshi-senpai came to their photoshoot and took a picture with them. They even met his high standards in boys. Anyway, after that 2 of the boys - Iwahashi Genki and Jinguji Yuta - wrote that they were really happy about the photo and that it’s their treasure. Jinguji also wrote to Shige saying he’s often told he looks like him and Shige gave him back a bit of him wisdom.

That was all I knew a few days ago but there was one thing that brought me. Which is of course fanservice and shippability. The two boys mentioned above just happen to be one of the top new pairings actually winning #1 Couple more than once. And some of the photoshoots are on a whole different level. I’m like “Sorry, can’t WE have a photoshoot where they boys are ripping each other’s shirts off?” They’re like 19-20 but it seems they already had more sexy photoshoots than NEWS in their 14 years. So unfair.

But what really caught my attention was the OTP. Like, man, these kids really have it going. My shipper heart is weak. Unlike many, they actually seem very close and are amazingly comfortable with each other. Also maybe their member colours helped. Maybe. Damn, I can’t even stick my favourite photos in one post and I’m like 2 days into them.

What makes it even more amusing is that the band is 3 people which means that most of the time someone is being the third wheel. And, boy, that’s a brutal case of third-wheeling. Poor Kishi is always like “Seriously, guys? Again? So fucking done with this shit.”

I've already started watching their show and I'm moderately enjoying it. They won't be main I'm pretty sure, but an extra band won't hurt. Plus, gotta have a backup plan.

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