I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
NEWS and Tegomasu have given us many love songs that have touched our hearts ^^ or excited our senses XD. Which is your favourite love song of NEWS or Tegomasu or the solo members, and why?

Finally, leave a Valentine's Day message for NEWS!

It's been a while since I took part in any giveaways but I decided to try this time. To be honest, I was never good with love songs. Mostly because I could not relate to them. So even though NEWS have so many, it's not easy for me to pick even one. There are songs about first love which I can't relate to since I have never even seen this kind of pure sweet love in my life, let alone experience it. Then, there are songs like Chankapana and Bambina or EMMA but... I don't even think they are about love, that's just passion and lust. There are also songs about dramatic love like Anata or Ai Nante which are beautiful songs but they're about some larger-than life love that's completely alien to me and, to be honest, probably most people including Tegoshi.

However, when I began to think of what song I would pick, one title came up within seconds. And that is "Dreamcatcher". First of all, it is a self-composed song and to me that is important, it makes the song that much more personal. Shige's songs always feel very unique and genuine and "Dreamcatcher" most of all. Even the title is alluring, it's an image that just sticks in your mind vividly. It might not be the most powerful love song but it has its own distinct flavor. It has a mature feeling but no vulgarity as sadly is common for many Japanese songs. Instead, it's soft and sensual. The lyrics, while at times rather bizarre, paint a vivid intricate scenery.

And then there's the performance. I guess it has to be my favourite solo performance of all. It's very classy and yet casual and I feel it's something only Shige could do. It really feels like he knows exactly what he's doing. He may not be the best singer or dancer, but he knows how to play his cards well and this song reflects his talent and his personality perfectly.

As for the message... It's a little late for Valentine's wishes but I just wish all the boys find their love, no matter what it is. I hope they get to find someone who cares for them deeply and who they're be comfortable with and be happy.