I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Like Drink every time Tora makes a comment about how many staff there are.
Drink every time Saga steals an introduction from someone
Drink every time someone mentions a bucket whether the bucket is present or not.
Take a drink the first time the guy in the horse mask steps out the door.
Drink twice if he’s wearing less than Saga did in Akatsuki.

Drink every time Nao screams.
Drink twice if Shou is the cause of it.
Drink every time Shou swears in English
Drink every time Shou is a sadist
Drink every time it seems like Shou is eye fucking Tora <= so legit
Drink every time Tora mentions that this is something some Visual Kei wouldn’t do.
Drink every time Tora mentions that people question if they are actually a legit band

Drink every time Saga makes an inappropriate comment. Drink twice if he is ignored.
Drink every time Nao makes a sexual innuendo
Drink every time someone mentions Hana.
Drink twice if the staff joke about playing Hana but don’t.
Drink 3 times if they pretty much say fuck that and play it anyways.

Drink every time you question something that one of the members is wearing
Drink twice if it’s Nao.
Drink three times if one of the members questions what Nao is wearing
Drink every time Nao mentions anything to do with gardening.
Drink twice if Shou makes fun of him for it.
Drink to Nao saying he was raising a mint plant just so he could eat it
Drink twice to the faces Shou and Hiroto make at him
Drink every time Shou and Pon say something in unison.
Drink every time Pon is needy but Shou ignores him

Drink every time you think Saga is drunk, whether he is or not. You gotta catch up to him some how!
Drink every time Tora comments on how stupid someone is.
Drink twice if it’s Saga.
Drink 3 times if it’s Nao.
Drink every time Shou does those gay hand motions that video game characters do
Drink twice if he’s actually talking about a character.
Drink three times if someone else adds to it

Drink every time Shou makes a weird face because he has no idea what to say.
Drink twice if you make the same face
Drink every time Shou appears to be crying.
Drink twice if it’s because his ass got slapped by a paper fan.
Drink 3 times if you thought about being the person slapping his ass.

Drink to Hiroto making a Phantom of Opera joke
Drink every time Hiroto says he sucks at impersonations. Drink twice if he actually does a good job.
Drink 3 times if he does something incredibly cute.
Drink the entire duration of Saga’s drunk impersonations because, again, you’ve got to catch up to him. Drink an additional time if he is your bias. Congrats! You bias is a drunk and so are you!

Drink every time someone sends in an email that pretty much just rags on Alice Nine in anyway.
Drink twice if Tora gets offended.
Drink every time Hiroto says something wrong.
Drink twice if he gives an over dramatic response after everyone tells him he’s wrong.
Drink every time Saga gets guilted into doing something. Drink twice if it was Tora and Shou who guilted him.

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