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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

I try not to get pleased with myself too often but this time I was because it's hella hard to find a good TV series and Manhattan is great. It's got all the ingredients: a solid plot, good complex characters, and a fascinating setting. But it's also based on a very real part of history that shaped the world. While the characters are fictional, all the problems they deal with were very much real and I think it was a brilliant idea to explore it. There are no good guys here - everyone is struggling and stumbling but still trying so hard to do the right thing, even if those things might be very different. Sure there very some misses - especially in the S2 with the erratic timeline and tangled storylines - but overall this was a great series and it really deserved the 3rd season. The ending turned out incredibly depressing and cut off.

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Game of Thrones

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I've heard about the Game of Thrones for years but only now my mum decided to watch it and gave up on S2 because of all the violence and sex and sexual violence. Sure, there's great acting and all but I don't get how people watch this stuff. But then people watch horror I guess.

My sister adores GoT and she violently disagreed with any criticism saying "Well, that's Middle Ages, that's how it was back then". Back fucking when? When dragons thrived? When women were born without body hair? That's a bullshit excuse. It's the same with video games. At least be honest about it and call it what it is - some straight dude's fantasy, no need to hide behind excuses of realism. Making women powerless sexual objects is not a requirement.

Now it's just one more thing that separates us. I am now not as bad with violence as I used to be but now that I fell out of the loop, I realized this is something I absolutely do not need. And people who enjoy media with gore and violence scare me in a way.

Update: Mum dropped Game of Thrones and now watching Handmaid's Tale. She likes it more, as expected. I half-watch it. It's a good story but far too bleak. It's pretty amazing how different these two shows are but, at the same time, not really if, say, someone attempted to write Handmaid's tale from a man's perspective.
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Halt and Catch Fire

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

Season 1

Feminist Frequency turned my attention to this show and damn I needed it. There's a lot of good shows on TV now but very few that suit me. It's all thrillers and murder investigations of all sorts and I really don't need this shit. But here - finally - a show that's engaging but low-stress. The plot is good, the characters are good and you have no idea where it's gonna go. It's complicated, it's messy and it's very human. Lee Pace is fucking amazing in this and this is the kind of bisexual character TV needs.

And then there's a strong and weird romance. Dysfunctional one may say but fascinating. S1 ended with a crash but I'm sure there's a lot more to it. I feel like most women would side with Cameron but I'm not very sympathetic to her right now. And not saying Joe hasn't been a manipulative dick because he sure was but Cameron hasn't exactly been a sweetheart either and she fucking knew what she was getting into and it excited her. She was using him too if not as skillfully. And forcing someone to open up to you only to mock them with it later is an immensely dickish move. But just like Brian and Justin I feel like there's a lot of growth potential here.

My one critique is the pace. Honestly I feel like things are happening too fast. Not only for the plot but for character development too. My last het pairing was Kalina/Cary and they took 5 seasons to really take off and it was worth it. H&CF would surely benefit from that.

Season 2

The second season was... unpredictable for one. The start was slow and a little boring even, things got interesting midway through but nothing ever happened like you would expect it to. Which isn't necessarily bad but I felt like it lacked a sense of direction, it was almost as the scriptwriter was making things up on the way. But it was pretty clear that both the fiancee and the new boyfriend were just passing characters to be discarded at the right time, you just didn't know when. Joe is clearly not meant for domestic bliss and now facing S3 he's where he should be - a lone visionary. It's fascinating how he keeps rising from the ashes time and time again. As for Gordon and Donna it's a real mess. Donna was the only sane person (aside from Bosworth) in S1 but now she's as full of shit as everyone else.

Season 3

You'd think S2 was messy but here things get even more complicated, most of all relationships. The last two episodes are 4 years away from the rest and really feel like they should be in S4. That's quite some character development with Joe, the man lost about a decade worth of fucks in just a few years. It's odd seeing him channeling Steve Jobs. Meanwhile, Cameron really pisses me off becasue she's acting like a selfish impulsive teenager. She wants all the control and none of the responsibility. Donna somehow turns into a full-scale bitch. Everyone keeps drifting together and apart again. It's a fucking mess and also probably the closest to life TV gets.

Season 4

It was slow and steady and mature. It wasn't sensational and yet it wasn't predictable. In a way it was almost hard to believe this was the same show as S1. Of course my main concern was Joe and Cam. From S1E1 I could fucking tell they will be so much more than a fling, they were like fire and gasoline, drawn to each other but only ending up hurting. But here, 10 years later, finally it felt like they had a chance, finally they both were ready for this. But the fact that they got together by 2nd episode was worrying. It was perfect but way too soon and every episode I was hoping that they stick together through it all - not for life maybe - but through the show. And yet... What hurts the most is not that they failed as lovers but that they failed as friends. I have very mixed feelings about the last episode. It wasn't bad or disappointing, I guess, becasue apart from Joe and Cam I had no expectations. But to me for the first time in the show it felt a little forced - like in the end they decided to make it some feminist statement and make it all about Cam and Donna, just Joe just being a side note.

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Recent shows

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I was looking for something to watch and I came across "Travel Man" with Richard Ayoade. As expected, he's charming in a very English way. We also ended up watching "The IT Crowd". I am still not quite comfortable with the dark humour but it's just 4 short seasons.

"The Real O'Neals" has been cancelled and it is upsetting in many ways. Sure they had their ups and downs but it was a bold attempt to give young LGBT people something to identify with. Yet, I have a feeling it was that demographic that gave up on it. Anyway, don't have many options left. TBBT is closing the 10th Season and now I guess it'll be 4th Season of "Agents of SHIELD", just for laughs and "The Good Fight".

I also started watching "49". I am annoyed by Shori but there's Jinguji and also I need to know how a story about a father's spirit ending up in his son's body ended up creating a cross-dressing boy band.

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TV Series Digest

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Since US dramas are all fucking cyclic, September to May, I'm not keen on going an episode per week with tons of breaks. There's also some Netflix stuff but I quit OITNB and the Marvel Defender series are way too bleak. So a girl had to try and look for something to pass the time of meals.


I found this one due to its good ratings and critical acclaim (and 00's lack of violence) and wondered why I never heard of it. Well, I guess it would be better if I never did. It really made me wonder just how exactly it became so popular. Straight from episode 1 the plot was ridiculous, the characterisation poor and it was clear the whole point of the show was to just see the pretty lead do cool stuff in high heels. And if Season 1 was bearable, it just kept getting worse and worse until te plot had more holes in it than a hooker's fishnets. Seriously. I couldn't help but compare it to Dark Angel which aired at the same time and while it had some a few weak point, it was about 20 times better in plot, characters and dialogue. Yet, DA got drooped after 2nd season and this bullshit went on for full 5. I'm not sure how we struggled through 3 of them but it had to stop.

The Real O'Neils

I already wrote about this but it was a nice find. Not a 10 of course and a lot of awkward humour but it's generally nice and very bold. The characters are good and some jokes are on point. S1 flew by in a blink so I'll wait for S2 without getting my hopes up.


I found a favourable mention of it and liked the trialed so I gave it a try. The main subject was interesting and the first season was generally pretty good despite some low humour and odd plotlines. I liked the heroine and the premise definitely had potential. However, S2 kept getting fewer hits and more misses and by S3 it was a disaster. The last episode made me want to pretend I never saw it.

Now it's over and I'm at a loss again. Agents of Shield premiere looked stupid af so not sure if I even want to know. The comedy shows are generally embarrassing and the popular shows are all too bleak.

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Queer as Folk

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo tumblr_static_9st27ph1qm0wg00g8088wc8ck_2048_v2.jpg

And so, after what? 7? 8? 9? years I finished watching QaF. I watched S1 up to about ep 17 twice but at the time there was no more and the CD it was recorded on got damaged. Last year I started again and this time I got to S2E6 where I ran out of episodes, it took another few months to resume and another few till I watched it to the end.

Season 1 was engaging right from the pilot episode but now it feels like a prequel, it's only after it that things get real. Somehow slowly the story really gets to you and you find yourself drawn in. The whole series was very well-paced. I think S3 has to be my favourite, the finale really captured my heart but every season had its moments.

I'm not 100% happy with the ending. Not because of the failed wedding, no. In fact, the whole thing with the wedding was over the top in the first place. Also I really didn't get Justin at first being tired of Brian's whoring and then saying Brian isn't Brian when he's not whoring. Like, WTF was that? There were too many cheesy things in there, felt out of place. But overall, it was good, it felt right. I almost cried in the end, it hit me right in the feels and I wasn't expecting that.

Now let me talk about the characters.

Ted: You can't fool me. You gotta free yourself of this burden. Release it. Let it all hang out.
Brian: My mother was a frigid bitch. My father was an abusive drunk. They had a hateful marriage, which is probably why I am unwilling or unable to form a committed long-term relationship of my own. The fact that I drink like a fish, abuse drugs, and have more or less redefined promiscuity doesn't help, much. As a result, I've lost the two people in my life that mean most to me.

Brian Kinney. This man deserves his own paragraph. At first you'd think he'd be boring, one of those types that everyone falls for, who's too perfect and cliche but he's not, he's a great complex character with a through backstory and one of the very few I identify with. Which may seem odd because I'm so far from hedonism but it's what he believes, his honestly and cynicism that speak to me. He's strong, bold and unapologetic. He does what he believes in no matter how hard it is and whether people understand him or not. People get mad at him for saying cruel things but more often than not, he ends up being right. He clearly has his issues but he's dealing with them the best he can. I also love the fact that he's not some cliched dramatic fuck who has lost his faith in love after some bullshit incident that broke his heart and his promiscuity isn't a facade and a means to cover up vulnerability. He knows himself, his weaknesses and the reasons for them.

And then there's Justin. I didn't like him at first. He was just a brat. But he was a very strong one and I couldn't help but start respecting him. Then, somewhere around S3 I found myself liking him. He matured, he became more rational and his passion got focused. He went from fanboying over Brian to really loving him but he still held his values first and I think that's why Brian respected him. He actually understood Brian better than anyone did and way better than Michael.

Michael is adorable. Not very smart but adorable. You really want to protect him from the world and see him be happy more than anyone. And Hal Sparks actually seems a lot like him. Ted was just a lame character. He was adding something to the story at some points and presented a contrast as a counterpart of Brian but his storylines just kept getting more and more ridiculous with drugs and plastic surgery and whatever. Also Emmett's sugar daddies were a tad tiresome but Emmett was precious and essential in this show. I love Debbie and her overbearing relationship with Michael. It's hard to believe they're not related, they looked more than natural. I liked the Ethan storyline but it was killed off way too abruptly so it was too obvious he only served to move the Brian-Justin relationship to the next level.

I think character and character development is the show's strongest point. I am most fascinated with the way nobody's always right or wrong, everyone fucks up once in a while, and everyone can be the wise voice of reason some other time, it creates realism and balance.

I didn't watch QaF for love story. Then again, I guess nobody did. But now I think Brian and Justin's story is one of the best love stories I've seen. It's very unconventional. Not just because it's gay but because it's ever-changing, developing from a fling/crush into a mature relationship of two strong people who are free and quite different but try their best to make it work. It's romantic precisely because it's not.

That scene after the explosion was magical.

 photo Queer as Folk - 510.avi_snapshot_45.15_2016.05.24_03.05.56.jpg

I still have this fanvideo of them that's been on my PC since 2007 or 2008 but of course back then I had no idea.

I also couldn't not watch some interviews, BTS and specials. In a way, I always regret watching those because they ruin the magic, you can never see the media the same as you did before. Most of the cast seemed absolutely happy to be on the show and thrilled with everything but Gale and Randy obviously had some mixed feelings and it was a little sad. Gale especially seems like a really private person and he did not appear for most of promotions and such. He's quiet and soft-spoken, as different from Brian Kinny as it's humanly possible. It was a little disappointing, really, but at the same time that means he's an amazing actor. Also everyone kept talking about how technical it all was and being all professional, it really ruined the mood, especially with the amazing chemistry of Brian and Justin.

Another part of QaF that I love is sсript. To me it probably comes at #2 after the characters. There was some great humour on the show but also there were some really fucking wise things in there too. I took time to collect some from the web.


Goodbye, Queer as Folk. I loveded you.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 3

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I was hyping myself up for the season so maybe that's partly why I was disappointed. Never trust TOMATOMETER again. 100%? You must be joking.

The first episode was so disappointing, I was frankly having doubts whether it was worth it. With all of the Marvel's potential and resources, it feels like a big waste. Often the plot was so ridiculous, it was hard to take it seriously at all. Then I found these and decided it was no use even trying.

 photo 8c5904cfjw1f40pkbm2pbj20hs0hstbd.jpg photo tumblr_o7i3cvq5OH1ulaid4o1_1280.jpg

Some parts were good but all too few. I liked the beginning of the desert planet story, it was very old-school sci-fi but the way it developed was ridiculous. Hydra is a good enemy, it's very well-grounded so making it into some kind of stupid cult ruined things for me. Apart from that, I liked the episode with the bum guy who gave flashes of the future but that's probably it.

It terms of characters, the season was weak too. I love Mei the most but she was very underrepresented in the season. The few new characters introduced didn't really make it for me. If there's one thing you can't blame of AOS, it's representation. They have people of every colour and shape, Coulson's an amputee btw, but oddly enough, it almost feels thy're trying too hard. A gay Latino? Whatever, he was lame af.

And then there's Ward. Again. I was skeptical when they finally killed Ward. Then they brought him back. Again. As a parasitic being who captured his body. I understand Brett Dalton is too hot but killing and reviving him every season is getting old.

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The Good Wife (Final)

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo julianna-margulies-good-wife.jpg

It's finally over. This was the weirdest way to watch a series and my memory of it is all jumbled but it doesn't really matter, I just want to write about the things that remain in my head.

The plot was good enough but in the end it's always about the characters. There were so many good ones, both on the main cast and supporting. I really liked Cary, he deserved so much more that this, seriously. I adored Eli, he is brilliant and precious. I loved Kalinda. Her character was so good and consistent, I couldn't believe they let her go. I liked Will too, especially after death. It hit me more than I could imagine. I didn't like Peter but I liked Jason even less. At least it was clear he was just a make do. Oh, I also liked Robyn, she was so cool, why did she have to disappear after just two seasons?

I might be biased but I felt S5 was the best, it was intense and dynamic and unpredictable. S6 had some good points and it was really mean in making me ache for Cary and Kalinda, my first straight OTP since Alec/Max.

 photo The.Good.Wife.s06e05.WEBDLRip.NewStudio.TV.avi_snapshot_06.17_2015.12.20_17.49.45.jpg

I'm glad they didn't drag it on, S7 was already stretched thin. It started well enough and Luca is very lovable but most of the supporting cast became recurring at best. The last episode was a bit odd and undertoned but not disappointing. I don't really like fantasy scenes and it was too forceful but it was good to see Will, the plainest of all handsome men.

The Good Wife wasn't amazing, it was just solid good. In the long 7 seasons though it captivated me claiming a place in my heart.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
When I started playing Marvel Heroes I didn't really get what having a "main" meant. Hell, I didn't get it even after a year. But somehow, unbeknownst to me, Laura became my main. I guess it's a melee thing. Rather than mages who are cool or complex universal heroes like Rogue I always end up with those who are simple to play and have good survivability. At any rate, X-23 is now my girl. The only one who made it past the trial and the only one I took to raids.

So I decided I might as well do my research and read the actual comic books. After all, I even translated 2 of them. The series had 22 issues and looked weirdly contrasting with several artists working on different issues. However, my favourite was definitely Sana Takeda, a Japanese female. It looks very manga-like stylistically. I also found out that the it was written by Marjorie Liu, Marvel's only major female writer. Danni Shinya Luo who made the Issue#1 cover is also female. But anyway, I quite enjoyed them. Sure, the plots were quite lame and crazy, but the main ideas and the relationships, those were really good. I finished the main series and followed Laura to Avengers Academy which I also happened to translate although they were early issues. I guess I might as well finish it even though as many fans say, she's too good for it.

But that's all just details. The thing is, I like Laura. A lot. I identify with her. Which might be creepy since she's a clone designed to be an assasin. And yet... her struggle is not just that of confirming her humanity, it's a journey of self-discovery. Of finding her own path, no matter where it takes her. I like her personality. She's quiet and very rational but she's not exactly withdrawn. She doesn't shy out of human interaction, she just doesn't need much of it. And, most importantly, she is very strong and mature. She has many issues obviously but she's working on them. She makes decisions and takes full responsibility for them. I also like her relationships, especially with Gambit and Wolverine. And the way she shut this brat Helion was epic.

Also I've been rewatching Dark Angel. I wasn't planning to but all the ones I'm watching now are lagging and I don't want to pick Agents of Shield yet since it's just mid-season. Not again. Anyway, once again I feel a little smug about my good taste. The main plot is good, the mini-plots are good, the characters are good and the dialogues are good. The only thing that bugs me a little is Max. (Well, also Logan but he's perfectly realistic as the rich whiny self-indulgent white dude ) Jessica is charming as fuck but that is exactly the problem. Her personality is that of a normal girl who grew up in the suburbs, not someone who spent all of their childhood trained to be a professional assassin. Her super-intellect also looks very off. She looks more like a well-trained spy, like Black Widow, not a soldier. I mean sure, X-23 spent longer in the facility, but still 9 years is very long.

The reason I'm linking these two characters is as follows. X-23 was created in 2003, a year after Dark Angel was closed. I can't help thinking this is not a coincidence. The character origin is strikingly similar though X-23's is much grimer, and their struggle to find their humanity is similar too. But Laura's personality is much more consistent. She's very rational and very interdependent. She doesn't hesitate to kill when needed, very unlike Max. Whether there is a link or not, in my eyes, she's almost like an improved version.

 photo mashup.jpg

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Agent Carter S02

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo Marvels.Agent.Carter.S02E10.720p.WEB-DL.LostFilm.DD5.1.mkv_snapshot_39.32_2016.03.09_23.37.31.jpg

Fucking finally... Now this here is good pacing in relationship development. But anyway, Season 2 was brilliant. A few questionable details here and there but overall very entertaining and picturesque.

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Masters of Sex S03

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo Masters.of.Sex.S03E09.XviD.Amedia.qqss44.avi_snapshot_14.13_2015.10.23_18.33.00.jpg photo Masters.of.Sex.S03E02.XviD.Amedia.qqss44.avi_snapshot_19.12_2015.09.10_17.06.39.jpg photo Masters.of.Sex.S03E09.XviD.Amedia.qqss44.avi_snapshot_20.42_2015.10.23_18.41.41.jpg photo Masters.of.Sex.S03E09.XviD.Amedia.qqss4404686919-12-43.jpg photo Masters.of.Sex.S03E11.XviD.Amedia.qqss44.avi_snapshot_38.09_2015.10.29_14.42.24.jpg

Season 3 has been considerably weaker than the first two. Of course, it had its moments but overall it was a mess. The storylines multiplied and tangled and tore. By the time of last episode I was worried because it was clear there's no way to tie up all the loose ends but it was even a bigger mess that expected.

Betty is still my favourite character, she made this whole season much more bearable. Bill is still the hypocritical pathetic piece of shit. I don't care for his pathetic attempts to fix things, his every move was still dictated by selfishness and fear. I have a great admiration for Libby but Virginia... I want to love her but can't because of her ultimate commitment to Bill. This isn't love, this is some kind of Stockholm syndrome. So maybe Ethan wasn't quite the right fit (though I still think he was worth a shot) but Dan is basically a perfect man, what the actual fuck?

Speaking of Dan, it felt like the writers received a lot of criticism for the lack of positive white male characters so they made two that were almost to perfect. Dan Logan isn't really a character, he's a picture perfect. Nora is also not a convincing character, you can tell something is off with her from the moment she appears but I'd never imagine it's be so bland.

I was hoping to feel some sort of relief from finishing the season but I got none. I was expecting them to get married by now but it's still nowhere near that. To be honest, I'm not sure if I can take another season of watching this pathetic fuck of a doctor and this amazing woman stupidly whipped by him.

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Orange is the New Black S3

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
OITNB continues to kick ass. Paola said it's rather light which you might say is true but there's so much to it, man. It's amazing how you don't even realize just how many characters there are until you see a new lead nearly every episode (omg Chang). And then you realize there are many more waiting for their stories to be told. And then of course there are familiar characters who develop amazingly and the most bizarre relationships form. I was really amazed by the odd friendship of Boo and Pennsatucky. Ruby Rose was such a sensation but she just ain't my thing, man. But Chapman... I identify with Chapman in an odd way. I admire her strength and survivability. For some reason I can also understand her quest for power and the urge to be taken seriously.

OITNB is that one series you never knew how badly you needed it until you saw it.

 photo Orange.Is.the.New.Black.s03e01.WEBRip.NewStudio.TV06909715-38-22.jpg photo Orange.Is.the.New.Black.s03e02.WEBRip.NewStudio.TV04324619-10-22.jpg photo Orange.Is.the.New.Black.s03e03.WEBRip.NewStudio.TV06354403-10-07.jpg photo Orange.Is.the.New.Black.s03e02.WEBRip.NewStudio.TV02382518-52-34.jpg photo Orange.Is.the.New.Black.s03e03.WEBRip.NewStudio.TV04706902-57-40.jpg photo Orange.Is.the.New.Black.s03e03.WEBRip.NewStudio.TV06854903-14-14.jpg photo Orange.Is.the.New.Black.s03e04.WEBRip.NewStudio.TV04162800-32-19.jpg photo Orange.Is.the.New.Black.s03e07.WEBRip.NewStudio.TV02371423-55-42.jpg photo Orange.Is.the.New.Black.s03e12.WEBRip.NewStudio.TV06281023-48-57.jpg photo Orange.Is.the.New.Black.s03e12.WEBRip.NewStudio.TV07247723-55-14.jpg photo Orange.Is.the.New.Black.s03e04.WEBRip.NewStudio.TV05832600-49-26.jpg photo Orange.is.the.New.Black.S03E13.720p.Web-DL.Trust No Bitch.en08288414-42-04.jpg photo Orange.Is.the.New.Black.s03e06.WEBRip.NewStudio.TV03342502-15-55.jpg photo Orange.is.the.New.Black.S03E13.720p.Web-DL.Trust No Bitch.en08980314-44-36.jpg photo Orange.Is.the.New.Black.s03e07.WEBRip.NewStudio.TV04263200-11-19.jpg photo Orange.is.the.New.Black.S03E13.720p.Web-DL.Trust No Bitch.en11945714-51-42.jpg photo Orange.is.the.New.Black.S03E09.720p.Web-DL.Where My Dreidel At.en04407917-37-22.jpg photo Orange.is.the.New.Black.S03E13.720p.Web-DL.Trust No Bitch.en12057314-52-18.jpg

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Finally done with Season 2. 44 episodes, 33 hours. I have much to say.

 photo 5388ffcf31716.jpg

I knew about the series for awhile but wasn't that interested. But then I watched the one-shots and it seemed interesting enough. Well, it was. Especially after a season of 2 Broke Girls (I mean it was borderline funny and obscene but at season 2 it got very gross very quickly).

Anyway, it's been a fast and intense ride. Overall, it was pretty good but I'm still not sure it was a good idea. Unlike the PG-13 rated Marvel movies the series are a lot more fucked up and violent, even if justifiably so. Then again, Marvel sucked me in so deep I probably would have ended up watching it sooner or later anyway. Overall, I think the plot was too twisted and complicated, it was hard to keep up with. There were also many disturbing things in it.

About halfway through Season 1 I thought "Well, the plot might be lacking but at least the relationships are interesting." But after a few episodes it became clear it is very predictable after all. I was interested in Mei and Ward's intrigue but in the end it ended up as just a fuel for their future fights. "You never topped" and all. May is the best. Possibly the coolest badass female character ever. As for Coulson, I liked him in earlier films, he seemed a bit of a simpleton and a Cap fanboy but in this series I had difficulty with how they developed his character, in Season 1 he seemed way too emotional and impulsive. Skye, on the contrary, developed well. At first I disliked her but by the end of Season 1 she won my sympathy. A little.


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Marvel's Agent Carter

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I didn't even know Marvel was doing series but I heard about this on tumblr and since I really liked the character I thought I'd give it a try.

 photo agent-carter-6.jpg

I was not disappointed. Peggy is brilliant, the other characters are interesting too, the plot is solid and well-paced and engaging. I also really like the relationship side of this, such as Peggy's companionship with Jarvis. Although I still think her relation to Cap was overly stressed. But I guess they had to add at least a little romance there, even as thin as this. The only problem I had with the series was that it's not really child-friendly like most Marvel films and has some pretty creepy scenes towards the end. That made me uneasy and in the end my folks were more excited about the whole thing than I was. But overall, it's a really good series that deserves a second season.

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Masters Of Sex

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo MastersofSex1x05Catherinemp4_snapshot_5709_20140912_011640.jpg photo MastersofSex2x11OneForTheMoneyTwoForTheShowmp4_snapshot_2410_20141025_235649.jpg photo MastersofSex2x11OneForTheMoneyTwoForTheShowmp4_snapshot_1229_20141025_234401.jpg photo MastersofSex2x10BelowtheBeltmp4_snapshot_1538_20141021_213423.jpg photo MastersofSex2x07Asterionmp4_snapshot_2812_20141018_002116.jpg photo MastersofSex2x07Asterionmp4_snapshot_2002_20141018_000947.jpg photo MastersofSex2x06Blackbirdmp4_snapshot_4646_20141016_154013.jpg photo MastersofSex2x04DirtyJobsavi_snapshot_2407_20141014_150116.jpg photo MastersofSex2x01mp4_snapshot_3341_20141004_023012.jpg photo MastersofSex1x08LoveAndMarriagemp4_snapshot_5433_20140918_010014.jpg photo MastersofSex1x08LoveAndMarriagemp4_snapshot_2831_20140918_003132.jpg photo MastersofSex2x11OneForTheMoneyTwoForTheShowmp4_snapshot_2214_20141025_235442.jpg

One good series per year would be good but 3? That's more that I could want. Masters Of Sex is fucking brilliant. It's smart, funny, relatable and it really makes you think. It was something so up my alley. It drew my attention because of its underlying topic but there was so much more to it, it turned out. It wasn't an easy watch. I would sometimes take days to digest an episode. As much as I love Virginia, I am so repulsed by Bill. The guy is just so full of shit. Well, most men on the show. Nearly all white men, to be exact, save for the Pretzel King. I often make up my own titles for the shows I watch and this one is called “The problems with white heterosexual men.” But putting emotions aside I think what makes the show so great is diverse and complex characters. Each of them is a personality that you can't put in a box and the moment you think you labeled them they reveal a new side. I especially love Betty and Flo. The pace is also pretty good except the part in S2 where they sped forward a year or so, that was messy.

Anyway, Season 2 did not end with a cliffhanger or anything but it's clear there's still so much to be said in this story. Another long wait.

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Done with Season 1

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
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What a sad fuck you are, Dr. Masters.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I liked the series right from the start but I'm only at episode 5 and haven't seen anything as powerful as this.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I still find it hard to believe Orange is the NEw Black is over and won't be back for almost a year. But I've decided to try Masters of Sex. I had a feeling it's going to be a difficult watch and it is but I'm in too deep already. I love the female characters as much as I hate the male ones. I guess all the men in the 50's were hateable. This is gonna be hard.

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Orange is the New Black S2

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Season 2 is kicking ass. It was all it's supposed to be and more.

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I really love the character development. Right off you can see how much Piper has changed, how tough she has become. And you almost wonder that maybe she hasn't really changed that much, she just adapted revealing her true colors. Either way I can really identify with her somehow.

It's interesting how this time the other inmates' stories take even more space. I mean we don't even see Piper in Ep.2 which only helps to create a dramatic comeback and overall her story takes a lot less space. I don't like some of the personal stories, some of them seem too weird and shallow. The Morello story was really quite shocking though and I liked Rosa's. The game gets big with all the white/black/hispanic dominance struggle. Especially with the Big black momma back in. I think Vee's character is a bit over the top, she doesn't even seem human, more like a demon from hell. And yet she's great for showing how easy it is to manipulate people especially in such a closed environment. I also really like the strange relationships like Healey and Pennsatucky counseling thing and Piper becoming friends with Red. Who would have thought, ha? That's what makes OITNB so interesting. And of course Taylor Schilling is beautiful.

Overall it wasn't an easy watch. There's more drama than humour and some very serious issues thrown in your face but there's no doubt this show rocks and it's a phenomenon, a breakthrough and I have 0 regrets watching it. I can't believe it's over and Season 3 only comes out in a year. But it's a very solid show with nearly hour-long episodes so it's gonna be worth it.

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Orange is the New Black

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I finally finished Season 1. It took me long enough since I watch it discreetly. Anyway. It's been a long time since I've been so into a western series. Of course, the thing with series is that they can be exciting one episode and lame the next. Or maybe your expectations get too high. Anyway.

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Orange is the New Black is not just some series. It made a really big fuss very soon. And I can see why. The plot is well-paces and engagind. The cast is simply amazing - there isn't a second when you doubt their play. But the thing that really makes it refreshing and new is the mostly female cast of varied and interesting female characters. And that sounds strange because that really shouldn't be a thing. Except it is and you get a bit taken aback seeing so many women of all ages, races and body types. And all of them are great and look very real. But I have to say that more than anyone I have been very impressed by Taylor Schilling. Her face is so alive, so emotional. It's never neutral and you can see so many micro-expressions changin on it in a matter of seconds. For some reason I can really sympathize with Chapman. She wants to be nice so much, she is nice but she is also self-centered and somehow she gets herself into trouble every time. I also really love Nicky. I can't even explain it, she's just so cool. But all of the characters are great.

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Season 1 ended with such a cliffhanger so I'm not gonna wait and just dive headfirst into Season 2.

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