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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

The past few months it felt like my feelings have shut down, but now it seems like they accumulated somewhere deep inside to break free last night. I haven't felt such a deep pain and frustration in a long time. Funny how both stated were caused by Tegoshi. I wasn't surprised that much but this is one of those moments that could become gamechangers, both for him and for the band. Maybe for the fandom too. I kind of hope all of the above.

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Every Day It's a New Shitstorm

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
It's been about 2 months now that I have gotten seriously pissed with Tegoshi. And while it happened several times before this time it was different, it was a deeper disappointment and it never quite disappeared, washing over me and taking a large portion of my love for NEWS with it. I got over it soon enough but nothing was ever quite the same. My "maybe I'm leaving" posts on tumblr are getting old and people might think I'm just being dramatic but it's not like that, really. I go on but only because I have nothing better to do and because I'm afraid to let go. It's almost like an old marriage: the feeling is disappearing but I still try to convince myself it can be fixed and rekindled.

And then there, of course, are the scandals. The last month has been a fucking drag. First Koyama, then Tegoshi, Tegoshi and more Tegoshi. Koyama's made me just plain mad. Nobody should say a bad word about this wonderful man, he just doesn't deserve it. Thankfully, he seems to be in good standing in JE so he should be fine. And Tegoshi's... are driving me crazy. On one hand, they also make me mad becasue honestly in all of the "scandalous" bits of info released lately, there was absolutely nothing really incriminating. Even the latest article, which might have well been 100% made up. But if you assume it's true, there's absolutely nothing shocking in it, all of it is easy to believe. Partying, drinking and sleeping around once in a while is what adult men do. There's nothing wrong with it unless they deceive or abuse women which is clearly not the case. But what kind of bitch would do that to him after meeting over 30 times? Tegoshi's real problem is a lack of judgement. But it feels like someone is out to ruin his career and that always has a chance to drag the whole band down.

His reaction to those scandals, however, has been truthfully dumb. The more he tried to explain himself, the more attention to brings to it. And it's irritating how people find it somehow "brave" and admirable when I think it's just selfish and dumb. Besides, the whole ticket issue didn't bother me until me denied it altogether and that was annoying becasue clearly it doesn't add up. At this point I'm just tired of it all, more than anything.

I try to make at least a few posts per day but in the end it feels like more of a habit than joy. Even my excitement for Prince was brief, it seems to be gone now. But then I don't feel excited about anything, really, as of late and that's the saddest part. I'm not sad even, just numb. Maybe all of this is just a part of my depression, I still hope I can light up at some point, that not all is lost. I want to be creepily excited like all those fans, I want to be slightly in love with Tegoshi like I used to be, but the more time passes the less likely that seems to be.

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Naughty Girl

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

I long since wanted to do a video for this song. Originally, I was going to make a Junsu video but it wasn't meant to be and in the end there's nobody naughtier that this girl. Perfect use of song is perfect.

Now there's just one important video left. The sexy Tegoshige one. But I suppose they'll make me wait some more.

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The Queen of Oiran, a trilogy

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I was mildly excited about Kaguya but I only realized recently that the PV was directed by Ninagawa Mika who also directed Sakuran. What's more the very kimonos the boys wore were from the Sakuran collection. And you know, the film was about Oiran which is basically high-ranking prostitutes. Yup. Keeps getting better.

Source: miyukitanigawa.com/sakuran.html

So after I discovered this the gears in my head started spinning and the next day I armed myself with Photoshop and proceeded to create 2 manips. It started as half-parody ended up as beautiful art if I may say so myself.

 photo Sakuran_Tegoshi.jpg

 photo Sakuran_Tegoshi2.jpg

 photo Sakuran3make.jpg

I'm especially delighted at the last one. It's just so pretty, prettier than it originally was. I might be a little in love with it. This is the reason I need Tegoshi, he's my muse. My slutty muse. I kinda want to do one with Shige too but I can't find the right picture.

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Who’s That Girl?

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Another masterpiece complete! I am very proud to present: Who’s That Girl? featuring the one and only Tegoshi Yuya + appearances by Koyama Keiichiro, Kato Shigeaki, Masuda Takahisa and Yamashita Tomohisa.

It's a video I've been meaning to make for awhile now. In a way Tegoshi's crossdressing was what brought me to NEWS in the first place. And it's really something out of this world. There are many celebs who are good at it but I'll still give him the 1st prize any day. I only used the footage with 11 outfits that were captured on video. There were 12 originally but in the end I decided to let go of the hostess dress since I didn't find good enough footage. I also had a couple of songs in mind and I was going to use "She's a Lady" but then for some reason I remembered this song and everything fell into place perfectly.

As for rendering for the first time I used Sony Vegas 12. It seems a little more convenient to use but certainly not enough to take 50% more space. At least I more or less figured out how to render the files properly.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo TegoshiBD2014.jpg

Dear Tegoshi, there are times when I admire you and there are times when I want to hit you in the face. But in the end you intrigue me, and entertain me and inspire me so I guess I'll stick with you for a bit longer. Happy Birthday, you little shit!

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On radio douchebaggery

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
The radios are a main source of information lately since the mags come out with a big delay but they give me such mixed feelings. I mean sometimes they're really amusing and sometimes Tegoshi tends to turn into a real douchebag and says things that make me want to punch him in the face. Surely the radio makes it easy for him to get carried away but that's no excuse. I remember him once saying he doesn't like girls who wear skulls and stuff but then a girl wrote to him via a magazine saying she likes skull print and if it's that bad and he was like "Well, if you really like it... and it suits you than that's ok." I don't think he could be so mean to anyone in person but on the radio he turns into a douchebag. I already wrote about this more than once but the oppression Japanese women must feel is no joke. And an idol saying shitty things surely does not help.

Not everyone is like this, of course. The j-rockers tend to be more open-minded (the things Shou, Tora and Saga say warms my heart). But rock musicians are a bit of outsiders to begin with while idols are very much a part of the system. And yes, they are completely oriented towards Japanese women. Like when they talk about girls they don't even consider other races. This makes me so confused. I mean Gackt and Tegoshi are two of the most admirable artists I know and yet their attitudes towards women make me cringe.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
It's been more than a year and finally my first Tegoshi dream. I barely had any sleep all night but I woke up at 9.30 and I could remember it so well. It was something like a homecoming and it turned out Tegoshi actually graduated from my school. I instantly thought he was in the C class, two years my senior despite the age. I remember asking him "Did you even go to school? I don't remember you." It all seemed perfectly logical. Either way somehow we became best buddies and I remember hoping for more eventually. But at that time I was happy and perfectly ready to go along with any of his crazy ideas or pranks. I remember us dashing across this concert hall to get seats in first row. There were people I know, people who hurt me and I was like "Suck it, BITCHEZ!" It's pretty funny, actually. But it felt so good.

It was a really interesting dream. In many ways. Once again I'm dreaming of the uke, even if that is a simplistic way of putting it. But I used to dream of Jae a lot. I don't see him as a direct romantic interest but if I ever met the bastard I would surely forget about any of my principles and pride. Also having my idol in school is like trying to redeem the upper hand in something I feel I lost. Anyway, it was a hell of a nice dream.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo this.jpg

 photo this2.jpg

I just might be a wizard. Or maybe it's a collective consciousness materializing. Either way I was blown away.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I can't even hate you when you're like that. What do you do? I'm weak against male tears.

 photo 201409214E16754C306E679C3066307E306730A430C330C6Q624B8D8APARTmp4_snapshot_2620_20140923_185726.jpg photo 201409214E16754C306E679C3066307E306730A430C330C6Q624B8D8APARTmp4_snapshot_2625_20140923_185753.jpg photo 201409214E16754C306E679C3066307E306730A430C330C6Q624B8D8APARTmp4_snapshot_2653_20140923_185847.jpg photo 201409214E16754C306E679C3066307E306730A430C330C6Q624B8D8APARTmp4_snapshot_2705_20140923_185919.jpg

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014.06.01 世界の果てまでイッテQ or What the Hell Are You?

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Up until now I thought Gackt was the coolest human being I've ever seen but now I'm not even sure. But the thing is Tegoshi is small and frail-looking and you would never have a slightest idea how fucking strong he is.

 photo 201406014E16754C306E679C3066307E306730A430C330C6Q624B8D8A79504E5FPARTts_snapshot_2134_20140602_014036.jpg

That was the most badass performance I've see all year. He fucking did it again

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo tegorun.gif

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Looks like I'm having my first Tegoshi rejection stage. I kinda expected this to happen so it did. But there was no real trigger, I really have no idea, it just happened like an hour ago. It'll probably pass soon but I should abstain from looking at him too much.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
As a fan I thoroughly enjoy Tegoshi's cross-dressing. But as a woman I kinda get annoyed sometimes. Like: "You say bras are uncomfortable. You don't know shit, boy. You can wear pretty dresses, bat your fake eyelashes and get all the admiration but after an hour you take it all off and go play soccer or drink with your buddies. You'll never have to worry about your period or getting pregnant or having to adhere to society's standards and be the sweet polite girl everyone expects you to be. Including you."

Ugh. I guess I'm just in a bitchy mood today.

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Personal investigations

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I was bored so I decided to do some research and investigate about Tegoshi's father. But apparently Japanese fans don't know much either. There's a rumour he's a taxi driver but nothing is certain. However, it seems like his father left early. He never mentions him at all. This year there's this drawing corner in Myojo called "Tegonyan's friends" and well... there were the members, his mum, then his 2 dogs and now his friend. Which says a lot I think. He always tried to show everything is great but I wonder how much he's hiding. That whole thing of him talking with toys till he was 11... But he moved out surprisingly quickly, he has living alone by the age of 21.

Apparently Koyama's father also left But I'd say it was after debut so I guess it wasn't that bad. I don't know why I even care so much. I don't even know what it's like to have a father but I feel like if you do know and then he leaves it should be pretty damn sad.

I guess it's just one of those days. Everything makes me depressed.

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NEWS: Tegoshi Yuya

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo KzoUPnzrK-U.jpg

* Name: Tegoshi Yuya (手越祐也)
* Nickname: Tesshi (his bandmates used it when he was younger), Tegonyan (a cute way to call himself), Ero-prince (given to him at ItteQ).
* Birthday: 1987.11.11
* Blood Type: B
* Zodiac sign: Scorpio
* Birthplace: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
* Education: Horikoshi Gakuen, Waseda University (Human Sciences)
* Siblings: None
* Height: ~168 cm
* Weight: ~55kg
* Band colour: Pink

A lot MORE

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My weibo frustration: Part 2

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of recent shows mostly ripped from streaming sites so I searched and I found out people on weibo have it all. Except the files are really huge, about 2 GB each and they are hosted on Chinese servers which are nearly impossible to download from. Guess I should just give up. T_T

I really wanted a more HQ version of Ani Kore but it's freaking 1440x1080 4.3 GB so no game. It's so frustrating, there's no middle ground.

I feel like I should have studied Chinese instead. Knowing Chinese and Russian you can download the internet.

/Upd: I I actually installed the baidu downloader and it works pretty well, the speed jumps a lot but basically you can download if you're patient and I've lived on dial-up so. If I really need something I know where to get it.
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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I'm a very unbiased shipper, I really am and this time I wasn't even trying to look too much onto things. But special revelations just happen to me. I was gonna make a post about Tegoshi's lewd habit on sticking his hands inside his pants even as the camera is rolling. But it got even better when I discovered that in 3 pictured out of 4 he was sitting next to Shige. And it's not like they sit next to each other that often. What am I supposed to think?

 photo NEWS20130717-Lifeofnewsavi_snapshot_002608_20140214_001644-1.jpg

 photo NEWSNeverEndingWonderfulStory-4avi_snapshot_5719_20131222_005905.jpg

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Dareka Ga Uso Wo Tsuiteiru

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
In the end I ended up watching it and I'm glad I did. It's a really good film. In more ways than one. It depicts a life of a family going through a tough period while drawing attention to one of Japan's inherent legislation problems - harassment appeals. The statistic provided in the beginning is really shocking.

 photo dareka_ga_uso_wo_tsuiteiru_568.jpg

I think Tegoshi's a good actor and he did well with this film but I also think the problem is that he's too beautiful to properly blend into the films he's acting in. Even in plain clothes he shines too much for a normal guy.

 photo DarekaGaUsoWoTsuiteiruavi_snapshot_004820_20140208_233534.jpg photo DarekaGaUsoWoTsuiteiruavi_snapshot_010805_20140208_235157.jpg photo DarekaGaUsoWoTsuiteiruavi_snapshot_011318_20140209_000233.jpg photo DarekaGaUsoWoTsuiteiruavi_snapshot_011400_20140209_000401.jpg photo DarekaGaUsoWoTsuiteiruavi_snapshot_013915_20140209_002539.jpg

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Tegomasu no Uta+Tegomasu no Ai

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Tegomasu no Uta :heart: was a cute concert. It wasn't spectacular of course but it was nice. I didn't like most songs and 2 hours of concert was a bit too long for me. What else? Tegoshi is dressed like an 11-year old girl. A pretentious one. Koyashige crashed the party in Osaka - how sweet! and of course the pink Princess dress... Massu, that's not very princely of you!

The main question that this concert provoked in me was: Is Tegomass really Jonhnnies? Because their level is way out of line. The have good stages, good songs, good costumes, a cool band who can play any genre and a complete lack of juniors who always ruin things for me.

 photo rtcTegomass1stLiveTour2009-TegomassnoUtaavi_snapshot_010849_20131125_185859.jpg photo rtcTegomass1stLiveTour2009-TegomassnoUtaavi_snapshot_014454_20131125_190156.jpg photo rtcTegomass1stLiveTour2009-TegomassnoUtaencoredocumentaryavi_snapshot_005610_20131125_191807.jpg photo rtcTegomass1stLiveTour2009-TegomassnoUtaencoredocumentaryavi_snapshot_005755_20131125_191920.jpg
 photo rtcTegomass1stLiveTour2009-TegomassnoUtaencoredocumentaryavi_snapshot_001534_20131125_190348.jpg photo rtcTegomass1stLiveTour2009-TegomassnoUtaencoredocumentaryavi_snapshot_002920_20131125_190648.jpg photo rtcTegomass1stLiveTour2009-TegomassnoUtaencoredocumentaryavi_snapshot_004745_20131125_191054.jpg photo rtcTegomass1stLiveTour2009-TegomassnoUtaencoredocumentaryavi_snapshot_002825_20131125_190535.jpg

Tegomasu no Ai :heart:was great. ...

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