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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

I’m not really into any other JE bands even though I know them all by now. However, there’s one that picked my interest. Actually, they’re still juniors but I do hope they debut. The group’s Mr. King vs Mr. Prince but I am more interested in the Prince half. I’ve heard about them several times before mostly thanks to their interaction with NEWS. Like, that one time Tegoshi-senpai came to their photoshoot and took a picture with them. They even met his high standards in boys. Anyway, after that 2 of the boys - Iwahashi Genki and Jinguji Yuta - wrote that they were really happy about the photo and that it’s their treasure. Jinguji also wrote to Shige saying he’s often told he looks like him and Shige gave him back a bit of him wisdom.


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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
The last few days have been full of shit, basically but still I saw the light when something drove me on another one of my media adventures and I found a diamond that is the album of Boaz Mauda. That boy sings like an angel. The whole album is true thing of beauty. It's te kind of music that even though you can't understand the lyrics, it feels like God speaks to you.

 photo front cover.jpg

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo sia-alive-lyric-video-black-white-wig.png

Over the last year I discovered so many amazingly talented female artists. Starting with Marina, I met Lorde, rediscovered Melanie, got briefly acquainted with Ellie and Lana. As if that wasn't great already, there came Sia. I really loved Electric Heart which was an OST to Hunger Games but it was only a few months back that I downloaded her album. And then another one. And another. All 7 of them turned out to be amazing and very different. From the nostalgic acid jazz of 'Only See', to more dramatic and themed 'Healing Is Difficult', lyrical and soothing 'Colour The Small One' and 'Some People Have Real Problems' to funky 'We Are Born' and finally the catchy but very serious pop '1000 Forms Of Fear' and 'This Is Acting'. Her music is full of colours and has so much soul it instantly resonated with me.

I am so grateful I found her. Lately good music is just about the only thing I can rely on.

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Tegomass: a medicine for a sore heart

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Another giveaway...

The question this time is simple: what do you like about Tegomasu as a singing duo?

 photo 598516_471953789512721_1842856143_n.jpg

I've skipped several giveaways this year because I didn't feel like I had much to say but this time I really want to write down my thoughts and feelings on the matter. Even though I am very active in the NEWS fandom, the truth is that musically they wouldn't be anywhere on the list of my favourite bands. But Tegomass is a different matter, they are a band that has a special place in my heart and I will explain why.

I love music. I listen to hundreds of artists of all sorts of music genres. I have many heavy bands, many that have complex lyrics dealing with social and political issues. For many years I tried to make myself only listen to 'serious' music, the kind of music I wouldn't be embarrassed to admit I'm listening to. Later I changed my perception and opened up to pop music but even though I liked many bands, in my eyes they always lacked some sort of integrity, I always had mixed feelings about them. When I finally encountered Tegomass, I realized they filled the void I never knew I had.

What is it that makes them so different? The simplest answer would be: purity. Their songs are filled with innocence, kindness and hope. There's no darkness or pain, only light and joy. Of course, it is important that the singers themselves have a very youthful, even child-like appearances and that allows them to sing the kinds of songs no other people could. When I look at them, Masuda and Tegoshi's styles on stage look like those of an 11-year old boy and girl respectively. Yet, they make it work.

While the boys look cute and playful on stage, they are very serious about their work. I also find it interesting that their personalities often clash but they never let it get in the way of their work. I remember reading Tegoshi say that though the two of them often disagree on things, in the end they understand that it happens because they both want to get the best possible result and that's what makes them a good unit.

I believe Tegomass is a one of a kind band. Even though they belong to Johnnies Entertainment, they aren't listed as a band on the official site and are considered to be a sub-unit of NEWS. However, I think it doesn't do them justice. I think Tegomass can hardly be called a sub-unit since, in fact, the two boys began to sing together even before NEWS was formed. It was Johnny Kitagawa himself who decided they should try singing together and that decision led to wonderful things. They're a completely different band with their own colours. It's a pity they get so little promotion so I'm glad I got to know about them. I think Tegomass is JE's hidden treasure.

In a way, Tegomass are very different to other JE bands. There is nothing in their concerts that would suggest they're JE. No trademark sparkly costumes, no choreography and a complete lack of juniors who often look out of place to me. But perhaps the best part is the live band that has been accompanying them for many years. Tegomass songs are good to begin with but during the concerts they shine with all their colours. The amazing jazzy Wasuremono at the Tegomass no Mahou simply captured my heart.

Over the years, there have been many bands I stopped listening to because while their music was good, it didn't make me feel good. However, Tegomass is a band that does and that is why I treasure it. They created their own world, a window for people to peek into their childhood dreams. Their PVs are always sweet and healing and their concerts are pure magic that transport you to a fairy-tale land. Tegomass is like a soft warm blanket, a medicine for a sore heart.

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Marina and The Diamonds

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I'm in love. Her name's Marina. She is perfect.

:heart::heart:<img class=:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:<img class=

It's been 3 days. Lately I have been craving for good music, especially after the recent NEWS and A9 songs. Ever since the one gulp of excitement that was A Fever You Can't Sweat Out there have only been odd gems here and there but now I feel like I found a mother lode. In the good ol' Welsh land.

I don't think it ever happened so quickly before. Listening to song after song and thinking "That's it". Perhaps I never had an artist who spoke to me so directly. She is definitely in league with Maria Mena and Melanie Martizez and maybe Gaga but she transcends them all. Sexy but not vulgar. Original but not shocking, dramatic but not sentimental, dark but not creepy. I have a feeling Marina just might be my favourite female artist ever. The music, the lyrics, the PVs, the looks - everything about her is flawless.

I have about 20 songs in my head right now and I can't even pick which ones I like best. They're all fucking brilliant. The three albums are made of purely good songs and they all have different appeals from youthful statements to mature rich flavour. When it seemed like everything has been said she came and filled a void that I never knew existed. Her visuals is flawless. She has so many images that are so different you'd have a hard time believing it's one and the same person.

It's that one feeling that I wouldn't trade for anything. It's like a gulp of fresh air, something that gives me life. It's so good that I want to savour it so I keep myself from listening to her too much.

@музыка: Marina & the Diamonds - Fear and Loathing

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Vivid [in gifs]

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
So I finally took the time to check them out. I decided I need to know more about the young bands but frankly there isn't much to see, really. I mean SuG annoy me to hell and Screw... well, they're ugly. What? Yes, I'm that shallow.

So anyway, I watched some PV's, checked out some photos and videos and even some nico nico broadcasts so now I cannot but make a verdict. To say there's little stuff of them is an understatement really but I did a great job. I mean, in just about 2 days I managed to evaluate their music, learn the members' names and even choose an OTP. For Alice Nine that took 5 damn years... :rolleyes:

So anyway, let's get to business. Basically it started as usual...



I upgraded from picture-posts to gif-posts. Lol.

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More about Nico singers

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Tried to hear more of the Nico singers. Not the electronic fake ones, the human ones. Not surprisingly I'm mostly interested in boys. Somehow I only found out live videos of 3 of them on YouTube and I'm to lazy to actually go on NicoNico.

赤飯 At first I didn't really like him but now I'm rapidly changing my mind. The boy has an impressive voice but he's also confident and charismatic.

ピコ Well, he's a really cute boy and I like him. The only one of the 3 that has his own Vocaloid. Debuting as a proper singer sure gained him enormous success but he remains as shy and humble as ever. As for his voice it is kind of cool but I wouldn't say it's that impressive. Also I don't like the songs he sings, I wish his potential was better used.

I really like the two of them collaborating. Their Magnet duet sure is a hit on its own. It's basically a fanservice-parody. I like that. Sekihan's voice doesn't really sound like a girl's though imho. It just sounds really weird lol.

蛇足 Dasoku was really disappointing. There's this one cover of Honey he did with Sekihan and it was pitiful. The latter ended up singing most of it even though he obviously tried to give Dasoku some space. He can't sing live at all. And he doesn't know how to act on stage. Also I personally don't find him attractive. Somehow I didn't like him from the start but honestly for the sake of Shou I was hoping that he's at least a good singer.

Overall verdicts: From what I've heard Nico Nico has some really talented people, but the thing is in this age you can't really tell much just from the recording. And the live performances I've seen are quite raw and don't live up to the recordings at all. Obviously these people have potential but they could use a few years of voice training before actually doing tours and stuff. The range thing is also somewhat questionable. I mean Gackt has reportedly a 4,5-octave voice and I believe it because I've heard him with my own ears. He could really do the whole 2-voice thing better than anyone and yet he never brags about it.

Basically this community is a lot like anime/seyuu one. It would be really cool if it were a bit more professional but basically I quite like it.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I've heard about it a lot, but I never really had a look. Until this year that is. The first person to recommend it to me was Veronica, but after one obligatory Youtube click I was left unimpressed. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I got to listen to them properly. I think it was when I decided to watch all of the PS Carvival 2005 to get acquainted with other bands. Kagrra, was the first to perform and I found myself liking Satsuki and Chikai no Tsuki. There was one more reason but that shall be explained alter. After that it went as usual: downloading songs, watching PV etc. Fast enough I was drawn into their magical world.


The thing that really makes this band stand out is their authenticity. They didn't succumb to the popular trends but kept to their own style, staying a Japanese rock band in its truest sense. They're the only J-Rock band I know that doesn't use any English in their lyrics and even in titles. I also read the lyrics are in the style of Heian era poetry. That makes them a lot harder to understand and I can't really remember song titles well, but I really respect them for it. And I think everyone in the industry also really admired them. Their music has a distinct sound of traditional rhythms woven into rock. In terms of instruments they also use koto fairly often. After all, Kagura means 'ancient Shinto music'.

To me they became a band that sort of defined this season. This Autumn I began taking calligraphy classes and became generally interested in Japanese traditional arts and culture. I guess I understood that for Japan the past and present are very tightly intervened and you can't understand the modern without the ancient. So to me it seems that I had to mature enough to like both Kagrra's music and traditional arts.

I'm kinda glad I got into them after all the drama. It would have been really hard to live through. I'm really scared that something may happen to one of my beloved artists since there are so many of them. I don't know much about them as people, but Isshi seemed like a really nice person. I wouldn't call him attractive, but he had this kind gentle aura about him. I do feel a little sad about how things turned out, but I don't see it as something tragic. Rather than that, somehow it's like the traditional Japanese tales where death is just an ending. Didn't they ask to consider their disbandment a demise? It almost seems like Isshi completed his mission and left soon after.

Kagrra, has left a beautiful legacy, created it's own world of music and colourful imagery painted with bright colours and as much as I don't want to sound corny, they already captured a small corner in my heart.

+Bonus: 楓弥

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Tora looooooool.... XDDD


Today I discovered there's actually Givuss fanfiction. Haha. It's always intriguing to think about 'how it all started...' Even though the band existed for only about a year, they say it felt like three years because there was so much to it. In short Givuss feels like a stepping stone for Alice Nine and it feels good to know the boys shared a whole band before, it adds so much background. So today that drove me to take another net expedition. Obviously the only good reason for checking it out is that my two boys were in it but having listened to them all in all I think they were a decent band. Although in terms of image most of the pictures are so funny and embarrassing I can't look without a smile. Shou looks perpetually dumbfounded and Tora... no comment.

At first I didn't like their music but because of that one promo video I really grew to like 僕は此処にいる and today I finally downloaded their albums and I think most songs are ok. In terms of singing I think sometimes Shou sounded a lot like Ruki, then again before Ruki used to sound like Kyo, these things take time.

It's interesting I found out they actually still have a site though the encoding is completely screwed so only Profiles page works. Back then Tora still used his surname although technically the kanji still has 4 readings. Also I loled at Shou's 58.9 kg. :lol:

One thing that drives me mad is the fact that everyone mistrancsribes their album's titles:
Their demo-tape 十人賭色 should be read as juunintoiro which is a play on 十人十色. Shou sure liked them yojijukugo.
花鳥風月 is tough. Technically it should be read as kachoufuugetsu while the track on the album is called Hana Tori Kaze Tsuki. But seems like even on official posters for some reason it's transcribed that way. At least they got the idea of 能音楽、無生命 right. Trust Shou to come up with such titles. :rolleyes:

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Why of all J-Rock I fall for some of the most obscure bands ever? :rolleyes: And they're not even indie-but-might-turn-famous obscure, they're ancient-demo-tape-only obscure. First Vienna and now Pride Of Mind. Actually I'm surprised I was able to find most of their stuff anyway. Anyway Pride Of Mind is really interesting, a strange mix of J-Rock and Synth-pop. They're a bit like Japanese Depeche Mode.

Ever since High School I enjoyed seeing people's dumbfounded faces when I told them what band I listened to, but now it's uncalled for.

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A Long Pointless Post about Alice Nine, Boys in Make-up and Other Things

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
This week I have a brief explosion of interest towards Alice Nine. Of course I've known about them for a long time and I listened to them now and then. They started out as Visual Kei, but after a while they grew out of it and developed their own style. Which is good - those weird costumes and doll-like make-up with vandalized eyebrows had to go. I really think they keep getting better and better at least in terms of style and videos. So anyway the other day I stumbled upon a VOB collection of their PV's (which I, mind you, already had in plenty) and it set off from there. Honestly in terms of music I think they are pretty average. Sure they have some really nice songs, but even compared to other popular bands like Gazette or MUCC I think they're not on the winning side. But what really won me over is their PV's. In just a couple of days I downloaded about 6 GB worth of them. PS knows how to make good videos, that's for sure, but there are tons of other bands who have great videos and I can care less. So here goes the secret: Shou. The man is simply gorgeous and it seems like he becomes even more so with age. He just indulges my aesthetic needs and actually makes it into my Top 5. With every PV comes a different image and they're all amazing (not including the early ones though. those doll-eyes were just creepy). And with the hairstylists and make-up artists and designers and all that magic a person transforms into some magical creature. That's one of the things I miss about J-Rock. Non-Asian guys hardly ever look good in heavy make-up, but for someone like Shou it seems more than natural.
Eyecandy and more rambling

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Miss A, K-Pop and other things

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

So I decided to check out this girl band, especially since Mr. Park himself complimented them. And I musy say I quite like them. Some of their songs are pretty good (in terms of K-Pop, of course), I really like their dancing and they're quite good-looking. Min is cool, Jia is.. interesting, Suzy is really cute, and Fei is just downright gorgeous. But what's more important I like them as a band. They have a really good atmosphere among them. They still have the freshness of rookies and the excitement and rawness only new bands have. I hope they make it big.

It's been 2 years since I liked a Korean band. It's not that I think they're all shit (though I'm inclined to think most of them are), it's more like I don't care enough to put any effort into it. JYJ keeps me occupied enough. I might try and learn at least a bit more since I miss watching MKMF and Golden Disk and Star Battle and all that. Not right now though.

Watching these girls made me realise something. Among other things, it's the first time that a though crossed my mind: maybe it would be better if they found themselves nice girls - pretty and smart and caring, someone I could like. It would break my heart, but at least I would know they could be happy. I do have that beautful OT3 fantasy, but I'm not sure whether I really want them to turn out gay. Indulging myself is one thing, but the reality of it is so harsh I would never want that for them. Guess that means I finally indeed matured.
And guess I have to give up that dream of polyandry. :shy2:

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Christophe Willem

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
It all started on a Sunday afternoon. I had nothing to do so I watched telly. It was TV5 Monde, some French Sunday talk-show. I watched lazily trying to pick up at least half of the conversation. And then all of a sudden there was a performance. That’s when I learned the true meaning of cognitive dissonance.
If you’re reading this you’d better watch THIS first:

Christophe’s something amazing. He came out as a winner of France’s Nouvelle Star, which is a singing show and became a star right away. It’s not just the voice, he released two albums so far and both are really good. I love both his dance tracks and ballads. Definitely best artist of the year so far.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Maria Mena – Her music is a bit too simple and there’s too much teenage angst for my liking. But considering she’s so young she may still have a long way. Even if not I’ll love her for Just Hold Me alone.

Tetra-fang – actually that’s just a band created solely for the purpose of making a soundtrack for Kamen Rider Kiva. But Seto Koji proved to be unexpectedly good. He’s one of those rare singers who sing live better. I only listen to a couple of songs.

Urban Trad – rediscovered. I finally found the last two albums I was missing and they are as good as the first two. This time there’s more variety and motives from all over Europe. Great as background music. I really like this band.

Sugizo - awhile back I downloaded his whole discography but never listened to it much. I think he’s a really good musician. He’s really into this spiritual stuff, but lately it suits me fine.

The most impressive artist I discovered though needs another post.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

Lately I really needed something new to listen, something unlike anything I normally listen to.
And I found what I needed.

It started when I was searching for info on certain band and ended up on a blog of some Emo girl. There was a song playing in the background and I couldn’t turn it off. But after it had played for the 3rd time I kinda got used to it. So I fished it out from my temporary internet files folder (so old school!). I still had no clue as to the title or the artist. But I have good skills in the area, so pretty soon I found out: Fraulein Wunder – SOS. That’s right - The German Wonder Girls. :D Except they’re an independent Rock-Pop band.

But it wasn’t until the song became the most frequently played song of the week, that I went and found the whole album. And it’s pretty good. Not mind-blowing, but good. Simple and raw. Besides though I’ve never really liked German and I don’t think I had even one song in it, I think these songs sound pretty. I hardly understand a word and it’s kinda relaxing.

Basically, I think these girls rock.

@музыка: Fraulein Wunder - Mein Herz ist Gift fur dich

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I never really had a favourite female artist. Sure there were some that I liked and respected, but they meant nothing compared to my male heroes. But now if I had to choose one it would be Anouk. Come to think of it, she's the first female artist I remember liking. Her Nobody's Wife came out when I was 11 and I loved it, but it was only a couple of years ago that I came across Together Alone and only months ago that I finally dowloaded all 7 albums. From ballads to powerful rock anthems... I love it all.

She's strong, talented, beautiful and a little bit crazy. Perfect. Powerful vocals full of soul, making my heart break a little each and every time. Currently nobody's wife, though a mother to three children. I'm so in love with that woman. I even forgive her those hideous golden front teeth she used to have back in the 90's. Her music always gives me strength when I'm down. She's my Dutch Rock Queen.


@музыка: Anouk - Our Own Love

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Big Bang

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

I'm quite into BB these days. What do you know?
The first time I actually saw them I thought they suck. Ugly and boring. But I changed my mind. No, they'd never replace DBSK, but slowly they made their way into my playlist and into my heart.
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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Uroboros made.

I'm quite proud of myself. I finally decided to sort my Deg videos, which inevitably turned into a major catching-up, as I didn't have most of them. I came to about 45 PVs. I never even knew they had so many. Not that I even need them all in the first place, I probably won't even watch half of them anyway. Why do it then? Well, it's partly due to my OCD and partly because it's a band that makes music that that deserves to be stored and kept.

Dir en grey is a band than never quite made it into my favourites and I wouldn't dare to call myself a fan. Not because I don't want to, but rather because I feel I don't deserve the status. My favourite bands are chosen on the basis of ideology rather than music. Deg are way too disturbing and as much as I like the music, I never really made much of an effort to study their lyrics and concepts. With some songs I prefer not to know what they're about and just enjoy the raw sound. But then again, Kyo said:
"Even Japanese fans might not understand what I write. I want everyone in the whole world to feel the music on the same level, so it doesn't matter if you don't understand Japanese. It's just being able to understand music as a whole."

It's a bit strange, the way I only listen to about 1/3 of their songs, but those I listen to I like immensely. I never doubted Kyo's amazing screaming/shrilling/howling skills, but it's just not my cup of poison. It's like distilling. Last time with Marrow Of a Bone only 3 songs were qualified as listenable (that is - those that don't make my ears bleed), but those 3 I instantly fell in love with and they dwell in my player ever since. When I heard that Uroboros shall be "a progression into "heavier and darker" sounds than prior albums" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry and I didn't expect much, but this time I came to 6 tracks out of 13.

I really like Glass Skin. Even though the original Japanese verson sounds sharper, the English lyrics are good and I actually think they fit the song better, even though Kyo sounds like he sings with a mouthful of stones) It always amazed me how Japenese manage to write decent lyrics in English when they can't even put two words together if they try to talk.

But my favourite has to be Toguro. When I heard it I understood the meaning of this review: vocalist Kyo sets emphasis on "non-screaming vocals," accentuating softer composition.

Kyo is a separate case. At first I referred to him no other than "Little monster", but over the years my attitude has changed drastically. I'm attracted to things and people I don't understand, so he both fascinates and freaks the hell out of me. But that's a whole different story altogether.

I kinda miss the old times of VK and I just watched one of these old VCR-recorded really awkward shows where they had full gear and make-up and stuff and they had to introduce themselves and tell what their favourite season was and it was so ridiculous and lovely, but VK in its original meaning is dead and true artists have to reinvent themselves. Deg has come a long way and I think they know exactly how it's done.

@музыка: Dir en Grey - Sa Bir

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Since I resorted to pop music I might as well listen to the best of it.

I discovered Utada Hikaru. Of course, it's not like I haven't heard of her before. It's hard not to. I quite liked her, had a few of her her songs, but it never really went further than that. Until recently that is. I'm charmed. For me she is an embodiment of Japanese spirit in female form, even though she grew up in America (thumbs up for good English:). I don't consider her beautiful, she's quite plain, but I like her so much more than Ayumi Hamasaki or Koda Kumi. She has a special kind of dignity about her and her image is sensual rather than sexual and at the same time she has a bit of a boyish appeal. She's Cindy Lauper to Ayumi's Madonna. Also her music, videos and general image remind me of Bjork, who I have tremendous respect for. She too has a distinct ethnic idientity and at the same time there's beauty in her music that is beyond language or race. She's amazing.

Keep Tryin' made my week. It's a great song for starting the day or getting ready or just walking to. It's amazing how such a simple song can give you strenght. And I totally love "You Make Me Want To Be A Man".

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The Diary of a Graphomaniac