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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

The past few months it felt like my feelings have shut down, but now it seems like they accumulated somewhere deep inside to break free last night. I haven't felt such a deep pain and frustration in a long time. Funny how both stated were caused by Tegoshi. I wasn't surprised that much but this is one of those moments that could become gamechangers, both for him and for the band. Maybe for the fandom too. I kind of hope all of the above.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
It’s October 17 and that means it’s been 3 years since I wrote my first NEWS-related post. Well, actually, Tegoshi-related post but it went from there. What I expected to be just a casual fling, turned into a deep romance. Fuck you, guys.

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24h TV

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo 2016.08.28 - 24hr TV 21 tribute to musical prodigy.mp4_snapshot_23.26_2016.10.08_22.05.37.jpg

Finally, 18 hours later I'm done watching 24h TV that took place on Aug 27-28. I could have just watched the NEWS parts since there weren't that many, really, but I wanted to have the complete experience. NEWS were the main personalities and I expected them to be the main hosts but they weren't, it was mostly Hatori-san and that cute girl. Guess the boys got used for their cute faces huh. I was a little disappointed but also a little relieved since there's fewer parts I have to cover. They also got to sing several songs and it was all good.

I was about to buy a box of kleenex for all the drama but in the end my emotions were very weak, I cried about 3-4 times and not even hard. I was hoping watching people with disabilities and severe illness would make me feel like my own problems are insignificant but alas no such thing happened. If anything, it only made me feel worse. About everything. The people in the show were all incredibly strong and amazing and they were supposed to give everyone courage but... Some of the stories were just tragic and unfair no matter how you looked at it. Like the 4-year old boy who was so full of life and charm and was more of a man in his very short life than many adults, the newscaster girl who died a year after achieving her dream or the genius young composer... Their fates were just cruel and if that's a part of a divine plan - fuck it.

Apart from that, I found some of the stories not as touching as they were supposed to be. Such as the one of parents celebrating 20th birthday of a girl who died years ago. I understand it's very hard to cope with such a loss, but it's not good pretending she is alive, you have to move on. There were several more stories that I had mixed feelings about. Tegoshi's project was... odd. But at least that was what the girl wanted. In Shige's case so much work went into the video and it was really amazing but it wasn't very clear if the girl really enjoyed it. I mean she probably did to some degree but it left a much bigger impression on everyone else. People were crying and I must be mean because I think the children born with severe impairments do not fully understand the scope of their disabilities and sometimes don't even know they are disabled and therefore do not understand why people pity them. It is mostly their parents who suffer. Anyway, some projects were nice and meaningful but others were pure tear-jerkers. Reminds me of that 7 Days project Koyama did in Amazon that was supposed to be all inspiring and sentimental but the children looked very unimpressed.

But if I had to pick one story I enjoyed, it would be of the swimmer girl, she is just so amazingly strong and lovable. I was also very touched by the family of a blind mother and a deaf father and their amazing kid. All in all, it was an interesting experience, I wanted to watch something so important to the Japanese audience. I am also glad the whole marathon went smoothly, I think NEWS were really good for the role. I mean maybe other bands did a great job too, but NEWS were probably a little more since because they were truly happy about this opportunity and didn't take it for granted.

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The new solos

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Overall, the solos were pretty good. Strictly in terms of NEWS solos tho. Very typical though. Like, guys, could you be any more predictable? But I liked them more than those from last tour so that's good enough.

Tegoshi's song sounded good from the first seconds. He was howling so arrogantly like "no matter how good your other solos are and how lame mine is, I'm gonna sound infinitely better". However, as the song unfurled and I heard the lyrics, it was just so fucking typical and incredible lame. How many heart-breaking love songs can one have? C'mon now. It reminds me of Ai Nante - I would like it if only I didn't know any Japanese. Sadly, I do.

Massu's was... "Oh, ok." That rapping was very unnecessary, in my opinion. Also much bad Engrish. As usual. It doesn't make much sense but then you don't expect it to because he's gonna show us some sexy moves and we won't give a fuck. It's very Massu and yet it sounds sufficiently different from the previous ones. Also so fucking catchy. Like wow how catchy. Also arrogant. “Shut up and watch me?” Rude. But amusing.

Shige’s solo is... nice. Overall, it sounds rather average, but the melody in the chorus is really pleasant. Also, as opposed to Tegoshi’s, the lyrics are beautiful. It’s hard to even compare Shige’s songs to others’ because even if they’re far from perfect, he fucking wrote them himself. He put a piece of his heart into them. Somewhat repititive compared to the last two, but still nice. Live performance highly anticipated.

Koyama’s... is bad. I’m sorry, but it’s just bad. To me all of his solos are bad to bearable. I love him but... yes.

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paana playground giveaway 12 [news 12th anniversary] - 2nd prize

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Bias: let's go with Shige
12 reasons I love NEWS:

- their looks. If you deny it, you're lying. They're ridiculously attractive and charming.
- their personalities. I never liked any other JE band or member but NEWS really captured my heart fast. They're all weird interesting people.
- they give me more reasons to smile, they entertain me and encourage me. They did not save my life but they really help me move forward and grow.
- their teamwork. I love the way they really function well together and compliment each other.
- the way they really put a lot of thought into their work, especially concerts and have a lot of control over their activities.
- their honesty, maybe even too much honesty sometimes.
- their approachability, they're very down-to-earth and easy to sympathize with.
- as an avid shipper, it would be hypocritical if I don't say I enjoy all the member ai. All pairings are lovable but one of them is really special to me and allowed me to write stories I always wanted to write.
- their fans are really nice and that says something about the band. The fandom is very warm and supportive.
- Massu's fashion style. He sometimes has the weirdest outfits and accessories but he somehow makes them work.
- Tegoshi's fluid gender and sexuality. I like interesting people, people with contradictions and he probably tops my list in the latter.
- Shige's integrity and courage to say the things he believes in and write books about important things even if it might impact his image as an idol.

Okay, that was oddly hard.

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The band I love

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo yuuko-chan and friends 7.gif

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sg_paanas massu birthday giveaway contest 2015 (2nd place)

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Massu has shown much courage lately, for example wearing full-length tights in public in 4vsX and challenging his fear of fish and worms in Ah Domo Hajimemashite Tabi. So the question is, what other new things would you like to see brave Massu try? It can be on TV or on other media like magazines, it can be something he has professed to be really scared of eg animals, it can be just something exciting eg some kind of new sport or activity, etc etc! Give us more details!

First of all, I want to say that Massu has done some really amazing things in 2014 and 2015. Thanks to Ippuku, he was able to have so many new amazing experiences. While all three of his segments were fun, I think Deshi ni Shite Kudasai was the most amazing one. I was ultimately impressed when Massu held a huge snake in the zoo. Then this year there was 4vsX and Ah Domo Hajimemashite Tabi. I admire him for challenging so many things and making such progress but in a way I also want him to go at his own pace without straining himself too much. This is why I don't really want him to go in that direction but do something different entirely. Instead of doing something he's bad at I'd like to see him do something he's actually good at.

I think one thing I'd like to see Massu try is giving makeovers. People, possibly other celebrities, would come to his show in their usual attires and he would give them a complete makeover, make them try a completely different style using his unique fashion sense. I think it would be really fun and unpredictable. Another idea I have is Massu managing a kids' festival. I just have this image that he could do such a great job coming up with the costumes and decorations. Plus Massu&kids=adorable. Another thing Massu loves is food so I think it would be natural if he did a food tasting one because Massu eating is healing somehow. Sports is another thing I'd love to see him do more. Massu has this cute and awkward image on TV so it would be good to see his cool side more often too.

The other NEWS members have all more or less found their niches and doing something only they can do so I'd really want Massu do have that too.

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paana playground giveaway 10 [happy birthday massu]

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Bias: Tegoshige

Design Discussion:
I love Massu's personal style, I think it's really unique and interesting but stage outfits are different. I have very mixed feelings about them. Some I like and some just baffle me. But the thing is I could never quite get this idol thing where stage outfits have to look like a Christmas tree.

If we talk about the tour, I think my favourite set was the Utsukon outfits, especially the white ones - they were very idol-like and yet somehow unique and more stylish than most Johnnys outfits. The 2013 tour set was more elaborate but not necessarily better in my opinion. I quite like the red set and the black and white ones inspired by ninjas apparently. The jacket with coloured balls in them were kind of odd but really memorable. The White tour costumes are my least liked, they're just too gaudy. Except the ones with the military jacket and plaid bottom. Those were great.

 photo 016a.jpg

Among the single outfits I also quite like the Mr. White ones, they're simple but cool. I kinda liked Kaguya ones until they added a lot of really redundant add-on on them like red boas on the shoulder. Guess you're not a Johnnys until you put some feather on it. ChumChum was a real disappointment costume-wise. I like Tegoshi's actually but not the rest and I think Massu's was the worst, really. It's like he just got informed there was an Indian-themed party in an hour and he put on whatever he found in his closet.

What I want to see more of:
Something a little more mature, I guess. A lot of the costumes are baggy and look very childish. Which is perfectly fine for Massu but looks odd on Koyama or Shige. I would also appreciate a bit more skin. I know Massu said they'll never wear Bambina outfits again but I can dream.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo Booklet_0007a.jpg

At this point I'm really not expecting much so my impressions are very much genuine. Well, except I kinda prepare myself that the new song may suck. Which it often does but if it doesn't I'm in for a nice surprise. I basically don't expect good things.

First of all, I think the single was a really messy and a half-assed production. It was announced just a month before the release, there was hardly any promotion and the PV didn't come out until after the actual release date.

The song is... lame. Basically, when I heard the very idea of Indian-themed song I was weary. Kaguya is one thing but this dubious cultural appropriation, as they like to say in the West... It doesn't even sound Indian, more like Arabic or something. I really dislike the "pseudo-Hindi actually inverted Japanese" lyrics in the beginning. However, the instrumental actually sound pretty nice so in the case the lyrics ruined it for me. The rest of the songs on the single are also pretty decent.

The costumes... are bad. So bad. Well, apart from Tegoshi's which is odd because Massu's the worst, really. It's like he just got informed there was an Indian-themed party in an hour and he put on whatever he found in his closet.

The PV was unexpectedly good. I mean as much as it could be. I really liked the color scheme and the angles. I think the general atmosphere was similar to Kaguya but more refined and smooth. Of course Tegoshi's slutty faces were the main highlight for me. Shige also looked really fab. Massu was too amusing trying to be all cool and then cracking into a baby smile in a second. I don't mind the female dancers but their outfits looked more Arabian Nights than India. Not to mention a very blonde Polish girl. The male extras were dressed fairly appropriately but in the end if I had to assign a national identity to this PV it would probably be Turkey. But talking about the PV itself it was a really good job.

 photo chumchum10.gif

The lives so far were a mess, especially the choreography but the Tegoshige tide is strong so I don't really care.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo You-re-Beautiful.jpg

I was quite into Korean drama You’re Beautiful. It was corny as hell but actually good. Now you may know there was a Japanese adaptation in 2011 but it was… not to upset and Kismai fans out there… disappointing. And yesterday somehow I thought how cool it would be if Massu played the cute drummer. Then, I continued, Koyama would make the perfect sensible and kind guitarist. Now Shige did a great job playing an asshole once so he could totally do the role of lead singer. But that’s just three… WAIT. The the crossdressing girl. It’s perfect. If only my inspiration wasn’t a bitch I’d write it so hard, man.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I have expanded my mind and now I no longer think the WHITE album is terrible. It's actually kinda fun. My consciousness has passed some great threshold, I can tell.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Ok, I just need to get this off my chest. I never really read the lyrics for all songs the sake of my own sanity. There are too many and I don’t really care or I don’t want to know. I mean I can tell some songs are dirty but I don’t want to examine them in depth. But like the other day I read lyrics to Bambina (someone to blame here) and I was like “No way. He did NOT.” And I’m still traumatized. And then there’s Chankapana which is a song I have a lot of issues with because I like to listen to it and it’s catchy in a good way but I can not for the life of me understand why the hell it’s dedicated to fans and some lyrics I only realized recently like “Wait. Did he just... OH.” The “he” being Tegoshi, of course.

What’s even more weird is how this is contrasting to them being embarrassed about the normalest things. Singing about fucking someone hard and then being all squirmish when your bandmate of 12 years holds your hand or even just from looking at him at close distance. Seriously? I will never ever get these guys, I swear.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
The tour is just 2 cities in but we have had kabe-dons, kata-dzuns, couple roleplay, butt touching, talking about Tegoshi's dick more than once as well as assorted hugs and hand-holding. Tegoshi is out of control. At this rate by the end of the tour he'll be humping the members.

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Mr. White short film or the review I might get hated for

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo Mr White.avi_snapshot_18.52_2015.03.04_01.53.19.jpg

When I first heard about the short film I was excited. I was even more excited when I learned that the idea belongs to Kato and the costume design belongs to Masuda. Shige's been talking about writing a scenario they all could play out years ago. However, I was surprised when I heard the general plot outline. I was expecting drama but it sounded like action/detective. I was even more surprised when I saw the previews. Rather than secret agents in slick suits I saw something akin to ghostbusters. As much as I love the boys, I think the whole thing was very random, too slow-paced and cheap-looking.

First of all, I really don't get the concept of saving children from the dark world of the internet. Though I'm not a fan of the genre to begin with I'd rather them fight criminals or even monsters. Secondly, in terms of pace the film was too slow. I think we all pretty much expected it to be an action-movie. However, what we got was more of a suspense with most of the footage being of our heroes sneaking through an empty school building which is not really all that exciting. I wonder if they even had any sсript at all because judging by the making they seemed to come up with most lines on the spot. There were maybe a dozen lines in the whole 20-minute film including the weak attempts at humour. It also appears like they shot most scenes from take one.

I was also very unimpressed with the CG and the black hooded villains. The gear and the net the captives were held in looked cheap. I'd say a lot of these problems were due to the tight budget. It's hard to tell how this looked in Shige's head but being the smart boy that he is he had to understand the difficulties they would inevitably run into. I suppose disliking the theme song didn't help either.

It's safe to say I enjoyed the making more than I did the actual film. In the end the only thing I liked is the costumes. Being completely honest, the only reason I bothered watching this was because the boys looked very handsome in uniform. Seriously, Shige, I am disappointed.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Ok, so it's the 25th now so I have to excuses left. Should I listen the the album or should I further delay the disappointment?

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
The album leaked 4 fucking days before release. Seriously, what the fuck? The release date exist for a reason. I don't know, it just feels so wrong and disrespectful t the artist. You got your hands on the album - fine but why can't you keep it to yourself? I pledge to myself to not touch either the album or the video footage unti offical release. There.

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All the Member Ai~

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I've been in this fandom for almost 1,5 year now and the member ai video was long overdue. As with most videos it was done in two big strides and in the end I had more material than I needed but I picked the parts that suited the song more and of course the ones I personally love. Also I'm really satisfied with the editing I've done. This is the first video I did in HD and I decided to bring all the footage to a common resolution and found the best possible quality vs size option. In other words, I am very satisfied with it.

Now that it's done my minimal fandom fanvideo quota is filled. I do hope to finish at least two more though.

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This makes me feel like an elitist bitch

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Other NEWS fans: The new song is awesome! I love it! So excited!
Me: Um, ok. I see. Well, it's not terrible. I mean. Could be worse. It'll grow on me. Probably.

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Christmas came early this year...

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

 photo kaguya1.gif
 photo kaguya2.gif

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
You are idiots. But you're my idiots.

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