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RIP Marvel Heroes

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

Been playing it for over 3 years, it was my second and most beloved MMORPG. I legit traded my beloved WinXP for 7 mostly to play it. Its demise feels premature but I guess all things come to an end. I really hoped the servers would last till Dec 31 as announced but come to think of it it wasn’t realistic. At least I got to try on all the costumes I always wanted and play another 10 days. It's sad leaving something you invested into. Sure, I wasn't one of the veterans and didn't do cosmic, knew nothing about builds and never even did a red raid. But I spent many hours playing it and it brought me into the world of Marvel even more, I got really attached to some characters. And then there's the cool community. I could stay in touch but I don't think I will, hardly there's another game that could compare to MH. But thinking in a affirmative way, all things come to an end and now I can clear up 20 GB of space on my HD as well as having more time for other
Goodbye, Laura

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Dragon Age: Origins

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

I try to keep away from RPGs because they’re so addictive but fail every time. This time I took on Dragon Age: Origins from a passionate recommendation.

I wasn’t really impressed. The graphics aren't great (though I belatedly realized I didn't use a bigger resolution), the controls are hard to figure out (nobody fucking told me about TAB dammit!), I don’t like the fighting system and the gore (why is there so much of it?) and that’s what makes most of any classic RPG game. However, after awhile I realized the character development is interesting enough to keep me through it. Well, there wa also this thing where everyone was telling my char "Woah, a mage AND and woman, that's so rare!" So yeah, there might have been a bit of a female pride there as well.

The crew is hella fun: a cute male sepai, a young bitchy witch, a former bard/thief/spy turned religious, a drunken dwarf, a bisexual elven assassin, a sassy golem, a war dog. At some point it got really engaging so it took less than 2 months to finish the game and the expansion.

Of course there's also the romance thing. I am not used to this in the games I played before. Skyrim and Drakensang have very little companion interaction and Torment gets you a written kiss if you work on it hard enough. But here it's full romance options, for both genders, even more so with some mods. *wink wink* In the end though I settled for Alistair, that stupid sensitive virgin who turned out to be the heir to the throne. And since I wasn’t noble he dumped me and honestly it sucked more that it should have. And you can't go back and hook up with Zev or Leliana if you rejected them.

As I got to Awakening I was disappointed to learn that only the drunken dwarf remains in your party, the rest are rather boring, hey the best tank is the undead dude. And I was determined to enjoy it, at first being above L25 I felt "I got this", and there was no more pressure but soon enough I began to miss my old crew, after all they were the best part. Also when his Majesty king Alistair came to check up on my keep it was like seeing your ex. Fuck this shit. Overall is was too easy, even the endgame, and all the tons of armor and weapons were almost irritating because nobody needs that much. The only fun I had was hacking the game to make my character look a bit older and tougher.

I probably won’t play again because of all the grinding needed to move forward but I kinda wish I could fast-forward and try out other options. I also did 2 small scenarios including Witch Hunt which is no more than a bridge to DA 2 but... nah, I don't think so. I really wish RPGs were more plot and character development and less fighting.

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Torment: Tides of Numenera

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo large_Torment3.jpg

First of all, there's two ways to judge the game: as an individual media or as a spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment. If you think of it as a separate game it has its merits as well as shortcomings but I'm sure it has its audience. If you judge it as the latter, however, it is a failure on nearly every level. When I discovered P:T I was charmed and shaken, I wanted, needed to learn more about the Planescape world, I downloaded the OST and read a ton of articles on it. But Ninth World left me thoroughly unimpressed.

The graphics are good overall. Not as good as the concept art but still good. But surely it's not the game's crucial feature. That would be the plot and the game world. The expectations were high. I could forgive many problems and bugs if the plot was good but alas I found it very disappointing. There was some intrigue at first and a hope that the puzzle will start to make sense after a while but as it progressed the disappointment grew. The Changing God wasn't the best character and after meeting him he just came off as an egomaniac douchebag, and not even a very smart one. The Sorrow seemed like a good antagonist but the ending scene when it talked rubbish completely ruined the effect. The Ending was very disappointing. The whole time I had a slightest hope everything will make sense in the end but it did not. The whole thing just felt so... pointless.

The extensive terminology was redundant. I understand some terms would be good to highlight a world's uniqueness but there's just too much of it and it's really unnecessary to replace normal concepts with obscure terms. Fettles? Nano? That is really trying too hard. The whole tidal concept was just so raw and pointless. Why would they bring so much focus to it if it had so little influence on the game and the ending? The meres and anamnesis seemed like a good idea to add flavour and volume to the game since I really loved the Sensorium in Planescape. However, it just didn't work for me. I can't really tell why exactly but only a few stories left a strong impression. Overall, the game's lore felt too heavy and forced. As if the creators got together, got high, wrote down all their thoughts and then just went from there jamming every quirky idea into the sсript without consolidating them.

The game's fights were somewhat complex and redundant. I collected a lot of cyphers and money most of which I never got to use. The armour and weapon choice was also rather poor but since the game was so short it didn't really matter much. And yes, the game is too short. And at this point I was glad about it but no matter how you look at it the number of locations just feels too little. Sagus Cliffs was quite interesting but after that you get a few sloppy locations and then it's just the Bloom. The teaser art showed a number of unique locations such as Oasis city, Ossiphagan and a dozen locations on the world map but apparently they only appear in the novellas or meres.

When I first learned of the project I thought it was a great idea and the crowdfunding would let the true creativity flow. But the end product was nothing like what I imagined from the released teasers and nothing like P:T. If anything, the game mechanic feels more like Fallout than P:T. Not to mention the fact that the game has been delayed for over 2 years and still the original release was raw and buggy.

In the end: if I knew what I was in for I wouldn't do it. Not because the game is so bad, but because unlike P:T it wasn't worth it for me. For a couple of good thoughtful ideas I got a pack of disturbing images.

I got to play it for free so I don't have the right to bitch but if I did pay for it expecting another P:T I would be very pissed off.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo purple_1.jpg

I started Torment: Tides of Numenera about a week ago. My mental state has been very shaky lately and I was going to wait some more but in the end one night nothing worked so I did this. It's not as good as I hoped for but still pretty good. The graphics don't feel that much different from 1999 but the thing is heavy. Anyway, this is now a solid part of my days. Sometimes I fear it makes me even more distressed but a part of me believes - hopes - it might stir something, help me find something inside, something that would let me find control. It might seem foolish but at this point I feel like it's as good a try as any.

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Skyrim, bye

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo ScreenShot597.jpg

It's been more than 1,5 years since I started playing Skyrim, longer than I have played any single game. Some months I didn't feel like playing, others I couldn't but I knew I will end this journey. I don't really like it when games don't have an end, it kills the sense of purpose. But I wanted it to have one so I put off the main quest until I did every other thing I wanted to do. So now that it's over, I have no regrets to delete the game and move on. Of course, it's hard when you invest so much into it. All of my 5 houses, all the stuff I collected, the ton of alchemy ingredients and dozens of potions I never used. But I have to move on. Life goes on.

I know I haven't experience a lot of what Skyrim has to offer, even the 3 EPs that are available not to mention the hundreds of mods available. But I don't regret it. If I tried to do that at once, I might not be able to leave it alone now. Maybe one day a few years from now I might but I suspect by that time there will be other games I'd want to try, we shall see. For now I'll stash my 400 screens and say Goodbye to Skyrim.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I can't believe I've been gearing Emma for 2 years, did every damn upgrade and she still can't pass then this iron jerk with adamantium-laces bullies comes and bounces his way though the Cosmic Gate. I am so mad.

 photo ultron.jpg

In other news, I'm playing Sims 3 again and KW was fucking up my game big time so in the end I decided to try Passion and it's good. Still getting used to it but it's simple and functional and very effective.

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Sid Meier's Civilization - Beyond Earth: Rising Tide

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

 photo beyond earth.jpg

I just achieved a second victory in Sid Meier's Civilization - Beyond Earth which is really just a remake of Sid Meyer's Alpha Centauri. I don't know they renamed it, the game borrows all of AC's features including quotes and local fauna. The science has been reconstructed completely but it's now confusing as fuck. The social engineering has been replaced by something called 'virtues' which doesn't make any sense. The display is also a lot less convenient.

Of course, the improved graphics are nice and things such as explorations add fun to the game, but thinking of all the stuff that could be improved in the 15 years since AC, Id' say it's a failure. More than anything, it lacks the strong spirit of Alpha Centauri. The quotes are poor and rather boring, the leader profiles are somewhat primitive and the voice of the Russian guy is cringe-worthy. There's no achievement pyramid, no planetary council, no video after completing projects and of course no brilliant fiction. While some of the quests are good, the building ones are just plain annoying. The final videos is a good idea except they are lame and disappointing. The intro video, on the contrary, was very HQ but didn't make any goddamn sense. My second victory was by contact and basically, nothing happened. Oh, and I miss that digital voice... All in all, it feels like they copied the mechanics of the game but left out the things that made it a complete experience. Why couldn't they just make a visual update of AC like they did with Colonization instead of ruining the game? Then again maybe most gamers won't give a fuck.

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Skyrim overhaul

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
When I decided to play Skyrim I got myself the smallest pack I could find with an outdated patch. I knew of extensive modding of course but I though at first I need to learn the game as it is. However, I had a feeling at some point I might delve into the dangerous world of moding and so it happened. Now I'm level 21 and learned the ropes, I decided it was time to go check out what the world has to offer. Of course I instantly came across some great gameplay mods but it turned out most mods are for new patches and I decided not to go there. Instead, I went into texture and armour sections. Textures are mostly harmless so I got a few prettifying packs for girls and boys. At first, it seemed weird how glamorous the girls looked, their skin all smooth but I decided to keep it, after all all the women of Skyrim look like they're 35 at the very least. The guys look good tho, no issue. Then, I really wanted to get some clothing because the game is really lacking in there but for that I first had to get a body mesh which I did. In the end, I got not a single new dress and just one armour. Though there's a lot of sexy clothing available, most of it is awfully skanky so for me there wasn't much choice, really.

At any rate, for now here's what Alana and Lydia look like:

 photo ScreenShot89.jpg

That is Seraphine armour which, what do you know, happens to be better defense that elven armour I had before.
So far I did have one crash at one point but hopefully it won't be persistent.

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Skyrim and other timewasters

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
So I'm officially in the Skyrim club although just barely. It was a long time coming but it feels natural. But before I talk about that, a few words of how it came to it.

I've been having this RPG itch for awhile now. I didn't give in to it though telling myself I've got Marvel Heroes but that is actually a very different thing, both in genre and the gameplay. So in the end a few days back I did a power move and deleted Sims to make the space for the game. Now the options are quite limited for good RPGs with pretty graphics and a character customization but I got a few in my cart. First of all I went for Pillars of Eternity. It was at #2 funded game on Kickstarter, had good reviews and it was brand new so I expected good things. What I got instead was average graphics, weird plot and too much gore (which is saying something considering it's a pretty old-school distanced RPG). It had a bit of Torment: Planescape feeling but the plot just wasn't worth it.

Then there was another one which seemed alright but the graphics turned out to be very disappointing. Got rid of it. That's when I got back to Skyrim. It wasn't that easy though, first I somehow manged to download the xbox version.

 photo ScreenShot10.jpg

Currently Level 10 and I have so much to say about the game, good and bad. I've heard so much about it that I had high expectations but screens don't give you a real idea of the game.

The graphics are good, I'll give it that but I have many issues with the gameplay. With Drakensang everything was obvious and intuitive but here I had to actually google the simplest things. Took me quite some time just to figure out how to open and close inventory and such. I just don't get the lack of character screen, gearing is simply annoying. Same goes for skills as you can't really see the full picture. The leveling seems kinda primitive though I do like that you level a skill by using it, that makes a lot of sense.

The battles are difficult. You can't pause and gather your wits and there's no automatic battle mode. While the real-time effect is sort of refreshing it all happens so fast and I get really confused just figuring out where the enemy is a lot of the time. The companion system is also simplistic as fuck. You can't even talk to them and you can't give them direct orders during battle, they just copy your moves most of the time. I do like like the absence of classes though so you can master any skill you like without penalty. On top of that, it's not just bout the biggest weapon or the heaviest armour like in most RPG games, the heavy weapons and armour slow you down a lot so you really need to think which you gonna choose. Also I like the challenge of battles where with strong enemies you really need to figure out a strategy and use combination of shouts, magic and weapons to win.

I like the plot so far (who doesn't like dragons) though all the references like names and places are hard to take in at once. I like the interactiveness of the game, how the characters are very sensitive to their surroundings.

Despite the rather bleak imagery, I don't get too freaked out. Well, I do but it's tolerable. I have already successfully cleared a rather nasty dungeon with ghouls and traps so I should be good. But we shall see, definitely not 100% clearing guaranteed.

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And the 300 Days Login Reward...

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo moonknight.jpg

...a new baby boy. Was that too creepy? Um, ok. Either way, it's Moon Knight and I'm very satisfied.

In other news...
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She-hulk SMASH!

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I've been looking forward to her for quite awhile now and I had no hesitation in getting her but now that I did I don't feel much joy. I guess this game is getting old after all. Or maybe just prestigeing X-23 was too tedious. I better take a break anyway.

 photo she-hulk2.jpg

She's skantilly dressed but at least still doesn't look skanky like Rogue here.

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The Photo-Op

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
The only party I attended this year. International Women's Day Photo-Shoot at Marvel Heroes. There was one earlier with all the heroes so far and I liked the idea so I jumped at the chance when I saw this one. We managed to get all the girls including team-ups. It's a nice picture. Too bad there wasn't a cue so we could pose in time. Oh, well. After all, Sue is not a show-off.

 photo 2015_03_08_00054.jpg

The Thread:

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Emma and the Guys

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I was quite dissatisfied with the 200 days login reward Team-up Wolverine. I just put him together with the main Wolverine who I also did not really want. They weren't a great team and the junior would always run out and get himself killed within minutes. But last night I got this brilliant idea that he should be with Emma. She already has Scotty so it made sense to have another guy on the team. Then I also charmed one maggia guy and now she has a fab entourage of suitors.

 photo guys.jpg

They don't just look great, they work well too. The three of them do a good job of dealing with small team of enemies even if Emma just stands there and does nothing. Now that's a fine escort.

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Sue Storm

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
If there's one thing that's girly about me it's choosing heroes in MH2015. I got 400 splinters today and even though I was thinking of getting Iceman that's due in about 2 weeks I saw him and he looked really ugly. Besides, I really got tired of leveling Bobby and Wolverine which I didn't even want. So I went to see my options. I was planning on getting both Jean and Sue Storm eventually but I kinda hate Jean's outfit. So... hello, Susan!

 photo susan.jpg

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Marvel Heroes Update

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I've been playing quite a lot recently. I have to say it really makes a big difference when you have regular updates. While the events are kind of lame and I don't really want 90% of the rewards offered it is cool to have a new hero released every month or so. Anyway, the recent developments:

Sort finally reached lvl 60! However, it turns out the terminals for lvl 60 are badass as hell. Well, I guess it makes sense since it's the level cap.

 photo 60.jpg


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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I'm actually playing King's Bounty again. Well, the one that is Dark Side. It doesn't make sense since I dropped Heroes VI and it's not much different but I do like King's Bounty better in several ways and also playing as a Demoness appeals to me a lot right now. Except her outfit. And the demoness animations. I love the game but this bullshit sexist design pisses me off so much.

 photo screen_141018_001.jpg

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Marvel Heroes: Rogue

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
It's been 3,5 months since I got Emma and all of my girls are now lvl 45-50. So I was nearing 400 eternity splinters I thought who I should get next. I was contemplating on getting a guy but somehow noone caught my attention so in the end I was going to get Jean Grey. However, just then the announcement of Rogue came and when I heard about her being able to steal powers I decided it's better to wait, stock on those splinters and get her instead. I'm not disappointed.

That's some booty you got there, sister. Don't like her voiceover but her powers are pretty damn cool and I'm only at lvl 17 now.

 photo rogue1.jpg

I had to make a brief overview of what I have so far. GEEK FLAILING

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Neverwinter Nights 2 or Bleak Boring Shit 3

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
After Drakensang I've been craving for a good RPG. However, I guess quality RPG games are expensive to make and there aren't many companies who do that. Basically, there aren't many to choose from. Moreover, even out of those you can get most have a male lead hero. And then of course is the creep factor. I tried Fable 3, I think and I barely played for 5 minutes before I flushed it. Then I tried Elder Scrolls IV and the graphics were bearable but it started with prisons and basements and ghouls and I tried to make it out of there at least but I freaked out and decided it wasn't worth it. Anyway, I tried Neverwinter Nights 2 - another supposedly classic but it reminded me of Baldur's Gate - incredibly overrated and basically boring. The beginning wasn't too bad. I told myself it might get better and I should give it a chance. I kind of liked the battle mage thing and I kind of got into it but the truth was the graphics were below average, bleak and boring, the gameplay was annoying and the plot was very average. I actually struggled through it trying to find fun in finding cool clothes or making a spirit wolf Shige and little things like that but halfway though I got seriously bored. In addition it was increasingly bleak. In the end I decided it's not worth it so here I am dropping yet another RPG which I hate but that's rational.

 photo NWN2_SS_040814_023417.jpg photo shige.jpg

Not going to do full rating since I haven't cleared it but I'd give it a 14. Now that I uninstalled it I got 11 extra GB on my HD yet it's still not enough to get Sims back. I'll have to think about it.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo Emma.jpg

Emma! Fucking finally! :tear:

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo doom.jpg

I beat Dr. Doom last night. And it was the hardest fucker to beat so far. But they made the rules so that now you can't take on bosses alone even if you want to. So I usually end up with random guys. Last night it was me and the Iron Man dude but I think I did most of the work. I got all stressed out but I finished it after all. And of course as soon as if was over the Iron Man dude took the booty and ran off. No courtesy these days.

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The Diary of a Graphomaniac