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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
My first Barbie doll, I got her at about 10 I think. Those were expensive at the time and we didn't really have money. She was a Sun Jewel 1993 Barbie and was the cheapest one at 10$. I didn't like her though. I hated the pink swimsuit and the blond hair and the dumb look on her face. I didn't like her as much as I liked Diane, my older doll but she was brand new. Contrary to what one might expect, I never played carefully. My sister barely touched her sirer Barbie but I felt like if you don't play with it, what's the point? So she went through a lot of things, including an unsuccesful hair dye. I think I wanted to make her Esmeralda or something. In the end, when my playtime was over she was left with ugly grey hair and damaged make-up.

After that I haven't seen her for years but at some point I found her and tried to redo her make-up which only made her look worse. She spent more years in the deep of the closet until recently. Something made me dig her out and give her a final makeover. I removed the remains of the previous makeover and repainted her face once again carefully. More importantly, I dyed her hair blue. I took a week trying various ways finally setting for a sharpie. It wasn't neat at all the colour is kinda uneven but that's fine. That's ok. I also gave her one of the new dresses. I was gonna give her the purple one but turns out it's way too small for her. Funny how they made new "curvy" Barbies but also made the normal ones thinner. Anyway, I like how she looks now. She looks edgy kind of and more adult. Be well, Barbara.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
My Christmas present finally came. I wasn't even as excited as I should have been because ma girl had to pay a double fee and resend it and fuck my mail service and I felt my soul seeping out of me for 20 minutes I spent at the post office but... It's here. And it's perfect. Better that I could ever imagine. Probably best thing that happened this year so far.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo IMG_2053.jpg

A few days to get my package across the globe, nearly 2 weeks to get it my my post office and another 5 weeks to fucking inform me...

Well, doesn't matter now, she's here. She's home.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Got a postcard and the photobook from Ann. I never got anything from Australia before. They're both really pretty too. I feel so loved~ :heart:

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I got a case of dokis...

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo IMG_7551.jpg

The letter finally arrived ;; Not only is this the cutest letter I ever got, it's also the most touching one. ;; Full swing, it's full swing..... T_T

Also, I am now the proud owner of a Tegoshige set. My pretty babies ;;

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
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Finally got my LE B from the post office. Kaguya collection=complete. Never could imagine it but I'm so glad. All thanks to human kindness and a little to my writing skills.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Bit of a tough day. Waking up from a particularly cruel dream. Going downstairs. Finally it arrived. Calling internet people, browsing job site, trying to deal with DASH, not enough time, going to pay the bills, getting my parcel, going to that other store...

 photo IMG_5944.jpg

Open the parcel. Feel like crying. Charlotte is an angel. She has to be.

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Saga~ saga~

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I got an amazing parcel today. It was more than a present, it was more of a confirmation that there are some really kind people out there and that what I do is not pointless. I got a note yesterday but I was too tired to go to pick it up and also I know that often the expectation of something nice is better than actually seeing it happen. This happiness is so short. I cling to it desperately, but it slips away.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
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The last week has been terrible but finally something good happened today. Thank you, Shy. I really needed that.

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My Tegomass arrived...

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo IMG_4082.jpg

My 5th official win, 4th letter this year. They were all very special but I was especially anxious about this one. It came unexpectedly yesterday along with a hand-written card from Shy. Thank God for small pleasures.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo IMG_2291.jpg

 photo IMG_2295.jpg

Finally got my package today. It took so long I began to think it might never come. But ugh, I’m never stepping outside again ever. It’s a 5 minute walk to the post office and I thought I was gonna die.

But hey, the pictures are all so pretty~♥ Also the bonus bag from JE is precious. I’m gonna enjoy myself and have fun fun fun!

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
The letter from Singapore came in just about 5-6 days. I got it yesterday. It made me kind of happy, the envelope felt almost warm from all the feelings.

 photo IMG_0644.jpg

The card it tiny, like this. But I don't really mind, it's kind of cute. It means so much right now.

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Wink Up 2014.01

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
When I knew Shige was going to be on the cover I thought that this would probably be it. You don't get Shige on the cover often, even less a cute Shige. It's funny how a year ago I had given away the January 2012 issue of Wink Up and now I requested another one. Well, that's what makes life fun: you never know.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Today I finally met with my friend who works in Japan. It was a lovely evening....

I tried natto...

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I also retrieved this from the depth of my desk.

 photo IMG_8087.jpg


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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo IMG_5738.jpg

Finally got my RR~♥

It's a great issue. I'm actually quite dissatisfied with Shou's part. They could do so much better. And no pictures of feet( Never mind me. But I really love Reno's and Masato's photoshoots. The magazine itself it quite small, smaller than I imagined. It's almost book sized but I actually like that. The paper quality is no good though. The interviews are pretty big so they scare me. I don't think I'm ready for that size yet. But just holding it and reading random sentences is cool.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I was having a bad day but today I finally picked the parcel and this is what I found...

 photo IMG_4253.jpg photo IMG_4255.jpg

Aren't these guys the sweetest? They bring back my trust in Russian fandoms. Now I know my desperate efforts were not in vain either.
Also now Gacchan has fine company~

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
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Little Treasures

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...



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Hello, Baby!

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

Now you're all miiiiine :heart:_____:heart:


Ok, now I feel obliged to translate this one at least.

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