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Farewell, Alice9 Channel!

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
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I've watched this show since June 2011, it was one of the things that made me join the fandom and I've grown really attached to it. But lately it's become pretty boring and all things come to an end so I think it was a good time to go. 5 years is a long time. They sound really happy and confident so I'm sure they know what they're doing.
So long, guys! See you again!

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
For the first time in 2 years I missed an Alice9 Channel. I never missed it even if it was at 7 am. And today I missed it not because I was busy or I forgot even though I didn’t look forward to it. I missed it because I didn't care. It used to be the only constant source of joy in my pathetic life and now it's gone, just like that. And here I thought my life couldn't get any emptier.

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Alice9 Channel 2013.07.16 - Shou's quest to get his true love

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
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All in all I really loved the show. Actually I thought that most shows in 2013 were kinda boring or sadistic but I really enjoyed this one, maybe even the most out of all 2013. It was dynamic, funny and the guys really enjoyed themselves. The staff did say that they like Shou very much ♥ so they basically let him do all challenges until he makes it while Tora and Nao cheered for him and helped him. And he even got his precious Vita.


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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Today I watched Alice9 Channel from December 2009 - the only one I was missing. The quality of the recording is terrible and it lags like hell but now I can say I have officially watched every episode there was. And according to my calculations there were 55 of them. Whee.

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A9 Channel 2013.05.17

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
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Yesterday's show gave me some really conflicting feelings.

First of all: nico nico staff are real monsters. How could they hurt such a sweet kid? It’s like kicking a puppy! Once I get to Japan I'm gonna buy a huge fish, a huge daikon, hunt them down and make them regret it.


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OTP OTPing...

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I can't with this band...

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A9 Channel 2013.04.05

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
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Today’s show was all talk and the topics were hard, I only got about 30% of it. BUT it was such an eyecandy~ Ne, Shou? I was hoping they'd talk about some juicy episodes but it was too normal. Tora talking about carbonated drinks and stuff...

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Projective Personality Test

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Finally watched the latest episode of the Super Alice9 Channel. Somehow I expected it to be funnier. Actually the thing I laughed at the most apart from the obvious parts was the fact that Hiroto managed to make a really weird mistake in the word “kirei”. Twice. )) Oh well.

Isn't Tora sweet though? ♥ He looked so serious while drawing, I found that endearing. Also how he got so embarrassed towards the end. He tried not to let it show but it was sweet.

But there's something more to it that I wanted to explore further. I always like looking at people's drawings, often they say more than words. Actually there are really a lot of personality tests based on drawings - Projective Personality Tests. Draw a Person tests were the second most popular psychological tests in the sixties. It is now the eighth most popular test and usually applied to children. I'm pretty sure all those tests at the show were fake BUT there's something to be learned from the drawings they made, especially the first one.

I decided to take it upon myself and analyze Tora's drawing. I used the DRAW-A PERSON-TEST (Machover, 1949) for assessment. There are many similar tests and I won't go into too much detail, I'll just use the most basic principles.

 photo SA9-March292013avi_snapshot_003716_20130331_193834.jpg photo SA9-March292013avi_snapshot_003721_20130331_193857.jpg

Let's start.

1. An image's position

- A lot of blank space indicates that the person needs a lot of personal space.

- High position indicates positive self-image, optimism and confidence.

- Alignment to the left indicates introversion and insight.

- Size indicates a person's ego

2. Body

- A larger head indicates a wish to be wise, sensible.

- normal legs indicate confidence, sense of stability.

- developed arms indicate good social activity

3. Male and Female

A person of the other sex is the projection of impression, opinion about opposite-sex person.

- Both male and female figures are about the same size and in general look very similar. This indicates that the person sees men and women as equals.

Seems pretty legit, doesn't it?)

Reference Source:

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Lately it feels like Alice9 Chanel has become a single constant in my life I laways look forward to. Since I began watching it live in June 2011 I think I haven't missed a single free broadcast.

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Tora the tsundere ikemen

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...



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Mummy Shou

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Mummy Shou makes my day better... :heart:

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

Finally learned making gifs with Photoshop. Spent hours on it, made this lovely gif, then tried to resize it for tumblr but it doesn't work, it's the right size and not that bright, I just don't get it... Ugh. What's worse, when I tried to upload to Photobucket but it resized my gif to an ugly state... :weep2: Then I remembered there seemed to be a 2 MB limit....

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Alice9 Channel 2012.11.23

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...




#Shou!porn #glasses!porn #hand!porn #apple!porn #everything!porn



PS: I hate you, Mr. horse. That precious little butt is not meant to be hit. It’s meant to be loved and cherished and… I hope someone will kiss it better later.

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Alice9 Channel 2012.10.26

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
The Madness Continues...


I was almost sort of glad that Shou wasn't on this Shou. I had too many impressions of him lately, it's better to use smaller doses. Plus I wouldn't want him to get hurt and some thing in this show were outright sadistic. I was glad about Saga too. At first my favourite line-up consisted of Tora, Shou and Hiroto, but even though I love Hiroto more than, say, Nao, the boy is just not funny. He's the most normal of the bunch.

Anyway, today's show was basically funny. I laughed a lot. Especially the second half of it.


:right: Tora looks fucking hot! Love the new hair and the outfit) :inlove:
:right: He also had a sore throat which only made him sound even hotter than usual, the bastard! :rolleyes:
:right: Saga is such a crazy bastard, but I kind of love him. :alles:
:right: The sit-ups! I was, like, "Woah! Someone's been working out. :eyebrow:
:right: Lol at Nao's shirt!))
:right: Thumbs up for SagaxNao!

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Come on, Alice9 Channel, make my fucking life complete for an hour!

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...


I can't help it, really. I try to do damage control and get used to the thought that this won't last, but every time they make me fall head over heel in love with them, over and over again.

This whole story about Tora defending Shou and saying such a thing and Shou getting all flustered over it, it seems like something coming out of a fic almost.

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It's been nearly 2 months dammit...

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...


The show was awesome. Like, there wasn't anything outstanding about it and not everyone was present and it was mostly just talking but such priceless talks. Times like these I’m, really glad I know some Japanese even though still not good enough to understand everything.

And of course so awesome that that Shou was there, so many priceless shipper moments I can't even... The talk of how they met, Shou's talking about Tora's sleeping habits and especially that time Hiroto revealed what Tora said about Shou while being drunk and Shou got SOOOO embarrassed about it it was amazingly cute.

Also could not take my eyes off Shou. The hair looks so neat and it's an eternal mystery of the universe how he can be so derp and so graceful at the same time. :inlove:

Also the part where Hiroto turns to Shou like "So it was that time when I wasn't in the band yet?" and the look on his face was like he was saying "Mommy, so it was before I was born?" XDDDDDDDDDDD I know I'm weird.

Ok, either I'm being delusional or Hiroto ships ToraxShou. Well, at least really enjoys getting them embarrassed. I mean that drunken story didn't have anything to do with...anything.

And Tora's "I love you" in the end. I'd never think an artist could say that without sounding lame. Well, that's why I love him.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I had work today and I still have some but I shall continue tomorrow since I'm too tired to function properly. And surely not much strength left for spazzing for today's show. Actually I was a bit disappointed, I expected it to be more fun. I'll write more about it later. BUT I shall post this. Because epic moment is epic.


Nao is gonna get it so hard next time. I already pity him. :-D

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Alice9 Channel, May 2012

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Today I was severely disturbed by my sister so I missed a good part of the beginning but it was really awesome! Even though the Devil King wasn't here today. Hiroto cut his hair and looks really young again. Seriously I can'y believe this man is 27. Even less realize that he's just about 3 years younger than Tora.


Tora was hot as always although looking tired. Nao was funny and Hiroto was cute beyond belief. Also liking the new background. Looks like the boys were promoted to a new level since now apparently the jungle one is being used by YFC. The whole show consisted of bullying Hiroto but he's so precious, he took it all with a smile. The main highlight was probably the call form his brother)


:right: Tora talked about the Chokaigi quite a bit. Someone wrote a letter about it and even specifically mentioned Shou's underwear XDD Tora also talked about them co-hosting but I was severely distracted at that point so I'll need to re-watch to catch it.

:right: Poor bb Hiroto! Birthdays are hard. But he was so utterly adorable. :heart:

:right: How could they do that to the bb? The splits and that electric massager thingie... you meanies you! :nunu:

:right: Lol at Nao freaking out just looking at Hiroto touching stuff in the box.

:right: I loled when Tora asked Hiroto "how does it feel?" during the What's In the Box? segment an Hiroto said "feels good!" I'm not dirty-minded, it was a phallic bumpy fruit, ok? XD

:right: Want to embarrass someone - invite their relatives! They talked to Hiroto's oniisan for about 10 minutes. But it was really interesting. I could understand most of it too. I was surprised that the things that his brother said did not coincide with the image I got form his own words. Seems like he wasn't all that open and sociable before joining a band.

All in all I think in the end these 9 challenges really did bring out the best in Hiroto. I really adore him even more after this show. :heart:

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Alice9 Channel, April 2012

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
My cheeks hurt and it can only mean today was another broadcast of the Alice9 Channel.



:right: A9 Channel is tuning into some cosplay game.

:right: As expected Tora looks crazy hot in uniform.

:right: Looks like Shou officially became the demon. But really, rock paper scissors is one thing, but this... This was kinda scary. He didn't even spare Tora.

:right: Shou was really upset about his hair. He even "had it make specially by the hair&make-up guy" It was so cute how he didn't know where to put the cap and then there were the stupid hats so no wonder he got so violent XDD

:right: Saga really wants to meet Reno. I wonder what's that about. But come to think of it the two of them do have some things in common.


I don't know if I'm gonna survive next weekend. I read the Visual Kei Battle Royale will go from 10 to 18! O_o Two whole days! And the hosts will be my awesome OTP. The Royal Battle indeed. :D

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