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2015.10.29 JYJ at 2015 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
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I was looking forward to seeing them together but this was not what I expected. They look fine, that is good, but they don’t seem to be even the slightest bit excited. I don’t even care about the performance, I just want to see them smile. Jae looked so sad in all the pictures and it bothers me. I might be dramatizing but watching them for so many years I really feel like the shit they’ve been through has taken a part of their souls, they’ve come such a long way from the naive pure kids I fell in love with.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
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I've been contemplating whether I should watch it for awhile now but then since there will hardly be another one in the next 2-3 years I thought I might as well. It's not like I can get any more disappointed than I already am. Or can I?

Unsurprisingly, I have very very mixed feelings about it. The first hour was overall fairly good. A couple of new songs which I never heard before since I ignored their last album, actually turned out to be good, Yoochun surprisingly hasn't lost all of his voice and the whole production was fairly well. Of course, it was half-solos but that was expected by now. Junsu was fucking amazing as usual and I was just enjoying Yoochun's old sleaze look when "I love you" happened and killed by mood flat. Seriously, I will never get over it, it's the most disappointing live performance I've ever seen. Yoochun though looked so uninterested in the whole thing like he couldn't care less if the dancers were naked. I don't know, maybe it's just me but he just really doesn't look like he's enjoying it anymore. He used to be so passionate about music, so pure and emotional. If just feels like a part of him died with TVXQ.

Other points:

- Jaejoong's still trying to pull his skinny 70's rocker look. Those stupid leather pants, that golden microphone. Baby, you're not supposed to do it after 27, it's faux pas. On the good side, yay for sparkly armpits!

- Junus's stylist is doing a God's work, honestly. His outfits are so good.

- Yoochun during the jumping part looked like Dad trying to do aerobics.

- I still think k-pop is basically superior to j-pop in most ways including choreography, outfits and overall style but there's one thing that totally ruins it for me - vulgarity.

Overall, they sounded a lot better than I expected and the setlist was pretty good but still, it feels like this band is as good as over. Even though they're all very close and that's hardly going to change, on stage there's no harmony between them. If I were to say it now: I love Junsu, Jae and Yoochun but I don't love JYJ.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Finally watched The Secret Session. Most of it was the recording process and honestly I didn’t want to hear that song once let alone a hundred times. It was almost painful to see them pour so much effort into something so worthless. They have awesome voices, could be singing great R'N'B but instead this lame shit. But it was nice to see the boys. I kinda missed them. You’re attractive idiots, you. Yoochun waking up sleeping boys was my favourite part. It was so loving and gentle. I miss the Korean skinship. I don't really follow them lately but 2 years will feel long.

 photo DVDJYJ_3V3_SECRET_SESSION1mp4_snapshot_1435_20141008_151912.jpg photo DVDJYJ_3V3_SECRET_SESSION1mp4_snapshot_2234_20141008_151300.jpg photo DVDJYJ_3V3_SECRET_SESSION1mp4_snapshot_3609_20141008_152757.jpg photo DVDJYJ_3V3_SECRET_SESSION1mp4_snapshot_3523_20141008_152610.jpg photo DVDJYJ_3V3_SECRET_SESSION1mp4_snapshot_4351_20141008_153804.jpg photo DVDJYJ_3V3_SECRET_SESSION2mp4_snapshot_4040_20141008_160926.jpg

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JYJ Concert in Tokyo Dome 2013 - A Very Mean Review

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
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As much as NEWS' 10ve Anniversary was joyful as much was this one lame. I have already been pretty much disappointed in JYJ by now but this DVD left me with an indescribable feeling of dread. I would go so far as to say this disappointment might be bigger than that of the Great TVXQ Demise. I just felt annoyed most of the time, other times I was simply bored. And sometimes I was almost angry. Though I left the fandom 3 years ago as a fan with a 7 year experience I honestly felt betrayed. I also finally realized this whole JYJ thing simply isn't working.

I thought that The Unforgettable concert was the ultimate low but I was wrong. For one, this concert can hardly be even called a JYJ concert as JYJ songs were just 12 as compared to 14 solo songs. I know they don't have many songs but they could do band covers instead of solo covers. The setlist is imbalanced with way too many ballads and MC at all the wrong places. The whole concert just feels incredibly messy and half-assed. And honestly I didn't feel much excitement from the audience.

It was good to know that Yoochun can still sing. Well, more or less. But his solo songs were really lame and easy. I felt like falling asleep. For the first time in 7 years I was bored just looking at Yoochun sing. And I used to like him so much. The thing is he also looked bored more than anything. I didn't really see any emotions on his face most of the time. And that is truly sad. And he didn't even try with the dancing. If he wants to act that's ok but I don't want to see him come on stage and do a half-assed performance.

I was also very disappointed in Jae. His ego has gotten so big I bet it felt stuffy in Tokyo Dome. While Jee's voice is still good and stable I just don't like his Glamorous Sky. And Only Love was just shitty. I used to like Jae a lot. I used to love his fail and his warmth. Now both are gone. All of the big words he said on stage felt empty. At the time of Thanksgiving I was so glad he got more confident but it escalated way too quickly. I seriously want him to go to the army. Maybe that'll help him remember where he comes from.

And Junsu... Junsu is perfect. Watching him sing and dance is joy. I actually watched Junsu's latest DVD and while most songs were lame he was still fucking brilliant. His costumes are also rad. Even though he's the one who claims he doesn't have a fashion sense. When I first got into TVXQ Junsu was my #5. Now he's #1. Well, actually he's the only one I support with all my heart. Maybe it's just me but he seemed to look uneasy most of the concert, kind of like he felt something wasn't right but couldn't do anything about it. It's kind of funny though how I never really found Junsu pretty and yet now he's the only one I like looking at.

There were also many details that annoyed me such as: weird lights, crappy pointless background videos and really weird camera angles. I was a bit surprised to see them using the moving stands. That seems like such a Johnnys thing. The MCs were incredibly lame and forced. Also I really don't understand why they kept telling they haven't stood on that stage in 4 years because no matter how I think about it it's pretty obvious they had the Thanksgiving Live in Dome in 2010 so that makes it 3 years. Not the first time I have chronology anxiety.

All in all I hardly enjoyed the concert at all. Despite the superior vocals and some great dancing (on Junsu's part) it was a boring and badly produced concert. It really made me think that JYJ might be better artists but Johnnys are definitely better entertainers. But the biggest disappointment for me was that I think they let down their fans. It felt like they were doing this just because they felt compelled to, not because they wanted to. But even if so they definitely could put more effort into it. It all just felt really lazy and that is unforgivable.

The making was just lame and sad. When we watched the ending credits we actually laughed because it was just so ridiculous watching the Golden Boy Junsu, the Rockstar Wannabe Jaejoong and Ajusshi Yoochun. But the actual rehearsals were sad to watch. I think the only moment I smiled was when Yoochun was instructing Junsu on how to play guitar but that was like a brief flash and then it was gone. If Jae at least tried to participate in the production and looked like he was putting effort Yoochun just looked like he couldn't care less.

Right after I finished the concert I saw a gif on tumblr and that gif was a perfect representation of what JYJ looks like now:

 photo tumblr_n976f90Ovr1tbjfazo1_400.gif
Even the positions are correct.

People change. Some evolve and grow stronger, some degrade. But then again it's just a matter of perspective. Either way, there comes a time when you know you should let go of something or someone. If I am honest with myself JYJ right from the very start was just clutching at the straw, deluding myself and investing into something that was clearly failing. But it's not easy to let go something that used to mean so much to you.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
It's a little sad, really, how lately I don't really feel anything towards Alice Nine or JYJ. Then again I remember my feelings have always been ever-changing. Especially with Jae - there were times when I adored him and then there were times when I almost disliked him. And lately it's the latter. I really don't like the way he took. It's kinda funny considering I always wanted him to do rock but in the end I prefer good pop over bad rock. But it's not just the boring solo album, that wasn't much of a surprise - it's rather his general image, the way he holds himself. He's so full of himself and it seems like he doesn't even want to be in a band anymore since he wants all the attention for himself. Yoochun has devoted himself to acting completely and while it's his right to decide what he wants it's sad that he doesn't let people his wonderful voice. That and he does look like a hobo. And Junsu... I have nothing bad to say about him. He's always been working hard and he can't do it any other way. It's just that I never really liked him enough to follow him specifically. Junsu has enormous talent but little sense so his solo albums are a terrible waste.

I guess in the end I feel cheated. I remember Jae's tears at the Tokyo dome Thanksgiving but I'm afraid they have forgotten all about that. I thought about that when I watched NEWS' 10 Anniversary DVD. NEWS are completely and utterly devoted to their fans because they feel like they owe them big time but, you know, 4 years ago I thought that about JYJ and yet the last time I've seen their concert it was vulgar, boring and often half-assed (well, apart from Junsu). It's like once they felt solid ground and steady support they forgot about 'working harder' and settled on 'good enough'. They've been promising to release an album for like 2 years now but they keep delaying it every time and honestly I just can't see it happen anymore. I feel mildly disappointed but I guess nothing can disappoint me quite like TVXQ did so I'll live.

Whew. I was keeping this to myself but it had to be written. I guess I've finally reached an age where I don't feel personally responsible for the bands I like and if they suck I'll say they suck. It's just really liberating you know.

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Kim Jaejoong from JYJ to Release 1st Solo Album

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

"Kim Jaejoong from JYJ will release his 1st full-length solo album in the end of October. He commented his work “Next album is going to be in rock style, but a little softer”.

First of all, "a little softer"? Is that even possible? Because last one had 2 pseudo-rock songs and a bunch of ballads.

Secondly, where the fuck is JYJ album? Junsu's is Australia, Yoochun has a movie to do... Rather than your boring songs I just wanted to see you guys together for something other than a NII video.

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Oh, damn... There I go again. This month may yet turn out to be productive.

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The Unforgettable Concert in Japan (or just slackery)

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
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It is safe to say that with this DVD JYJ has hit an all-time low. In terms of repertoire, performance quality, dancing and overall content. The DVD itself is also poorly made. The menu looks awful and the bonus content is boring.

You can see how much has changed in these last several years. Even though this concert is from two years ago. They don't have a team of coaches who train them viciously so they have gone slack in both singing and dancing. Performance level has gone down drastically. Well, not for Junsu. That boy is still dances like he breathes.

You can really see age is catching up on them. Now, at 27 you can tell who's been smoking and drinking. I've never seen Jae look so shit either.

Technically they performed 16 songs but it felt like it was about 10 with all the remixes and the video footage inserts. Plus they talked A LOT. I was seriously wondering whether Jaejoong was ever going to shut up. The background recording wasn't really background a lot of the time. I'm pretty sure Mission was fully lip-synched. And when they did sing it was often half-assed. Except Su, of course.

Also there was Yoochun's solo... I saw it before but this set up was even more vulgar that the previous one. I don't really care if he wants to play pimp but ruining such a nice song...

As for the repertoire, well it's never been that great even before but at least they had some really good songs written for them. Now they don't have that many and they can't even use the ones they released under Avex. Now I don't even know. That's how things are with freedom: I expected more self-composed songs and some of them are ok but some are just terrible, really. Maybe it's not such a brilliant idea to do so much on their own. It's better to have other people do it. Like the whole "director Kim" thing didn't really make much sense.

I can't say I'm overly disappointed or anything. In fact I accepted it surprisingly well. For me it's been over 6 years since I began to follow them so they're like old friends. I guess more than anything I'm just worried about them. Or maybe I'm just sad in a selfish way because I see such a waste of talent. Acting is good but I really wish they'd concentrate on singing more. Especially Yoochun. His voice is so fucking amazing and he has real musical talent. What happened to all the music he was supposed to have written since the debut? Ok, I need to shut up now.

Next up: Gonna dl and watch Tarantellegra.

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JJ's Glamorous Sky

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
So it happened. Jaejoong sang Glamorous Sky during his solo set. Pretty exciting... or should be. The truth is I don't really like it. His voice is great but the way he pronounces the words and just generally... I don't like it. So yeah, my disappointment in rocker!Jae is now complete. Oh well.

But since I'm on it I should add a few more interesting details I picked in tumblr.


Also apparently Jae said the following:

JJ: I chose Glamorous Sky since I like the person who composed the song and Junsu recommended it.


You have said previously that you wish to work with HYDE, and you even sang his song at the Tokyo Dome concerts. Do you know him personally or do yo you only like his music and want a chance to collaborate with him?

Jaejoong: I started liking HYDE since I was young. His strength is incredible and his appearance is also an example to be followed in the rock circle, so I have wanted to meet him for a long time. I had a chance to meet him recenly; we talked about music. I sang “GLAMOROUS SKY” this time in Tokyo Dome, but actually I had already chosen the song before meeting him.

Credits Translation: ohmyjunsu & ning25

Finally, other guest included:
【JYJドーム芸能人】 2日 YCママユファン、JUNO、山本優希 3日 虻ちゃん、イユ、ベクスンホン 4日 ラルクのhyde、GLAYのTAKURO 木南晴夏、武井咲、ハラ.ニコル(KARA) 三浦りさ子 3日間 山P、城田優、フクちゃん、JS両親 3.4日 JJ両親.姉4人

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Jaejoong Twitter Update

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JJ: Go home safely I couldn’t even say bye to you guys. Im going to sleep right awayㅠ

JJ: Love you (in a dialect XD)

JS: Good night ㅎ

JS: *smooch*

JJ: Mine~

YC: hehehehe

YC: Sleep tight~!!!!!^___^ Dream about me

These guys... :rolleyes:

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I was convinced nothing would make this morning worse so I though I'd watch JJ's MV preview. Yeah, right. Looks like my fears were fully justified. Why did it have to happen? The pictures were really nice and I had hope but from the preview you can already tell that the MV is gonna be super-pretentious and dramatic. Maybe even as big as Junsu's. It's got this freak Gothic/BDSM concept. The ravens? The fangs? The chains?
Oh, please... Whatever happened to modesty...

The only thing that wasn't in it is the huge-asses dancers in fishnets but then that was just preview... I am so disappointed, Jae. I'm not even sure I want Yoochin's solo now. :rolleyes:

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[NEWS] JYJ and SM Entertainment’s legal battle comes to an end

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
The legal battle between JYJ and SM Entertainment has finally come to an end!

After what seems like forever, the two sides are reported to have come to a mutual agreement on the 28th.

It is said that SM Entertainment and JYJ have both withdrawn all lawsuits against one another, and have agreed to not interfere with any of each other’s activities.

The long drawn out fight was started back in July 31st, 2009 when the initial lawsuit was filed against SM Entertainment by the three members of JYJ, who were part of TVXQ, requesting for the cancellation of their contracts. Since then, the two sides failed to reach an agreement every time and was due back in court again later this year.

It seems the legal battle is now over, and both sides, especially JYJ, can work towards moving forward free of the legal issues that had been holding them back.

Source: Hankooki, Asia Today

And I woke up to this. All I can say is: THANK GOD! IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME! More than 3 fucking years. I thought it would never be over. I'm amused at all the butt-hurt TVXQ fans who bore some kind of stupid hope that JYJ will "come back". Yeah, right. Anyway, it is still largely unclear what this means for the boys. Somehow I highly doubt SM will just let them be and they will get to perform as much as they want. So far only KBS had the balls to say the issue with JYJ's appearances is clearly solved. But either way hopefully some changes will occur.

Hopefully, I will never have to use my Lawsuit tag again.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...


I love this. It’s like, Jaejoong came with the chick and Yoochun came with his boyfriend. They just look so ‘together’. I really missed Yoosu.
Also I pity any actress who stars with Jae, he makes them look so plain.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
After controversy over Jaejoong's sudden twitter deactivation and trip to the hospital, C-JeS Entertainmnet has released a statement regarding the singer's recent activity. According to Jaejoong's agency, the singer's twitter account was hacked by someone. Due to the invasion of his account, Jaejoong decided that he will be leaving twitter.

That's kinda sad. He had over a million followers too. Anyway, it feels kinda weird with me getting Twitter to follow the three of them and now two of them quit while Junsu started another account which I didn't bother following. So now it's pretty much just me and Alice Nine.

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[PETITION] 120821 International Fans Don’t Agree with C-Jes Banning Fancams

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
JYJ3 Note: We think the current situation of JYJ doesn’t allow international fans to enjoy JYJ in Korean TV like other artists do. This is why Fancams have become in a very important source of promotion for JYJ.
Despite our effort to support JYJ, the decision of banning fancams by Cjes is only making hard for i-fans to support JYJ.

Please sign this Petition if you Don’t agree with CJes banning fancams:



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120822 XIA JUNSU - 1st World Tour Concert in LA / NY

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
So damn adorable, you guys. :heart:

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Today Jaejoong got injured. He fell down from the 5th floor directly to the 3rd floor while filming Jackal. Two assistants weren’t able to hold the wire. But still he laughed out after lying still on the ground for minutes and smiled (because he knew fans were watching at him and he didn’t want fans to be worried about him)

FUCK ME. :weep2: Jaejoongie, please be well. PLEASE.

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JYJ The Day’s Commentary

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Junsu: Yuchun seldom sleeps alone whenever they go abroad. He would ask either a member of his manager to sleep with him.

Yuchun, “Junsu is the god of kissing. His kissing skills have improved (after Elisabeth).” Right. He would know too. :smirk:

Jaejung asked them when they feel the happiest.

Junsu, “When I’m singing and dancing on stage.”

Yuchun’s answer was also “When I’m on the stage.”

When Jaejung was asked the same question, he said, “When I am with the both of you.”

Yuchun, “I knew you would say that!”


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Time to Ship!

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Jaejoong wrote in Twitter today: JYJ member ship week. It took me few minutes to realize he just put an extra space. :rolleyes:


My bbs~ :heart:

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I wonder if it's a sign of maturity but I reached a stage where I realize fandom love is a passing thing and more importantly it doesn't bother me that much.

People often write "I will love them forever. They saved my life." It just seems like such a bullshit. Music isn't supposed to save lives. Music means the world to me but when I was at my worst music didn't even matter. All the FOREVER a Dear or Cassie or Number Six or whatever annoys me really. What is there to be proud about? And why should I feel guilty for switching fandoms? They don't even know who I am for God's sake.

Generally the Korean scene continues to disappoint. Within the last year there hasn't been a band or a drama or anything Korean that I would like. Not that I was looking specifically but, you know. The whole 5 years spent in love with Korea seem in a bit of a daze now. DBSK meant so much to me and now it's just 4 letters in the past. It is a little sad, but that's how it is. I mean, take Jaejoong, for example. I used to love so much and now I hardly care. I remember thinking he's human perfection in terms of looks and now he seems just above average to me. I did have those 180 changes in attitude regarding him before but my attitude doesn't seem to get better any more. He actually sort of annoys me with his never-ending attention whoring. I used to forgive that, saying it's his childhood trauma that did this but seriously boy, you're 27! time to grow up already! With Yoochun it's just growing cold. I have no real interest in his drama and I have increasingly low hopes that he releases something really good. But we shall see. Maybe if he grows his hair back... So for the last half a year or so I sort didn't have a favourite in JYJ but if I had to choose one I would probably choose Junsu. But surely in the view of recent events Junsu lost about 87859403475 points. To have so much talent and totally waste it... Stupid boy. For a moment there I actually though "Maybe they should have just stayed with SM. At least then this whoredome wouldn't happen." But of course that's not the answer either. Guess I'm just basically disappointed because I was hoping they would have more taste than this. Anyway.

Another thing that's happened recently is my change of attitude to shipping. I mean before I would always have one pairing that I would ship at a giver period of time. Well, with TVXQ there were 3 but they were still within the current fandom. Now that limitation is gone. Lately I remembered some of my old beloved pairings and even finished some old projects connected with them. I suppose it's a good thing especially since I really feel like reading good fanfiction and there's no chance of finding good stuff for my last two pairing any time soon.

These kinds of thoughts used to sort of make me feel disoriented, like I'm losing ground. But now I'm much more relaxed and I like the feeling of freedom and the flexibility. I can choose what to feel and what to care about. I can feel proud if my boys did great but if they failed big time I don't feel the need to be embarrassed.
Right now I don't want to think about what comes next. I'm happy in my fandom and hope to spend more time here.

I really wonder if reading Transerfing did have to do with this.

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