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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Achieved the second highest total score among the whole camp, ranking the first in the shooting and the grenade sections, and the 15th in the running task (among 224 trainees), not to mention that he was the Soldier No.1 that led all the trainees during the training.

 photo 2015.05.07 1.jpg photo 2015.05.07 2.jpg photo 2015.05.07 3.jpg

Time flew fast but this warms my heart. He looks so different than 5 weeks ago, so much stronger. After all, you're amazing, Jae.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Spent hours on this yesterday...

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So the day has come. I haven't thought much of it. Until now. I went through posts and then watched a few videos and then suddenly began to cry. But it's not really Jaejoong I'm crying over. I don't follow him lately and I don't like him half as much as I used to but I guess we both changed since then. I'm crying over myself that used to love him, over that time when for a brief moment all seemed well. That's what I thought though in reality I was on train headed to the cliff. I can remember that time 8 fucking years ago when we would joke about it, what a tragedy their enlistment would be, back then it seemed so distant and unreal.

It still warms my heart he met with Yoo and Su in the last few days but he really looks so sad and lost. I'm gonna miss him, damn, I will. Bye bye, Jae. Take care.

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It's a little sad, really, how lately I don't really feel anything towards Alice Nine or JYJ. Then again I remember my feelings have always been ever-changing. Especially with Jae - there were times when I adored him and then there were times when I almost disliked him. And lately it's the latter. I really don't like the way he took. It's kinda funny considering I always wanted him to do rock but in the end I prefer good pop over bad rock. But it's not just the boring solo album, that wasn't much of a surprise - it's rather his general image, the way he holds himself. He's so full of himself and it seems like he doesn't even want to be in a band anymore since he wants all the attention for himself. Yoochun has devoted himself to acting completely and while it's his right to decide what he wants it's sad that he doesn't let people his wonderful voice. That and he does look like a hobo. And Junsu... I have nothing bad to say about him. He's always been working hard and he can't do it any other way. It's just that I never really liked him enough to follow him specifically. Junsu has enormous talent but little sense so his solo albums are a terrible waste.

I guess in the end I feel cheated. I remember Jae's tears at the Tokyo dome Thanksgiving but I'm afraid they have forgotten all about that. I thought about that when I watched NEWS' 10 Anniversary DVD. NEWS are completely and utterly devoted to their fans because they feel like they owe them big time but, you know, 4 years ago I thought that about JYJ and yet the last time I've seen their concert it was vulgar, boring and often half-assed (well, apart from Junsu). It's like once they felt solid ground and steady support they forgot about 'working harder' and settled on 'good enough'. They've been promising to release an album for like 2 years now but they keep delaying it every time and honestly I just can't see it happen anymore. I feel mildly disappointed but I guess nothing can disappoint me quite like TVXQ did so I'll live.

Whew. I was keeping this to myself but it had to be written. I guess I've finally reached an age where I don't feel personally responsible for the bands I like and if they suck I'll say they suck. It's just really liberating you know.

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Who When Why

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So I finally listened to the album. Three times just to be sure. And I wanted to like it. God knows I did. I'm sure any Jaejoong fan would hit me for this review but I can't help it any.

 photo iJjkGG0sJVFkV.jpg

Basically, the album was very predictable. As soon as I saw the teasers I was like: "Aww, Jae thinks he's releasing a rock album. How cute!" Seriously, honey, leather jacket and more eyeliner don't make you rock. I mean sure he looks good and all but I really wish he had the music to match the looks.

Basically, there's only one song I really like - Rotten Love. Butterfly is not bad as well. Should have been single instead of Just Another Girl. The MV made me laugh too. I mean some other songs are not bad and they seem to sound like rock. Like if you listen to 9+1# is has some nice sounds in it but they just sort of don't add up.

Anyway, my top 3 would be:

1. Rotten Love
2. Butterfly
3. Paradise

And the saddest things is that Jae actually co-composed 2 of these as well as 9+1#. He should write more of his own stuff. Maybe it;s just me but a rock album where songs are donated by different songwriters just seems strange.

It's actually funny now that I remember how I first saw Jae doing Maze and thought "Oh, how I wish he'd do rock!" And he does have the right voice for it too. The problem is there is no rock in Korea. Like I don't know a single Korean song that made me go "This fucking rocks!" Those guys know how to made brain-washing pop songs but not rock. Maybe if he got a Japanese producer or something. But for now it's a no. Well, at least he seems to have a lot of fun playing a rock star at the concerts.

Final verdict: YOU TRIED>

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Kim Jaejoong from JYJ to Release 1st Solo Album

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

"Kim Jaejoong from JYJ will release his 1st full-length solo album in the end of October. He commented his work “Next album is going to be in rock style, but a little softer”.

First of all, "a little softer"? Is that even possible? Because last one had 2 pseudo-rock songs and a bunch of ballads.

Secondly, where the fuck is JYJ album? Junsu's is Australia, Yoochun has a movie to do... Rather than your boring songs I just wanted to see you guys together for something other than a NII video.

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Found another specualtive blog. But I like stuff like this. Some of the ideas are very reasonable. I liked this post especially.

Jaejoong's sexuality.

I think Jaejoong has hinted at his sexual preference in a smart way especially in past two years ”i have never written a song for a woman”,”what if people think i’m gay” , “i’ll never tattoo a woman’s name on my body” , ” my fans are more jealous of actors than actresses “about his interactions with his co -stars, ” my heart never flutters when i’m doing kissing scenes” , ” "…when I’m drinking, it’s 9 out of 10 chances that it’s among boys. … whenever I go drinking, I don’t usually call girls up. Is it because I don’t have interest in girls? In my phonebook, there’s female celebrities and excluding the female staff, I only have three female celebrities’ number … it’s been a million years since I haven’t contacted even those three..” , or the way he always brings attention to his co -stars ““As people said that we [JJ and Yihan] looked good together, there was a strange feeling in the scenes with Yihan hyung. I even questioned the way he looked at me. Because when you search with keyword ‘Jin Yihan’, the results related to gay would come out. Ha ha! Is it like that because we’re too close?” / or how he bluntly says he has bad chemistry with actresses but not actors “I always have weird chemistry. I go better with actors than actresses….” asking his co-star to even live with him “ “I have spent a week at Kim Jaejoong’s house. Kim Jaejoong likes me a lot and therefore he said to me ‘Let’s live together.’” Yihan . Jaejoong also often stated that kissed males like in his Dr. Jin Japanese fm where he said his latest kiss was with a japanese friend in a game! And yes , jaejoong is feminine but he’s not the straight feminine because he was in a relationship with a man “yunho” so that pretty much makes him the gay feminine if people are going to argue that he’s just feminine because it’s a fact that many gay people are feminine .. This shows perfectly that jaejoong is just gay and this his way of testing people’s waters on how they would think if he ever came out.. He dated women in his early teens but anything about other girlfriends were pretty much rumors and even if he did have dated women that doesn’t imply that he’s bisexual for the simple fact that he must have had his phase of denial . The difference is that Yunho is gay but discreet about it while Jaejoong deals with gayness like an open secret .. I have three gay friends and all of them agree that jaejoong is definitely gay and if you search kpop forums you’ll read a fan account of a fanboy who went to jae’s Yokohama concert and was assured that jaejoong is gay— because a gay man can tell . I think with Yunho’s existence in Jae’s life he had come to realize what his preference was and slowly came to embrace it


That's very legit. So yeah, it would be hard to come out one by one so let's have a massive coming out fest! :) But if one of my babies would come out I'd cry my eyes out with pride.

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Then he came to his own waiting room to change clothes. He took off his top and kept going back and forth, seemed very hyper. Suddenly he came out with a cherry between his teeth “I’m cherry boy”, he said, then came in again.

130626 Jaejoong’s Concert and Fanmeeting at Yokohama Arena Day 3

Nao-san came to the stage, commenting about what Shou-san said about gays, “I know what boys and girls feeling, because I am cherry…” and a cherry popped up from his hand and he kissed the cherry lol.

Alice Nine 9th Anniversary Tour #1 World’s End Daybreak-Zepp Fukuoka [28th June 2013]

What the actual fuck? Is this some sort of inner joke or what? Cherry boys my ass...

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Yoochun talked to Jaejoong in a tone which he uses only when JaeChun are together and Jaejoong gave him a flying kiss. Then Jaejoong said, “I’m not gay.”


When Jaejoong is drunk, he’ll start kissing and hugging. Junsu said his neck becomes sticky with saliva because Jaejoong keep licking him and Jaejoong justified, “Because it’s really soft and smells really good like a fine Europe perfume? and I got hooked on it” lol

From Rai-san (@raiterie)

Yeah, "I'm not gay, I just like licking the neck of my friend." That's even worse than Junsu's little butt touching habit. Get your shit together, boy.


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What is it lately? Some sort of sexuality crisis? First Saga now Jaejoong acting all straight and then being all over Junsu all of a sudden. It seems like he's viciously trying to deny his inclinations. Cherry boy my ass. I also saw this one girl's reply on the matter and it's good to know it's pretty much the same as mine. She had a Major in psychology too. Anyway. Guys, you worry me.

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I just found this so precious~♥
I wonder if it's the Golden Wedding. Either way things like this is what keeps my faith in love.

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JJ's Glamorous Sky

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
So it happened. Jaejoong sang Glamorous Sky during his solo set. Pretty exciting... or should be. The truth is I don't really like it. His voice is great but the way he pronounces the words and just generally... I don't like it. So yeah, my disappointment in rocker!Jae is now complete. Oh well.

But since I'm on it I should add a few more interesting details I picked in tumblr.


Also apparently Jae said the following:

JJ: I chose Glamorous Sky since I like the person who composed the song and Junsu recommended it.


You have said previously that you wish to work with HYDE, and you even sang his song at the Tokyo Dome concerts. Do you know him personally or do yo you only like his music and want a chance to collaborate with him?

Jaejoong: I started liking HYDE since I was young. His strength is incredible and his appearance is also an example to be followed in the rock circle, so I have wanted to meet him for a long time. I had a chance to meet him recenly; we talked about music. I sang “GLAMOROUS SKY” this time in Tokyo Dome, but actually I had already chosen the song before meeting him.

Credits Translation: ohmyjunsu & ning25

Finally, other guest included:
【JYJドーム芸能人】 2日 YCママユファン、JUNO、山本優希 3日 虻ちゃん、イユ、ベクスンホン 4日 ラルクのhyde、GLAYのTAKURO 木南晴夏、武井咲、ハラ.ニコル(KARA) 三浦りさ子 3日間 山P、城田優、フクちゃん、JS両親 3.4日 JJ両親.姉4人

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I saw Jae again. Actually I also saw him two days ago, in that white wife beater but that was just briefly. Today was different. Today it was probably more physical than ever. So anyway.

I was with some adventurous friend and somehow we sneaked to a JYJ concert. We weren't supposed to go to the front but there were some seats unoccupied in the first row, to the right and we took them. I took the leftmost one but the seat to my right was free. Soon after I saw the members appear right in front of me but as they walked by I only saw Jae and Yoochun and they did not go on stage. Instead, they took the free seats. Of course Jae sat right next to me. And the seat felt really small and our arms touched. Then somehow he turned to me and took my hand. I don't remember it that well, just that we touched and that I wasn't looking my best, I regretted that I didn't dress up or do make-up. All I could do was keep that polite smile plastered on my face and be glad that I managed to stay so composed.

I really don't know why. Even these last two years I still dream of him often. And it's not exactly romantic but very intimate. Seeing is one thing but feeling the warmth of another human's body in a dream is really kind of amazing.

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Codename: Jackal

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

It's pretty obvious the movie was made mostly to showcase Jaejoong's abs and promote his solo album. Yet, I think it's a pretty enjoyable movie. The plot was corny but the general acting was pretty good and I really enjoyed the humour.

As for Jaejoong I honestly think that his acting was really good. Both the comic and the dramatic parts. I thought I'd seen all the Jae!faces by now but nope. The part where she tried to figure out whether he was the real celebrity or not was hilarious and seriously all that voice-imitation talent came in handy. Even that weird thing he does with his tummy... Or maybe they wrote the sсript based on that)) Either way, good job, Jae! Momma's proud. :)

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Sorry, Jae...

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

I just realized that I forgot Jaejoongie's birthday. I was going to post it on the 4th but I totally forgot about it. It's the first time after 5 consecutive years of making a birthday post... I feel bad about it but I guess it indicates that my priorities shifted.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I was convinced nothing would make this morning worse so I though I'd watch JJ's MV preview. Yeah, right. Looks like my fears were fully justified. Why did it have to happen? The pictures were really nice and I had hope but from the preview you can already tell that the MV is gonna be super-pretentious and dramatic. Maybe even as big as Junsu's. It's got this freak Gothic/BDSM concept. The ravens? The fangs? The chains?
Oh, please... Whatever happened to modesty...

The only thing that wasn't in it is the huge-asses dancers in fishnets but then that was just preview... I am so disappointed, Jae. I'm not even sure I want Yoochin's solo now. :rolleyes:

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[NEWS] 121122 Kim Jaejoong: “The trainee period was too difficult that I broke up with my girlfriend of 4 years…”

JYJ Kim JaeJoong revealed a difficult love relationship that he had been through during his trainee period and how he broke up with her.

Huh? He was going out with that girl since he was what, 9? I wonder if it was the girl from that video. Sounds so dramatic. Those Koreans... :rolleyes:

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After controversy over Jaejoong's sudden twitter deactivation and trip to the hospital, C-JeS Entertainmnet has released a statement regarding the singer's recent activity. According to Jaejoong's agency, the singer's twitter account was hacked by someone. Due to the invasion of his account, Jaejoong decided that he will be leaving twitter.

That's kinda sad. He had over a million followers too. Anyway, it feels kinda weird with me getting Twitter to follow the three of them and now two of them quit while Junsu started another account which I didn't bother following. So now it's pretty much just me and Alice Nine.

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Дже, золотце, у тебя сиськи торчат! :lol:


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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Today Jaejoong got injured. He fell down from the 5th floor directly to the 3rd floor while filming Jackal. Two assistants weren’t able to hold the wire. But still he laughed out after lying still on the ground for minutes and smiled (because he knew fans were watching at him and he didn’t want fans to be worried about him)

FUCK ME. :weep2: Jaejoongie, please be well. PLEASE.

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