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The comeback I didn't want

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
As much as I missed them I was not looking forward to this. After the last album I was pretty sure I will not be pleased with new material. I mean I had a faint hope but today I was dreading to watch the new video, somehow I was prepared to be unimpressed. The song itself was not that bad. Unoriginal, yes, but not bad. It reminded me of +/- which I don't like. But the video... I mean overall it was ok, again, unoriginal but nice but Shou... WAI? This one thing completely ruined it for me. Because seriously, WTF?

 photo IMG_1442.jpg

And then there was this. DIAWOLF. Shou and Tora's project. I was supposed to be happy about it. I was. But somehow, somehow I had a feeling I won't like this and I was right. Not only it's the pseudo-hardcore type that I loathe, it's completely in English. Why do you have to do this? Basically, it reminds me of Givuss but without the youthful rawness. But I really love them using their surnames, it's an odd turn-on. Well, I'm gonna hope they'll release something bearable eventually. I'm also gonna hope they at the very least do a sexy photoshoot.

 photo B_AZirUU4AAP2lm.jpg

I am at a loss how to proceed here. I adore the boys but not the music. It's even worse that everyone is so excited about his, most importantly the boys themselves.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...


#This was unfair. Just as I was about to say goodbye you're like "HAHA, NO! You're stuck with us!" I am. :weep:

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Farewell, Alice9 Channel!

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo 8D85Alice9306130833093306D308B67007D4256DE-2014_09_2921_00958B59CB-30CB30B330CB30B3751F653E9001FLV_snapshot_015413_20140930_034538.jpg

I've watched this show since June 2011, it was one of the things that made me join the fandom and I've grown really attached to it. But lately it's become pretty boring and all things come to an end so I think it was a good time to go. 5 years is a long time. They sound really happy and confident so I'm sure they know what they're doing.
So long, guys! See you again!

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The A9 Post

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

I've spent most of the 24th sorting all of the A9 stuff that I accumulated over the last year and I actually managed to finish it. I also caught up with the Wink Ups and watched a couple of Alice9 Channels. This time I really feel like I miss them. The strangest thing is I actually was especially glad to see Saga and Nao. That one episode that they did after the tour where Nao is instructing Saga to play dars despite scoring 16 points and then looking so pitiful after paying for the wine. I was like "My stupid babies~"

And then there's Shou... don't do this to me. This is unfair, really. In other news, after 10 years we now know his name is Ohara. It's Ohara, you ignorant, shits! It's a pretty name. Like Scarlett.

 photo roses.gif">

This one's from Anniversary After Party. He always looks a little pregnant but in this one... it's more than a little. I have such mixed feeling about this I don't even know. I kind of like it and that kind of freaks me out.

 photo tumblr_nazsyxxrGD1rv0apbo7_1280.jpg

I also decided I might as well give Supernova a chance but I found it lame as expected. I actually grew to like Seven but that's about it. Other songs are all average to lame. Maybe it's just me but it's kind of sad because they seem to be so happy with their music and I know they do their best.

At any rate, there's no going back but I feel so confused. I miss them but I know if I watch stuff I'll want to post stuff and I've already been there. But I can't help but be a little worried about their future. They have been going nice and steady but now it's all uncertain. I mean it's so unsettling to see them close their Twitter accounts and Alice9 Channel might be cancelled too. Yet I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision and if they took this leap of faith there has to be a good reason for it. Maybe Shou's baby is due. Ok, that's not funny.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo Alice-Nine-10.jpg

I missed NEWS' 10th Anniversary and TVXQ's was a joke but I'm not going to ignore this one. I left the fandom nearly a year ago but it was never about the band. Well, maybe a little since their music was becoming marginally bearable. But they're still a great band who tries their best and cares deeply about their fans and I admire them. Happy birthday, boys!

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I decided to go with the flow and watched the M-ON broadcast. I can't say I was that excited and they cut Scarlet, well, they cut most of it so I guess it was mostly about HD porn.

 photo AliceNine-M-ONLIVEAliceNineWorldsEndDaybreak15.jpg

It was so porny I almost finished the night porn I was writing. But not quite. Well, until next time, I guess.

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Alice9 Channel, 2013.11.23

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo 131123.jpg

:right: I can't believe Tora decided to go blond. I’m still not sure how I feel about this. But Tora is still Tora = hot. He can dye it pink for all I care.

 photo 13112319.jpg

:right: They announced two new songs to be released on iTunes on Dec. 4 as well as a new Christmas song and even played previews from them. Yup, I was left deeply unimpressed, least of all by Shou's song. But it was nice to know that it was arranged by Tora. They said that Saga also wanted to help but was sort of rejected.


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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
So the Halloween concert was successful and the costumes were really awesome but somehow I got really pissed off. A little bit because Tora and Shou did not have couple outfits and there weren't any mentions of fanservice but mostly because of all these reports. Like it feels half of all these annoying people went. I bet there's gonna be a v-log too. Ah, I'm terrible lately. Bitter and mean. But either way another event I was looking forward to turned sour. I wonder if this is it.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Ok, I'm so fucking done with this concert. 400++ screens, 10 gifs.... So here, I'll post these two since tumblr is a real bitch and that will be the end of it.

 photo hell-yeah.gif

 photo sassmaster2.gif

That sums it up well. Adios~

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Good job on not reading the creepy lyrics! A fucking +!

Anyway, thought I have read the lyrics to Kowloon before I managed to forget them. Until now. But the line that really got me was this:

Time is passing for the ugly duckling...

I didn't notice it before and now it seems more that an eerie coincidence. I know he writes the lyrics based on the song's imagery and usually draws insight from outward sources but still this is so disturbing.

But perhaps even more surprising was the DEAD SCHOOL SCREAMING. I mean turns out it's almost entirely in English. It's even go the word 'languid' in it. But then again the Japanese lyricist probably use words that most English-speaking people never use. But in terms of the concert they're nothing more than pump-up songs, I guess. Shou doesn't bother with the lyrics much and it's not like anyone would care anyway.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Note to self: Never read the lyrics when you know they will freak you out!

軋む 闇夜の劣情

Scarlet was the only song that I really loved out of the 6 songs released this year. It's so deep and dark and sexy and very unsettling. I never really read the lyrics properly, I guess I was too scared to. And I was right. Today as I watched this performance I read them carefully and they freaked the hell out of me. I don't think I can ever listen to this song again without cringing. Because it's blood, you know. It's filled with blood. It broke something inside me, or rather it reminded me that something inside me is broken.

Even after all these years... I'm sure Shou is a lot happier now than he used to be but it pains me to know just how much darkness he still has, hidden deep inside. And I know it all too well.

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A very Alice Nine Day

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

Got up before 11 AM. So early for me. But it was worth it.

 photo Untitled-033.jpg

It was a really great concert. I was a little upset being cut off from the encore but I was still glad that I was allowed to be a part of this. I had so many feels that I almost hated them for making me love them even more. They are really amazing. The concert was a little late so I was a little worried that they didn't make any pauses, just delivering song after song but it was awesome. Shou’s singing was great and everyone gave it all they had. You could feel the love in every song.

Some of the coolest things:

- Rare songs and generally cool playlist

- ToraxShou in Blue Planet and Rainbows

- Shou’s arm!porn

- Tora’s fluffy hair

- Scarlet X_X

- The lack of hairspray in their hair allowed their hair to actually move

- Shou constantly putting his stray hair behind his ear ♥_♥

- Unexpected arrangements

- Shou’s gentle MCs

The quality wasn't great. Really looking forward to seeing the concert in October, hope they won’t cut it off.


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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo 9th.jpg

My dearest, precious boys! It's been some 7 years since we met and more than 2 years since I fell in love with you. You didn't save my life but you brought me a lot of joy, have been helping me through these hard years and for that I'll be forever grateful. I don't think you make the best music in the world but you're very special and wonderful. I hope you go on as Alice Nine for many many years to come and that even when my face gets wrinkled I can still look at you and smile. Happy Anniversary, my dearest!

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Finally done with DISCOTHEQUE DVD screencapping. 512 screens, compared to just 87 I made last year. But the difference really shows. :heart:

DISCOTHEQUE is probably my favourite Alice Nine DVD. I love the fact that it's a summer tour with summery clothes. I really love the general atmosphere of it, the soft hues and more that anything Shou's raw and delicate sensuality. He looks so radiant and sexy. I don't feel like writing a full review so I'm just going to make a comprehensive list of my favourite things about it.

- lost of backstage footage
- Tora looking beautiful and very sassy
- Shou looking delicious
- the colourful outfits
- great fanservice
- the pink and green hues of the stage lights
- Shou's arm porn
- Tora with acoustic guitar
- everyone's smiles in Eraser
- live back vocals in Kochouran
- Shou's shiny armpits
- The way Tora keeps shaking his head to clear off the bangs that get in his face
- Nao riding on Tora and then kissing him. Awwwwww~♥
- towards the end everyone looking like they just had an orgasm

There's no way I can post all of my favourite screens here but here's a few a least:

 photo Discoteque384.jpg photo Discoteque378.jpg photo Discoteque355.jpg photo Discoteque318.jpg photo Discoteque302.jpg photo Discoteque468.jpg photo Discoteque300.jpg photo Discoteque287.jpg photo Discoteque282.jpg photo Discoteque243.jpg photo Discoteque228.jpg photo Discoteque173.jpg photo Discoteque161.jpg photo Discoteque134.jpg photo Discoteque100.jpg photo Discoteque83.jpg photo Discoteque67.jpg photo Discoteque409.jpg

Making these screens I noticed quite a few things I never noticed before. Like how Tora's nose is actually pretty crooked. It made me feel better about my own. Also there are some special screens that I decided not to share with general public, to save them for myself.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Haven't had a dream in a long time
See, the life I've had
Can make a good man bad

So for once in my life
Let me get what I want
Lord knows, it would be the first time


I never really won at anything. I do believe in luck and I'm sure some people are luckier than others. But I also believe in Karma and stuff like that. The point is after the hard time I had this weekend I got a feeling that this couldn't be it, like something had to happen to amend this, something really good. The tide had to turn.

Anyway. The thing is that earlier I had ordered Alice Nine's ARENA37℃ BEST SELECTION File Book 2004-2013. It wasn't cheap but I really wanted it so I decided there's no better use for the money I got for my birthday. It arrived to my friend's last week. Apart from the cards and the poster it also came with a chance to win a spot at the signing event on the 25th which will take place right after the concert. I only mentioned it to my friend who ordered the book for me but she said I should give it a go - you had to write your impressions on the book and send the card. Today the confirmation e-mail came.

This means if everything goes well I'll have my book signed by all the band members. I'm afraid to think about it too much until it's happened. I still can hardly believe we won. Maybe it was the exotic surname, it doesn't really matter now. All that matters is that we both deserved it.

 photo photo.jpg photo 8EFA02A3-31E8-46E3-8ADE-E6ED25642B61.jpg

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
So yesterday I found this stash of old photos and I was kind of excited about it. I also found a couple of old Q&A's of that time. But as was looking and sorting these scans most of which were from 2006-2007 I realized something. Basically, the Alice Nine of that time was a very different band. Even though visually some looks very pretty good, before Rainbows their sound seems like it was lacking something substantial. But this isn't really about the sound. I realized that the members of that time (namely Shou and Tora) were also quite different people. They were younger than I am now and immature in their own way. Especially Tora. I guess that explains why I didn't fall for him earlier. The Tora I fell for was a host and a smart-ass, something he matured into. Same goes for Shou. They went a long way. What I'm saying is that now it seems natural that I didn't really get into them years ago. We both had to mature for that to happen.

Another thing that came to mind was that it seemed like during that time - around 2005-2006 they weren't nearly as close as they are now. Somehow you just get that feeling by looking at the pictures. I wonder if it was the drama of the A to U tour that brought them that much closer. Although according to my observations something seemed to happen during the Vandalize era. That adoration is Shou's eyes became painfully obvious, and even Tora's attitude noticeably changed. Even me who is not good at reading people can sense this.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Ok, something I discovered today. ISO files play perfectly on my DVD-player. All this time... Now I need to pack all my DVDs into isos and enjoy.

Also, now I have all 6 live DVDs in actual DVD-quality. Including Alice in Wonderfilm. All the awkward, now in HQ. Oh, my sweet babies. I'm so proud of you~ :heart:

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Then he came to his own waiting room to change clothes. He took off his top and kept going back and forth, seemed very hyper. Suddenly he came out with a cherry between his teeth “I’m cherry boy”, he said, then came in again.

130626 Jaejoong’s Concert and Fanmeeting at Yokohama Arena Day 3

Nao-san came to the stage, commenting about what Shou-san said about gays, “I know what boys and girls feeling, because I am cherry…” and a cherry popped up from his hand and he kissed the cherry lol.

Alice Nine 9th Anniversary Tour #1 World’s End Daybreak-Zepp Fukuoka [28th June 2013]

What the actual fuck? Is this some sort of inner joke or what? Cherry boys my ass...

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Court of ''9'' #4 Grand Finale COUNTDOWN LIVE 2012 12.31

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Though we'd already seen 4 clips from the concert it wasn't exactly new but Alice Nine DVDs don't come out every year so I should write about it.

 photo Live2012Courtof94GrandFinaleCOUNTDOWNLIVE1231DISC01mp4_snapshot_001715_20130703_213816.jpg

My evaluation system for concerts is simple but complex. Setlist+Costumes+Shou's look+Fanservice+General atmosphere


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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
This is just brilliant dammit. I stalk Shou for years and here Saga goes and says he's getting attracted to men. Just like that. Really?
Also my fics are becoming amazingly accurate.

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