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The Good Wife S05 - The Gallery

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
It's been a long ride. And not an easy one. But I'm proud of my work on the Good Wife and it helped me learn a lot. Not only in terms of languages but also about the whole political and legal system in the US and more.

This series is probably not something I would watch but I think it's pretty amazing in many ways. The plot, the characters, the subtle humour - everything is perfect. It's about politics, careers and family but more than anything it's about strong women. Working on it for over half a year I got very emotionally attached. I was shocked myself since I never was so upset about a death of a character before. The actors are all brilliant. I could never choose a favourite but I have a soft spot for Eli because I have no idea how such a character can be so lovable. Peter should just marry him.

Anyway, I don't want to talk about it too much, I'd rather do a little spam. Here are some of my favourite moments from the second half of the series.

E14: This is why you had to love Will.
 photo TheGoodWifeS05E14AFewWords720pWEB-DL-CasStudiomkv_snapshot_1209_20140725_002532.jpg

The Gallery

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The men I love talking

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Need some pretty to balance all the text~ :heart:


:heart: #Vandalizm was the best! :heart:

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Alice Nine Pimp Post#1: Pictures

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To start with, some of my favourite group photos. Only the posed ones. I was going to make it small, but you know how it happens... :rolleyes:
These are all from different eras, not many early photos though since I'm not a big fan of indie look - too much make-up, no eyebrows, freaky contacts and slutty clothes)


Total pictures owned: almost 4.000!

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Come On Over!

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At some point I thought that JYJ was a passing stage for me but this DVD has proven me wrong.
I don't think I can express what I felt while watching it. Obviously this is a release that only the old fans can truly appreciate. There's so much to it... It has to be the most personal footage one can imagine. Not many artists show their houses and families just like that. It was amazing to see Jae with all his sisters and Yoochun showing the inside of his house and Junsu playing Janggu with his mum. I've already seen snippets of it from the pictures they posted at Twitter, but this is different. It feels so intimate and personal I almost felt a little embarrassed for prying. But I'm really glad to see they all have such wonderful loving families from support them. I especially adore Yoochun's mum, she's just so lovely. And then there's the backstage stuff of all three of them which is simply priceless. I'm not even going to say how many Yoosu/Chunjae/Jaesu/OT3 moments there were. The whole DVD is just oozing with so much love idek. My heart swelled watching all that.

Also the idea of filming them watching their own footage was brilliant. I can go on and on but that is totally pointless so instead here's the imminent picspam. I really tried to cut on the screens, but I still came up with this much. There's just too much love to skip~:heart:


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I'm fully intent on cleaning up the mess that accumulated on my PC. Today it's Laruku. There isn't that much thankfully, but I had this stack of ancient indie pictures to sort which I did. It's amazing that there are so many of them, although they're 98% Hyde's. But, boy, does so look lovely. Not that he doesn't look good now, but, you know, you're only young once. I haven't done a picspam in a long time, so here are my faves from the rarer ones...



Simply beautiful...

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Summer Dramas

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Finally done with 2 of the summer dramas I was watching so here goes.

Ikemen desu ne

I loved the Korean version so I decided to give it a try. Jitsu wa...

Rating: 6

Ouran High School Host Club



Rating: 8

There is one more drama to finish, but it's so special that even though it ended earlier being just 10 episodes I waited for these two to end before continuing with it.

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It's been a long time since I did a picspam so I'll use the occasion.

He's cool, he's hot, he's tough but sensitive, honest but snarky... and I like him a lot.


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What can I say? I don't regret not buying it. All in all the best parts were included in the teasers (except the onsen) and they didn't even include the 'bad scene' filming. Also I really don't get the language usage in the DVD. I mean they mostly talk in Korean, but some parts are in Japanese and the stylist suddenly turns to English when talking about Yoochun.

I. I found Jaejoong's DVD a bit boring, really. I mean, surely it has great aesthetic value, but it's hardly engaging. And even without knowing Korean I got annoyed with him bitching about wanting a girlfriend all the time.

:right: II,III,IV

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Why does it always happen so that I either want to post a ton of pics at once or can't seem to find any? Prolly Murphy's Law. Anyway, I should make a little spam at least.

Here's the hot girl duo! Shake it! :D


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JYJ World Tour MEGA Picspam - Part 4: Worldwide Concert In Seoul

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Ok. This is the last one. Photobucket is a bitch and Shockwave kept crashing on me, but the aim is acheived. Now onto the new stuff.


The last one is just a screencap I made to show how fucking cold it was. Some really ridiculous clothing, but Su's black outfit was awesome.

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JYJ World Tour MEGA Picspam - Part 3: USA

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JYJ World Tour MEGA Picspam - Part 2: Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei

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And yes, I have a thing for Red!Su. :inlove:




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JYJ World Tour MEGA Picspam - Part 1: Seoul, Bangkok, Hong Kong

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I did it! I sorted all 4,500 something of my World Tour pics! Now there's 3,600 though. And just in time too! :D Anyway I need to make an obligatory picspam. No, several of them. I tried hard to pick only my most favourites ones))


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A little picspam for Neko-chyan~


And a bonus!

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SBS Good Morning

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This is a really long and pointless post about the show complete with lots of photos.



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I say this deserves a new tag! XDDD

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I know I posted a video, but this is a gif))



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I wanted to make bigger intervals, but the year is at an end and I want to get rid of all drafts. Since these are of Junsu I'll just place both in one post.

Cut History In Japan Special and couldn't help but make tons of caps. I really love this Junsu, longer blond hair and chubby cheeks I want to pinch... so adorable. He didn't let his hair grow longer once since he cut it before O-JBH, 4 years ago and sometimes I miss it.

PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket

Should I make a separate tag for Junsu's butt? XDDD So squishy~


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Nature Republic

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I know, I know. It takes a lot of make-up to look natural. But don't they look gorgeous? I love this pure image. No wonder Nature Republic's sales quadripled.





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Found some more. What a tease. But a gorgeous one at that. :heart:


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