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Rebel in the Rye

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I didn't expect much when I decided to watch the film but honestly I didn't expect it to be such shallow self-serving. Like, I know most people would disagree. I mean, if you compare it to most movies coming out it's not too bad, maybe even good. But for me, someone who is rather knowledgeable in both Salinger's work and his life, it was a disaster.

And it's not even a number of factual inaccuracies though some of them also were irritating. I realize it's a movie and some things will be changed for dramatic effect or brevity but I really felt like the changes were rather random and often just outright unnecessary. What I found the most disappointing about the movie is that it's pretty much based on a pile of cliches. Considering the high expectations and the interest of all the Salinger fans out there they really could have done better. The actors did their best but most roles were so incredibly shallow it was sad to look at. Almost every scene was so easy, so stereotypical and safe.

In terms of a biography, I think taking nearly 30 years - his entire writing career - was biting more they could chew. Many parts became blurred and indistinct, such as bring home his new wife and her disappearing just 2 scenes later. And while they did portray some of his shitty attitude to his wife, it did not even begin to describe the extent of the damage he's done to her and his children. And of course there were all the young girls whom he dated which was outright creepy. And as much as I love his books, if you gonna film a movie about the man, you have to do more than just making him a hero, a survivor and a martyr, you gotta bring out the unpretty parts too.

Just writing about it is tiring. What I love Salinger's work for is subtlety and this is one thing the movie definitely lacked.

One of my favourite critic reviews:

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
While taking a short break from the fandom and the hell that is “Emma” I just watched the movie “Suffragette”. It ended with me listening to the song “Emily” by the Manic Street Preachers, dedicated to Emily Pankhurst, and thinking how low I sank in these 12 years. Such similar titles, such different songs.

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Watched a film called 'Equals'. I already ranted about Sci-fi and distopias but seriously, the whole thing is a cross-breed between 'A Brave New World' and 'Equilibrium'. So much resources wasted on such mediocre rehash. The world of the movie is neither explained not justified (why would people lose all emotions without any imprinting or drugs?), the structure is ungrounded (in such a world surveillance systems would catch the two before even they realized what was happening to them) not to mention the whole plot is just going nowhere slow. The only thing that somewhat save it is the actors. But really, why do you have to keep straining it? Can't someone made good adaption of the classics instead? There are plenty great plots out there.

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The Hunger Games

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I was really looking forward to this. It's been awhile since I liked a high budget franchise this much. The third movie was good, I was very much touched by the character development and the depth of it. The fourth was supposed to be the grand finale, the epic conclusion. The poster was perfect, the trailer was promising but... nothing happens as you expect it to.

It wasn't bad, it was just... nothing. The whole story development was very different than what I'd imagined from the trialer and there were so many things that just didn't make sense. I don't even get why Kitniss had to go on her little mission in the first place if she'd make it anyway. All of the deaths seemed so pointless, even Prim. Especially Prim. The ending was just disappointing, I guess. I was half-expecting the old Animal Farm trope and it seemed like it was going that way but in the end it wasn't that, it was just like... wat? A part of me is glad about the ending. I was glad the characters I liked lived and found happiness. Except it didn't feel natural. I mean that domestic bliss... Rather getting a good end, I was expecting a powerful end, no matter how tragic.

 photo The Hunger Games Mockingjay - Part 2 2015.mkv_snapshot_02.04.06_2016.03.25_16.48.29.jpg

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Harry Potter

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Finally watched the last two films and now it's all done.

 photo HP8.jpg

The last film was different from how I imagined it somehow. I can't even tell why exactly. Partly because I knew some major spoilers and had some vague idea based on them but the whole picture turned out to be very different. Like, some of the deaths were only mentioned briefly and some happened differently to how I expected so my emotional response was off. Oddly enough, I didn't cry once. Instead, my body got rigid and shook uncontrollably so I had to stop it to get a grip on myself. However, it still wasn't as epic as I expected to.

Overall, I think HP is a really good series with not just solid plot and but also varied interesting characters and complex relationships (I love Harry and Hermione's friendship). I did like Snape as a character and I understand why he is popular but the extent to which he is obsessed over is just plain creepy. Anyway, I have a ton of respect for Ms. Rowling for creating this big complex world and guiding her audience through it. Starting with a rather simple story for kids, the narrative got increasingly deeper and darker, touching upon social issues and moral dilemmas and using grotesque examples to deliver strong messages and pose important questions.

The thing I love the most about the whole thing is the way nothing is quite black and white here, even though it may seem that way. The Snape narrative really turned the whole story on its head. I felt like the film didn't relay that too well, it all went on too fast. But it was really a power move. I also understand the appeal of Drako (but shipping? nope). I didn't really like the little epilogue at the end though. It looked way too sentimental.

Apart from the HP itself, I have also unintentionally watched the main cast kids grow into wonderful young adults and I'm glad the younger generation has such great role models.

All in all, it's been a good journey and I can understand why people would be into it but for me it ends here. I therefore proclaim myself a HP initiate and hereafter take the right to use HP jokes.

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So not long ago I decided if I went into epic film series, I might as well finally finish Harry Potter. I never watched the last couple of films because the people I knew who were HP fans were devastated when the books came out. I avoided it long enough so I though it was time. I still have 2 films to go but today I watched the Half-Blood Prince and the thing is it was really weird... I thought I haven't seen it but also I am sure I saw some parts of it while others I can't remember at all. It's not even that old, I normally remember films well so it's weird. Also this film is very different from all the ones before it even though David Yates directed the previous one too. It's very odd and chaotic somehow and it gave me creeps. Something about it feels very wrong. If it happened that the younger me saw it and decided not to go on, well, I can understand that. But this time I guess I have to go on.

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TVXQ, blast from the past

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
So today I was watching John Oliver's video on Tensions in Korea and there was a part about SK blasting stuff from their speakers to NK including anti-NK propaganda and also K-pop. Then this happened...

 photo John Oliver - Tensions in Korea.mp4_snapshot_01.44_2015.08.24_15.33.19.jpg

"Now they haven't said exactly what music they've been playing but I hope it's some of the better k-pop stuff. I'm talking 'Seoulight' by Neon Bunny, basically, anything by Uhm Jong Hwa, Jo Sung Mo's early stuff or maybe TVXQ, of course before Hero Jaejoong left because I think we all know that after that the whole band sound went to shit."

Thank you, John. That was unexpected and a tad Jaejoong-biased but thank you.

Also yesterday I watched Ode To My Father. A really powerful film. A bit too sentimental maybe like all Korean films and too drama packed but the setting mostly justifies it. I cried at least 3-4 times but it really leaves an impression. Amazing directing and camera work, I really love when present is mixed up with the past and scenes fade out one into another. One surprise though was seeing Yunho there. While I respect him as an artist, I don’t think he’s a good actor and, most importantly, his role was completely a Yama Pi role (yes, that’s a term now) and honestly felt really redundant but at least it made me smile among the tears.

 photo tumblr_ntk6ubd8G21rn4xp5o2_540.jpg

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Tolkien World

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
So few weeks ago I finally downloaded the last film in The Hobbit trilogy but since sister hasn't seen it and it's been pretty long anyway we decided to watch the first two films first. By the time we finished I thought, "Hey, it's been 14 years since the first LOTR film and it's chronologically a sequel to Hobbit and I got all films in blu-ray on my HD" so it makes perfect sense to watch them too so in the end we had this 2-week marathon.

 photo The_Lord_of_the_Rings_Characters.jpg

It was really a cool experience. I got to really appreciate both the work of Tolkien and all the hordes of people who created the magnificent if not entirely accurate films. I never read and of the books myself. I tried once but it was so detailed that I gave up. It might be for the best as I didn't have to compare the films to the books or it might have ruined it for me. But I watched and read stuff about Tolkien and was blown away by his vivid imagination and the ability to create a whole fucking world for many generations to come.

I'm currently playing Skyrim and now being able to compare the two worlds I realized just how much of the genre was created by Tolkien. I mean it's not just dwarfs and elves but dwarfs have heavy armor and axes of a certain shape and elves have light armour and use bows and magic. Or the fact that the basic classes of warrior/mage/thief are basically laid out in The Hobbit. Even stuff like giant spiders and crypts is all there, virtually unchanged in all the RPGs.

But apart from all that, I think one of the most important things Tolkien did was create a huge epic tale and put the world's destiny in the hands of not just brave mighty warriors but also small seemingly helpless creatures.

As for the movies, there are many high-budget cinema wonders that come out every year it's easy to overlook just how impressive a work has been done here. The great casting, the fantastic director's work, the beautiful armour and architecture and so much more. It's been a fun ride.

 photo the-hobbit-the-desolation-of-smaug-26201-1920x1080.jpg

Legolas might be cute, but Thranduil was fucking majestic~

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Marvel Film

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I've gone more than an extra mile in my line or work. Within the last month I watched 12 Marvel films. So I decided I might as well make a post for them and rate them. Since they are purely entertaining movies my system of rating shall be simple.

Legend is as follows:
:star: - lame
:star::star: - ok
:star::star::star: - mildly entertaining
:star::star::star::star: - Good

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The Demise Of Sci-Fi

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Recently I watched a couple of fresh Hollywood sci-fi films like Oblivion and Automata and I feel like I totally wasted 4 hours of my life. Well, I'm not a sci-fi fan to begin with. I'm a little into superheroes and fantasy but not sci-fi even though it always seemed logical that I would be. Anyway, I can't say the films were bad. They were high quality and the actors were ok but they just seemed so generic, so fucking empty that even though I can't call them boring I found myself just staring at the screen without any emotions whatsoever.

Automata is pretty much the same as I, Robot except lamer. Will Smith is so much more fun. And Oblivion seems like it has every sci-fi cliche in history. I have no idea why Tom Cruise is the highest paying actor in Hollywood, he's so boring to look at. There have been many similar films in the past decade and even though I rarely watch sci-fi I can see just how few original ideas there are left. I remember that I kind of liked The Island but apparently it was a complete rip-off of a 1979 film called Parts: The Clonus Horror. Plus the story of a middle-aged guy gradually discovering everything he knows about the world is a lie and trying to escape it with a beautiful girl is getting kind of old.

I used to love post-Apocaliptic setting when I was younger (hello, Fallout) but now it's lost its appeal. I guess nothing will ever compare to 1984 or The Brave New World but it's really sad that though we have developed amazing technology that makes it possible to recreate any kind of fantasy something a lot more important was lost along the way.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Sometimes I almost regret being a feminist. Today I watched Now You See Me and I couldn't help but notice how every woman who has more than 3 seconds of screen time is white, conventionally attractive and in her 20's-30's. I mean it's a decent watch and I even watched it to the end which is rare but overall I found it way too pretentious. It reminds me of Jumper - good start, lame ending.

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Kakure Karakuri (2006)

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I had very high expectations of this film so I kept it for a special time but I reckoned that way the other half of summer shall pass so I watched it yesterday.

 photo 0a039c0ae538fd23240730644b04b8d0.jpg

My high expectations were mostly because of Ken Nikai. I absolutely love Kagen no Tsuki so I expected something of the kind but alas that wasn't it. Which is strange, actually because the whole mystery-solving kids thing was similar. The actors too. Sugizo also made a very brief appearance. But for some reason the film did not leave a strong impression on me. It just felt like a nice film for kids, I guess.

Anyway, the most unexpected part was that it almost feels like the whole film was made to show Shige's coolness. I mean really, he was so badass in this film it's not even funny. And you know he's gonna get the girl the moment she looks at him. I honestly don't think his acting was very good but maybe that was because he had to act really cool despite feeling anything but. The telescope thing suited him though. And the mystery solving. At any rate, he looks really damn cute. Hiraoka Yuta, on the other hand, had to act as the absolute idiot which only highlights Shige's coolness.

The whole Coca-Cola thing was kinda annoying. I mean it's probably even more annoying having 5 sponsor CM cuts but it just looked so out of place in this film, so ruining the atmosphere it felt like a violation. They never even ate soba at that sobaya once, just drank the damn cola.

At any rate, this might not be a masterpiece but it's a nice film to watch.

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Dareka Ga Uso Wo Tsuiteiru

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
In the end I ended up watching it and I'm glad I did. It's a really good film. In more ways than one. It depicts a life of a family going through a tough period while drawing attention to one of Japan's inherent legislation problems - harassment appeals. The statistic provided in the beginning is really shocking.

 photo dareka_ga_uso_wo_tsuiteiru_568.jpg

I think Tegoshi's a good actor and he did well with this film but I also think the problem is that he's too beautiful to properly blend into the films he's acting in. Even in plain clothes he shines too much for a normal guy.

 photo DarekaGaUsoWoTsuiteiruavi_snapshot_004820_20140208_233534.jpg photo DarekaGaUsoWoTsuiteiruavi_snapshot_010805_20140208_235157.jpg photo DarekaGaUsoWoTsuiteiruavi_snapshot_011318_20140209_000233.jpg photo DarekaGaUsoWoTsuiteiruavi_snapshot_011400_20140209_000401.jpg photo DarekaGaUsoWoTsuiteiruavi_snapshot_013915_20140209_002539.jpg

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
 photo Chichi_yo_anata_wa_erakatta_1969_nen_no_oyaji_to_boku.jpg

The timing for this movie couldn't have been more perfect. Obviously my first priority was Shige but as soon as I found out what the movie was about I knew it was going to be good and I was right. Although it touches upon the subject of politics and the significance of civilian protests the main point is the generation gap and learning to understand what really matters. I really like how it basically tells a story but doesn't force a conclusion upon you. I think it's very warm and touching without being ridiculously idealistic and sappy like a lot of Japanese movies.

From a more personal point of view I could really identify with Masaru. Not just his character and life situation but the way he was basically just an observer of the events, the teller of the story. I think Shige did a pretty good job. I really liked his singing parts too. Shige isn't a great singer but his voice is nice and low and it's so good to see him play guitar. I especially liked the scene where he sings Kiseki, that was how I found out about this movie in the first place. It's really random and sloppy and so lovable.

 photo DramaSP20091116ChichiyoMukashiwaErakattaavi_snapshot_010709_20131208_214904.jpg photo DramaSP20091116ChichiyoMukashiwaErakattaavi_snapshot_004939_20131208_215223.jpg photo DramaSP20091116ChichiyoMukashiwaErakattaavi_snapshot_004139_20131208_215137.jpg photo DramaSP20091116ChichiyoMukashiwaErakattaavi_snapshot_010740_20131208_214949.jpg photo DramaSP20091116ChichiyoMukashiwaErakattaavi_snapshot_003450_20131208_214525.jpg photo DramaSP20091116ChichiyoMukashiwaErakattaavi_snapshot_012400_20131208_215339.jpg photo DramaSP20091116ChichiyoMukashiwaErakattaavi_snapshot_000310_20131208_215429.jpg photo DramaSP20091116ChichiyoMukashiwaErakattaavi_snapshot_011553_20131208_215047.jpg

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
So I just watched the Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac and it's a decent film and I could relate to it at some point but the main thing that bothered me through all 2 hours of it was: suppose Naomi forgot everyone but how the fuck did she manage not fall head over heels for Mirai within 5 seconds since he walked in? God, i'm so screwed.

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X-Men: First Class

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
The movie wasn't that great but I guess I just needed to practice writing long indulging critical posts.

 photo x-men-first-class-original1.jpg

Even after the epic failure that was the 3rd movie I decided to give it a go. Although I found the whole missile crisis plot kinda ridiculous it was a decent watch. But as with the trilogy it has little to do with the comics. I think Marvel did a very smart move turning their universe into multiverse. Even the comics have a lot of discrepancies. But the movies just ignored most of the events and character backgrounds and barely two weeks into the fandom I found it unsettling.

First of all the movie title is so misleading. I translated a couple of the First Class issues and let me tell you that it was whole different class. Charlies was just directing at that point and the only member that was there at the time was Hank who still looked perfectly human.

I had to lol at the young Charlie. Who knew genetics cold be such a good way to pick up chicks? Fun fact: Due to his powers, Charles lost all of his hair by the time he graduated from high school. Guess they reckoned it wouldn't look as impressive. And Poor Sebastian Shaw had nothing to do with the Nazi. Also I didn't like Mystique. I really loved her in the trilogy actually but here she's just an insecure teen girl and this whole little touching story of Charles/Mystique/Eric is pretty lame in my book. According to the canon she should have been about 80 by that time.

My shipping radar went off at all the Charles/Eric scenes. Then again that has to be one of the oldest ships ever. Slowly but surely I get pulled into the Marvel multiverse.

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Taiikukan Baby & Doukyusei

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...


I don't even know where to begin. Of course at first I stumbled upon Taiikukan Baby for obvious reasons. But it turned out one of those over-friendship, under-shounen-ai films. Of course there was a tad bit disappointment but all in all I think the film is good as it is. The ending was a little strange but sweet and it was this "Yappari, it's all about good old male bonding".

It was only later I found out that there's a second film, that they're very much connected. At first I though they were just two sides to one story, but soon I realized that even though they both begin and end at roughly the same time and some event overlap the are more like alternative realities, two ways of how Jun could make it through his rough patch. But I liked both films. I'm usually not that into stories such as Doukyusei butut I really think it was good, the message in this film. It wasn't just some sappy romantic drama, it had something real in it.

In the end both films aren't about love, they're rather about wanting to feel connected to someone, about being motivated. But for me Japanese films like this aren't really made for analyzing, they're for feeling. And boy did I cry at the end of Doukyusei.

PS: Yuichi did a pretty good job and nice body there. I just found out that last year he retired from entertainment business. Kinda sad, but I guess that's his choice so I wish him well.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Asians really love the plot line - a girl pretending to be a boy, especially in school. Hana Kimi, Sankyunkwan, You're Beautiful - all were hugely successful. But not only Asians like the story, in fact the plot twist goes back to Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. But I shall not write about classics here, there's one American movie that was inspired by the play. It's the modern American version of the story - She's The Man. I wasn't sure when I first heard of it, but it's Amanda who plays the main role so I had to go for it. I enjoyed Amanda's show back on Nickelodeon even though it was kinda silly, but she has a lot of talent and the movie just proves it. I waited for the moment when the apartment was all to myself and watched it. I Really enjoyed it a lot. Amanda was just perfect for the role. I have to say American boys and girls are much harder to get mixed up yet... it was really good and really funny.


After that I dwldd two more movies with her, but frankly they weren't half as good. There was Love Wrecked which is a typical romantic comedy, funny but lame. We did laugh like idiots at the farting scene though. Well, yeah. Then there was What a Girl Wants which is really sweet but not really funny. I sobbed like an idiot through most of it. I really shouldn't watch movies about great dads.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Colin: “I don’t know why people care so much about the number anyway.”
Ally: “You guys all have this ideal girl in your mind and if our number gets too high we can’t be that girl.”
Colin: “The ideal girl, tell me about her.”
Ally: “You know you can take her home to the family, she’s smart but not smarter than you and she bakes apple pies with your mom and plays catch with your handicapped sister but then when you’re alone she takes off her glasses and puts on a vinyl catsuit and fucks you sideways.”

What's Your Number?

I really like that movie.

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It's Asian

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...


Mulan, 2009 (China)

Yup, it's the original motive of a girl cross-dressing as a guy. I'm not very fond of the modern versions like Hana Kimi or Sankyunkwan but somehow I really like this story. There are many issues like who the hell would believe this pretty girl is a man and other stuff but in the end a legend is just a legend and as such it's good. It's beautiful and interesting to watch. I personally really appeciate the fact that there aren't any particularly gory scenes despite the numerous battles portrayed. I'd say it's pretty much a fairy-tale rather than a historical film and I like it.

Vitas was a very WTF presence. I personally never liked him because I think he's overrated and pretentious as fuck. Why would he sing a song in English for a Chinese film?

The Ramen Girl, 2008 (US/Japan)

It's just a simple American comedy with a Japanese flavour. I quite like films about culture clash. Brittany Murphy looks like a complete ignorant idiot in it but I'm used to that since Lost in Translation. Plus it's still filmed in Japan and most actors are Japanese as well and they did a good job. So basically it's pretty corny and all but it's kind of endearing and fun to watch.

Jibeuro/The Way Home, 2002 (South Korea)

It's one of the most touching movies I've ever seen. And I mean it. Koreans have tons of disgustingly sappy films about incurable illnesses and dying girlfriends but this one has none of it. It's about a true brat of a boy who was forced to stay in the village at his grandmother's house. Both me and my mum were sobbing towards the end. And no, it's not a drama.

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