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Ugh, now 4shared is waging a copyright war. It removed some file I didn't know even existed on my account and disabled public sharing. To enable it I have to promise there's nothing infringing anymore but hey I dunno about that since obviously every single file there is infringing, why else do I need it?I don't really use it much but I used it for storing my fanvideos and some other stuff and that it such a bitch.

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Pity Party

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I got a week to myself. After so many years. I needed it, really. Of course it wasn't full of joy but towards the end I was able to find some inner peace. Now I wish it was longer but my time's up. Tomorrow the madness returns. For now...

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Skyrim and other timewasters

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
So I'm officially in the Skyrim club although just barely. It was a long time coming but it feels natural. But before I talk about that, a few words of how it came to it.

I've been having this RPG itch for awhile now. I didn't give in to it though telling myself I've got Marvel Heroes but that is actually a very different thing, both in genre and the gameplay. So in the end a few days back I did a power move and deleted Sims to make the space for the game. Now the options are quite limited for good RPGs with pretty graphics and a character customization but I got a few in my cart. First of all I went for Pillars of Eternity. It was at #2 funded game on Kickstarter, had good reviews and it was brand new so I expected good things. What I got instead was average graphics, weird plot and too much gore (which is saying something considering it's a pretty old-school distanced RPG). It had a bit of Torment: Planescape feeling but the plot just wasn't worth it.

Then there was another one which seemed alright but the graphics turned out to be very disappointing. Got rid of it. That's when I got back to Skyrim. It wasn't that easy though, first I somehow manged to download the xbox version.

 photo ScreenShot10.jpg

Currently Level 10 and I have so much to say about the game, good and bad. I've heard so much about it that I had high expectations but screens don't give you a real idea of the game.

The graphics are good, I'll give it that but I have many issues with the gameplay. With Drakensang everything was obvious and intuitive but here I had to actually google the simplest things. Took me quite some time just to figure out how to open and close inventory and such. I just don't get the lack of character screen, gearing is simply annoying. Same goes for skills as you can't really see the full picture. The leveling seems kinda primitive though I do like that you level a skill by using it, that makes a lot of sense.

The battles are difficult. You can't pause and gather your wits and there's no automatic battle mode. While the real-time effect is sort of refreshing it all happens so fast and I get really confused just figuring out where the enemy is a lot of the time. The companion system is also simplistic as fuck. You can't even talk to them and you can't give them direct orders during battle, they just copy your moves most of the time. I do like like the absence of classes though so you can master any skill you like without penalty. On top of that, it's not just bout the biggest weapon or the heaviest armour like in most RPG games, the heavy weapons and armour slow you down a lot so you really need to think which you gonna choose. Also I like the challenge of battles where with strong enemies you really need to figure out a strategy and use combination of shouts, magic and weapons to win.

I like the plot so far (who doesn't like dragons) though all the references like names and places are hard to take in at once. I like the interactiveness of the game, how the characters are very sensitive to their surroundings.

Despite the rather bleak imagery, I don't get too freaked out. Well, I do but it's tolerable. I have already successfully cleared a rather nasty dungeon with ghouls and traps so I should be good. But we shall see, definitely not 100% clearing guaranteed.

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 photo tumblr_nrzw3l3T0R1tjj79io2_400.gif

Well, that was unexpected… but not unwelcome.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Gimme love, gimme dreams, gimme a good self esteem
Gimme good and pure, what you waiting for?
Gimme everything, all your heart can bring
Something good and true
I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore

I've been waiting on this one for months. After "Gold" became a single I almost lost hope but after all this happened, Blue got a PV. It's a special song to me since that's how I met Marina, it was the first song I heard. Plus I really wanted one fun summer video and it's exactly that.

The funny thing is, in Marvel Heroes I took the name Blueglass but in our supergroup we all have nicknames so mine is simply Blue. I like it, it's sad but fitting.

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Gail and Holly

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So I wasn't up for a whole season of Rookie Blue but of course I did wonder what was gonna happen to Gail and Holly because seriously, though kinda cliched they're the hottest girl couple on TV ever, scratch that they may be the hottest couple on TV ever.

RB Gail and Holly S5 Supercut 720p from acidburn on Vimeo.

A supercut was the solution for my curiosity. Dayum, they're so hot. Things got very serious too, wat a cliffhanger dammit.

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 photo ShigeBD15.jpg

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Its Not Unusual

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BBC three part mini-series documenting Gay and Lesbian history in the UK from the early 1900's up to the mid-90's.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
You know what I am? I'm queer. Yes, that's what I am.

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Naughty Girl

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...

I long since wanted to do a video for this song. Originally, I was going to make a Junsu video but it wasn't meant to be and in the end there's nobody naughtier that this girl. Perfect use of song is perfect.

Now there's just one important video left. The sexy Tegoshige one. But I suppose they'll make me wait some more.

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sg_paanas massu birthday giveaway contest 2015 (2nd place)

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Massu has shown much courage lately, for example wearing full-length tights in public in 4vsX and challenging his fear of fish and worms in Ah Domo Hajimemashite Tabi. So the question is, what other new things would you like to see brave Massu try? It can be on TV or on other media like magazines, it can be something he has professed to be really scared of eg animals, it can be just something exciting eg some kind of new sport or activity, etc etc! Give us more details!

First of all, I want to say that Massu has done some really amazing things in 2014 and 2015. Thanks to Ippuku, he was able to have so many new amazing experiences. While all three of his segments were fun, I think Deshi ni Shite Kudasai was the most amazing one. I was ultimately impressed when Massu held a huge snake in the zoo. Then this year there was 4vsX and Ah Domo Hajimemashite Tabi. I admire him for challenging so many things and making such progress but in a way I also want him to go at his own pace without straining himself too much. This is why I don't really want him to go in that direction but do something different entirely. Instead of doing something he's bad at I'd like to see him do something he's actually good at.

I think one thing I'd like to see Massu try is giving makeovers. People, possibly other celebrities, would come to his show in their usual attires and he would give them a complete makeover, make them try a completely different style using his unique fashion sense. I think it would be really fun and unpredictable. Another idea I have is Massu managing a kids' festival. I just have this image that he could do such a great job coming up with the costumes and decorations. Plus Massu&kids=adorable. Another thing Massu loves is food so I think it would be natural if he did a food tasting one because Massu eating is healing somehow. Sports is another thing I'd love to see him do more. Massu has this cute and awkward image on TV so it would be good to see his cool side more often too.

The other NEWS members have all more or less found their niches and doing something only they can do so I'd really want Massu do have that too.

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paana playground giveaway 10 [happy birthday massu]

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Bias: Tegoshige

Design Discussion:
I love Massu's personal style, I think it's really unique and interesting but stage outfits are different. I have very mixed feelings about them. Some I like and some just baffle me. But the thing is I could never quite get this idol thing where stage outfits have to look like a Christmas tree.

If we talk about the tour, I think my favourite set was the Utsukon outfits, especially the white ones - they were very idol-like and yet somehow unique and more stylish than most Johnnys outfits. The 2013 tour set was more elaborate but not necessarily better in my opinion. I quite like the red set and the black and white ones inspired by ninjas apparently. The jacket with coloured balls in them were kind of odd but really memorable. The White tour costumes are my least liked, they're just too gaudy. Except the ones with the military jacket and plaid bottom. Those were great.

 photo 016a.jpg

Among the single outfits I also quite like the Mr. White ones, they're simple but cool. I kinda liked Kaguya ones until they added a lot of really redundant add-on on them like red boas on the shoulder. Guess you're not a Johnnys until you put some feather on it. ChumChum was a real disappointment costume-wise. I like Tegoshi's actually but not the rest and I think Massu's was the worst, really. It's like he just got informed there was an Indian-themed party in an hour and he put on whatever he found in his closet.

What I want to see more of:
Something a little more mature, I guess. A lot of the costumes are baggy and look very childish. Which is perfectly fine for Massu but looks odd on Koyama or Shige. I would also appreciate a bit more skin. I know Massu said they'll never wear Bambina outfits again but I can dream.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I guess this journal really isn't home to me anymore if I didn't think to post this...

 photo tumblr_nqk9klKHW91tw1skuo3_1280.jpg

Just gonna say: I'm happy to have lived to see this happen.

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The Theory of Everything

I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Had what was probably the most mind-blowing dream in my life. I don't remember much now but I'll still write in. The first image I remember perfectly clear is a house on the sea. It was quite by the sea as sea was splashing in our huge window, about 50 cm of it. I saw the room just as clear as I see my room now. I realized I was sleeping but I was holding on to the dream with all my might. The fact that our house was so dangerously placed scared me a little and sure enough water came rushing into the house, it didn't go far though, just about 50 cm of it.

Then something major happened but I don't quite remember. I think some people came and took me away. The was a woman, named Ingrid I think and she was really important to the story. She was probably my Trinity. But I remember we lived together for a while and we got close. (that part was totally the result of me following homolesbians yesterday) I remember craving for a cigarette. This arc is very unclear in my mind but the thing was I was one of the chosen people who could travel through the fabric of reality. But other worlds weren't unreal, they were just different. It was like interdimentional manholes. (that might have to do with my love for Planescape) I felt powerful. There was totally more action going on but it's all too fuzzy now to remember. Then I woke up. But I went back to sleep for a little more.

The plot changed a lot but the tone of the dream did not. I was on a roof of some chapel and in was covered with snow just as the ground below. I was contemplating these grand idea and I remember a number came and I learned it was a key to everything. It was akin to 0117 I I thought that the day now was Jan 17 and regretted not being good with math because then I might understand it all. It was The Theory of Everything (the term which comes from Alpha Centauri) Then a man came and he offered to accompany me down which I gratefully accepted. We went inside but it was like a crypt (though there was also this jewelry shop at pone point) and things kept happening to him. One time there was a fire, another he fell down from a collapse of a wall. And every time he sort of changed bodies and happened to get older until when we were close to exit he turned into an old man. I was scared he it was all my fault and that he wouldn't make it out alive. I'm not quite sure but I think we did in the end.

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 photo Booklet_0007a.jpg

At this point I'm really not expecting much so my impressions are very much genuine. Well, except I kinda prepare myself that the new song may suck. Which it often does but if it doesn't I'm in for a nice surprise. I basically don't expect good things.

First of all, I think the single was a really messy and a half-assed production. It was announced just a month before the release, there was hardly any promotion and the PV didn't come out until after the actual release date.

The song is... lame. Basically, when I heard the very idea of Indian-themed song I was weary. Kaguya is one thing but this dubious cultural appropriation, as they like to say in the West... It doesn't even sound Indian, more like Arabic or something. I really dislike the "pseudo-Hindi actually inverted Japanese" lyrics in the beginning. However, the instrumental actually sound pretty nice so in the case the lyrics ruined it for me. The rest of the songs on the single are also pretty decent.

The costumes... are bad. So bad. Well, apart from Tegoshi's which is odd because Massu's the worst, really. It's like he just got informed there was an Indian-themed party in an hour and he put on whatever he found in his closet.

The PV was unexpectedly good. I mean as much as it could be. I really liked the color scheme and the angles. I think the general atmosphere was similar to Kaguya but more refined and smooth. Of course Tegoshi's slutty faces were the main highlight for me. Shige also looked really fab. Massu was too amusing trying to be all cool and then cracking into a baby smile in a second. I don't mind the female dancers but their outfits looked more Arabian Nights than India. Not to mention a very blonde Polish girl. The male extras were dressed fairly appropriately but in the end if I had to assign a national identity to this PV it would probably be Turkey. But talking about the PV itself it was a really good job.

 photo chumchum10.gif

The lives so far were a mess, especially the choreography but the Tegoshige tide is strong so I don't really care.

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Mother: Is that eyeshadow smudged under your eyes?
Me: No, mum, that's my actual face.


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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
I had this beautiful dream today where I watched NEWS perform and they had these charming oufits on - corsets and frilly skirts. Also they had their hair up. Actually, I don't remember anyone but Tegoshi but he looked gorgeous. Then they had to change into Kaguya outfits (I think) really fast so while Koyashige managed it Massu totally did not and Tegoshi tried to change while the song already started. In the end though he gave up and Tegomass both just ended up on the floor laughing. It was great.

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I don’t wanna feel Blue anymore...
Had a very inappropriate dream about Elektra. I think Psylocke was somehow involved too. Now I have dirty thoughts every time they fight. Which was twice today.

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 photo You-re-Beautiful.jpg

I was quite into Korean drama You’re Beautiful. It was corny as hell but actually good. Now you may know there was a Japanese adaptation in 2011 but it was… not to upset and Kismai fans out there… disappointing. And yesterday somehow I thought how cool it would be if Massu played the cute drummer. Then, I continued, Koyama would make the perfect sensible and kind guitarist. Now Shige did a great job playing an asshole once so he could totally do the role of lead singer. But that’s just three… WAIT. The the crossdressing girl. It’s perfect. If only my inspiration wasn’t a bitch I’d write it so hard, man.

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And the 300 Days Login Reward...

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 photo moonknight.jpg

...a new baby boy. Was that too creepy? Um, ok. Either way, it's Moon Knight and I'm very satisfied.

In other news...
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